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2020 Is GONE

2020 Is GONE

Joining The Navy

Joining The Navy

Uh oh...

Uh oh...

Cyberpunk - pART 5

Cyberpunk - pART 5

A Horror With A Twist..

A Horror With A Twist..


  • v cxmpLilJ
    v cxmpLilJ6 timer siden

    I was watching you since I was 7 and now I’m 13

  • LightWarrior_Yt
    LightWarrior_Yt6 timer siden

    and I'm fully stacked netherite

  • SadlySoulz.
    SadlySoulz.6 timer siden

    This man is the new mumbo jumbo

  • Luis Octávio
    Luis Octávio6 timer siden

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  • Luis Octávio
    Luis Octávio6 timer siden

    GO meet THE NEW now united music video LEAN ON ME you will not regret thank you THE CHANNEL name is NOW UNITED is a global musical group with 17 MEMBERS THE group has members from these countries 🇺🇸 🇮🇳 🇯🇵 🇸🇳 🇧🇷 🇨🇦 🇨🇮 🇲🇽 🇫🇮 🇵🇭 🇨🇳 🇱🇧🇰🇷 🇬🇧 🇦🇺 🇩🇪 🇷🇺

  • Turki Alamri
    Turki Alamri6 timer siden

    Keano .................. I hope you ok burh .

  • Flemming Matías Vermeulen
    Flemming Matías Vermeulen6 timer siden

    Felix says Rover: ''Roover'' Me: ROVER!!!!!!!!! IT'S ROVERRRRRRR FELIXXXXXX

  • JohnSnowPokemonShow
    JohnSnowPokemonShow6 timer siden


  • game highlights
    game highlights6 timer siden

    It feels like yesterday

  • Sam Gomez
    Sam Gomez6 timer siden

    That Connor interrogation was incredible.

  • Jeri
    Jeri6 timer siden

    cave brain lmfaooo

  • Charlotte Hulmes
    Charlotte Hulmes6 timer siden

    You miss him too huh?

  • CyberTilted
    CyberTilted6 timer siden

    Got this from someone on Roblox with a radio

  • ryan
    ryan6 timer siden

    Anyone else here cus he’s currently on a break?

  • LTGronk
    LTGronk6 timer siden

    To all of reading this stay safe p.s I am getting close to 50 subs

  • Nicholas Joy 2
    Nicholas Joy 26 timer siden


  • Caleb Burnell
    Caleb Burnell6 timer siden

    Peeeeeepppeeeee island

  • key matute
    key matute6 timer siden

    Pewds : " Even 19 yrs olds can't drink" My 1st day on earth : Laughing

    DEDS3C CH4NNEL6 timer siden

    The Real Winner Is PewDiePie because T-Series just use stupid and bot subs

  • The Raccoonasaur
    The Raccoonasaur6 timer siden

    As a Democrat, Ben Shapiro reviewing memes is very epic.

  • James Egelston
    James Egelston6 timer siden

    Still came back in 2021 and I'm still laughing like I did 8 years ago

  • Jordan Reyna
    Jordan Reyna6 timer siden

    if i was Jodie i would have picked Jay

  • Dark sweat fornite Oof
    Dark sweat fornite Oof6 timer siden

    Me seeing how many views this has: woah Also me seeing the thumbnail: well that answers my question

  • Anisa Dzumhur
    Anisa Dzumhur6 timer siden

    the guy she chose definitely lied about having a girlfriend

  • Julian Griffiths
    Julian Griffiths6 timer siden

    Pewds still doesnt know double space rocket

  • Dnt Rb
    Dnt Rb6 timer siden

    Who has ever imagined that after 2 years i still listen to this song when I want to remember the good old days

  • mustafa Scheicho
    mustafa Scheicho6 timer siden

    Everyone uses bone meal on plants eveeryone knows tgat

  • Monika Jdud
    Monika Jdud6 timer siden

    The fact that this has more views than the actual song

  • Abdurakhmon Avazbekov
    Abdurakhmon Avazbekov6 timer siden

    roblox lol

  • bookit thewolf
    bookit thewolf6 timer siden


  • mysterious gamer
    mysterious gamer6 timer siden

    Your a legend of you still listen to this

  • edward idk
    edward idk6 timer siden


  • Adrian
    Adrian6 timer siden

    On a scale of 1 - 10. . . How much do u hate minecraft pew ??

  • Nettie Edge
    Nettie Edge6 timer siden

    The distinct buffet pathologically dry because exclamation immunohistologically trot upon a bustling revolver. flawless, greedy columnist

  • 02-Liam Myhrberg
    02-Liam Myhrberg6 timer siden

    Do you guys think something tragic happened? to maya or edgar? they are both pretty old

  • Epic1 Gamer
    Epic1 Gamer6 timer siden

    After watching old pewds, he’s definitely a lot better.

  • RedBossy
    RedBossy6 timer siden

    it's so scary if you go it to 0:25 !!!!

  • Lol xd _
    Lol xd _6 timer siden

    2021 and i some times still watch pewds old series when he try some funny shitty scary indie game i thinks these series i enjoy watching the most

  • GamingwitpandaYT
    GamingwitpandaYT6 timer siden

    Mr beast like .... congrats you won tseries....

  • Odexia Folvik
    Odexia Folvik6 timer siden


    EXILLIANTM6 timer siden


  • only memes everyday
    only memes everyday6 timer siden


  • Mohamed Abdi
    Mohamed Abdi6 timer siden

    listen you piece of shit pewdiepie leave Ryan alone im 9 I unsubscribed to you

  • Limit BreakerX
    Limit BreakerX6 timer siden

    *This was the start of a new legend*

  • Xxi X
    Xxi X6 timer siden

    Michelle deserved to be in first place

  • Kydir Mcneil
    Kydir Mcneil6 timer siden

    He looks like that one kid from Harry potter

  • Nettie Edge
    Nettie Edge6 timer siden

    The bizarre toe accordingly fire because division phongsaly doubt opposite a physical request. decorous, hateful list

  • Lorenzo Visalli
    Lorenzo Visalli6 timer siden

    For foreigners: if you go to Italy don't say "I like pizza". It also means something else.

  • Wiggly MTA 2
    Wiggly MTA 26 timer siden

    Pls sub to my channel

  • Abdi Abdi
    Abdi Abdi6 timer siden


  • Morana
    Morana6 timer siden


  • Κωστης Τσιμπλακος
    Κωστης Τσιμπλακος6 timer siden

    I can feel the pain of losing sven

  • Dogeinator
    Dogeinator6 timer siden

    Gets 5 mil dislikes

  • MrMozzie
    MrMozzie6 timer siden

    no longer least viewed

  • Reynaldo Marquez
    Reynaldo Marquez6 timer siden

    I like that shirt

  • Timothy Belen
    Timothy Belen6 timer siden

    This the reason he's on a break?

  • A J L
    A J L6 timer siden

    They are so dumb

  • Isabelly Kapp
    Isabelly Kapp6 timer siden

    [Crippling Depression Music]

  • Little Boy Taco
    Little Boy Taco6 timer siden

    Here in 2021 gang :0

  • Riccardo96cek
    Riccardo96cek6 timer siden

    The dead man, was coming from a future, where Logan Paul is the president of the united states. He was sent to our days and he was told to suicide in that precise spot of the forest to be found from Logan. He ruined Logan Paul's reputation to save humanity. He is the new jesus christ. He is a legend

  • Nicolas
    Nicolas6 timer siden


  • JohnSnowPokemonShow
    JohnSnowPokemonShow6 timer siden


  • Kim Namtiddies
    Kim Namtiddies6 timer siden

    I still have the This Book Loves You book and I got it around the time it was released so much happiness and joy at the time

  • Luma Barhoumeh
    Luma Barhoumeh6 timer siden

    My mom used to tell me if i don't my put my seatbelt on the police would come so one day there was a police man that made eye contact with me and I wasn't wearing my seatbelt so i was in so much fear until I realized that nothing happens if I wasn't wearing my seatbelt in front of a police man...

  • _ joker_317
    _ joker_3176 timer siden


  • Haven Faith
    Haven Faith6 timer siden

    we miss you pewds, but we hope you’re enjoying your time off!!!!

  • Kurt GoBang
    Kurt GoBang6 timer siden

    Can we please just actually appreciate sive? He edits for the biggest independent NOlocalr in the entire world and there's a reason for it

  • Dana Lang
    Dana Lang6 timer siden

    Me with 2 pet rats 👁👄👁

  • Julian Griffiths
    Julian Griffiths6 timer siden

    Pewds: tries to figure out launcher me: dubble spacebar rocket

  • Liza !
    Liza !6 timer siden


  • Sophie Kienle
    Sophie Kienle6 timer siden

    Jack is always winning lol Maybe Irish luck isn't bad..? NAAAAAAAAAAAAY

  • Reign Awbitz
    Reign Awbitz6 timer siden

    Falcon Lover you will not be forgotten

  • Jonathan jr Muradzicua
    Jonathan jr Muradzicua6 timer siden

    Im sorry but i kinda hate it too

    FAITHY PLAYZ6 timer siden

    After 2 years, why is this now on my recommended page?

  • Sharkmaster WEB
    Sharkmaster WEB6 timer siden

    Congratulations, great video.

  • Ps4gamer And more
    Ps4gamer And more6 timer siden

    Idk the part when he talks without the beat makes m sad for some reason at 2:51

  • Prismatic
    Prismatic6 timer siden

    His profile picture literally looks like Lew Later from Unbox Therapy.

  • CB DIeO
    CB DIeO6 timer siden

    10:55 i thought he said cum together, and cum and love. god im stupid

    *KEN\ KANEKI*7 timer siden

    Ain't anyone finna talk bout the intro

  • -beauty obritannia roseskin
    -beauty obritannia roseskin7 timer siden

    can you go somewhere with computers and not italy which is lacking computers right now.