2020 Is GONE


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  • Ștefârca Raul
    Ștefârca Raul8 minutter siden


  • Coaly boi
    Coaly boi20 minutter siden


  • Gourav sharma
    Gourav sharma22 minutter siden

    Legend 🙌

  • Gourav sharma
    Gourav sharma22 minutter siden

    Always PewDiePie would be the legend ❤️❤️❤️

  • Pepperment 777
    Pepperment 77728 minutter siden

    2021 is so far worse than 2020

  • sheep 2174
    sheep 217429 minutter siden

    PewDiePie cocomelon has three million subscribers

  • Mohammed
    Mohammed33 minutter siden

    To get an idea of how many subs pewds have, all COVID infections worldwide are less than 100M.

  • Turkey_boi87
    Turkey_boi8734 minutter siden

    Did anyone else come here because we miss him?🥺👉👈

  • pratman
    pratmanTime siden

    Your life is a video game. You are the main character. Go create our own story.

  • JD
    JDTime siden

    2021 How many subs can I get of this comment😥🙃 Current : 0

  • kuoter snap
    kuoter snapTime siden

    PewDiePie 2020 Marzia check wasap

  • GamingBananaPlayz
    GamingBananaPlayz2 timer siden

    Thanks poods

  • Lubna Hikarianti
    Lubna Hikarianti3 timer siden

    Pewds: You pick the book you have to finish it Me who's doesn't like school books: 👁️👄👁️ Well done sir

    DENNIX3 timer siden

    No sabes igles y no pueder ver PiwDiePai entonces El Rubius OMG es para ti

  • Ванкурия дже
    Ванкурия дже3 timer siden

    Рашн мост вантед

  • Lieutenant Gamer
    Lieutenant Gamer3 timer siden

    Felix after completing a resolution:big pp Edit:ik it doesn't make sense :D

  • Linta Fazal
    Linta Fazal3 timer siden

    I miss him

  • picamike
    picamike4 timer siden

    2020 is gone... same for pewds, where is he?

  • Vedant
    Vedant4 timer siden

    Indians like here

  • IndianHero Gaming

    IndianHero Gaming

    4 timer siden

    PewDiePie is legend Tseries is the worst

  • Liil Trell
    Liil Trell4 timer siden

    money talk 2 by liil trell

  • Animations4U
    Animations4U4 timer siden


  • ObamaPrism Gaming
    ObamaPrism Gaming5 timer siden


  • Suhaan Bhatt
    Suhaan Bhatt5 timer siden

    All I could see was Jay Shetty in this video WHERE IS PEWDSSS😭😭💀💀

  • Freezy
    Freezy5 timer siden

    YOU LOOK exactly like my OBERLEUTNANT from Bundeswehr!!

    BMW DRIFTER6 timer siden

    Привет меня зовут Максим,и мне 11 лет на днях я поспорил с мамой на 300 Рублей Что до завтра наберу 900 Подпищиков Только Ти сможеш меня спасти!!!!Заране спасибо

  • Thank you World
    Thank you World6 timer siden

    I’m waiting for the happiness of working out to take effect.

  • Rafael Salmean
    Rafael Salmean6 timer siden

    Love how wholesome this is, stay awesome man

  • Pissed Cat
    Pissed Cat6 timer siden

    Pretend i said something horrible

  • Booga ooga
    Booga ooga6 timer siden

    my year was terrible, but it’s ok for your year to be great

  • Airtag 111
    Airtag 1118 timer siden


    ORANG TIMUR9 timer siden

    I don't understand what you are saying but, I'm surprised by your subscribe greetings from Indonesia 🙏🙏🙏

  • Vaibhav Bajpai
    Vaibhav Bajpai9 timer siden

    Waiting for 200 million and you become 1 youtuber

  • Daniel Baines
    Daniel Baines9 timer siden

    React to GrubHub ad its funny lol

  • Mivias
    Mivias9 timer siden

    Thank ypu so much for the advice. I actually had problems making a good program for myself as i qork 6 out of seven days a week 26/27 days per month and i wanted to be able to do EVERYTHING ELSE... I wanted to do it like the Rock, to work but at the same time to calculate all my time and to do everything else at the same time in a day... Your advice helped me to understand that there is nothing wrong in doing stuff piece by piece everyday and that i don t have to do all of them in one day.. Now i check my vibe daily and i have days where i do sports, days when i read and days when i just chill with hommies play games or just watch videos. Its nothing wrong if you can t do everything you wanted in a day, especially if you work like i do, ypu just have to do something small everyday at least, but ACTUALLY do that small thing. We start with small steps so we can reach the top, and we can t have thw same program as dwayne the rock jhonson from the first day we start... We reach that level when we get used to the small thing we need to do daily, if we can t do something small per day how can we reach a full program everyday?

  • Leonardo Aguayo
    Leonardo Aguayo9 timer siden

    Thank you for this year of videos pewdiepie we love them ❤

  • EXPert Official
    EXPert Official10 timer siden

    How many subs can I get off this comment Current : 699

  • Robert Dilley
    Robert Dilley10 timer siden

    I luv ur content bro

  • Gustavo Bragatto
    Gustavo Bragatto11 timer siden


  • Pol MATEO
    Pol MATEO11 timer siden

    Hey guys, I want to start reading too. Could you reccomend me some books I can read on my kindle? My English level is not perfect, not something too hard to understand please. Thank you :)

  • Jake wadlow

    Jake wadlow

    6 timer siden

    Harry potter

  • GW ZucEk
    GW ZucEk11 timer siden

    i love you men

  • Lord Nelson Mc.Billionberg
    Lord Nelson Mc.Billionberg11 timer siden

    Read the book tiny habits.

  • Karan Marketkar
    Karan Marketkar11 timer siden

    Play AoW:legions ❤️

  • Marcin Najman
    Marcin Najman12 timer siden

    Nie widzieliście może Stanowskiego?

  • •XdCd_V•
    •XdCd_V•12 timer siden

    YES 2020 IS GONE

  • טליה סומר
    טליה סומר12 timer siden

    ישראלים לייק

  • TheHang OutTree
    TheHang OutTree12 timer siden

    Join my discord at @t

  • TIK TOK Tx
    TIK TOK Tx13 timer siden


  • Singularity
    Singularity13 timer siden

    It's been two weeks.

  • Caleb Gutierrez
    Caleb Gutierrez13 timer siden


  • sideshow joel
    sideshow joel13 timer siden

    New year play roblox than record roblox and then more roblox

  • cubing adda
    cubing adda13 timer siden

    Father is always father now u see ur subs and t series subs. i agree that u are a good content creator but when u start roasting india and u have gained overconfidence on yourself then u lose. i know there is no competition among u and tersies u are an individual content creator and teries is a big company. But always remember never go to a respect of a country. Sorry for all that but u deserves this. -_-

  • cubing adda

    cubing adda

    13 timer siden

    @Harshit Joshi my name is also harshit

  • Harshit Joshi

    Harshit Joshi

    13 timer siden


  • ZjadlamCiYorka
    ZjadlamCiYorka13 timer siden

    Ok, but where is Pewds?

  • Imee Tolentino
    Imee Tolentino13 timer siden

    the world population is 7 billion but pewdiepie,s total views are 26 BILLION HOW ARE ALIENS ALSO SUBSCRIBING TO PEWDS...

  • Fantasia 42

    Fantasia 42

    4 timer siden

    Views aren't subscriptions

  • Sota Umezaki
    Sota Umezaki13 timer siden

    I feel tendency of recommendations of workout recently. In Japan, lately, the number of people who exercise in gym or fitness club is increasing, and so was I. (I was influenced by a book that recommended workout a few months later I enrolled university. But I feel to continue regular workout is still something hard😅.)

  • Efe Kaya
    Efe Kaya13 timer siden

    crab rave.

  • Shampi Das
    Shampi Das14 timer siden

    My new year revolution is to watch PewDiePie

  • Nizza Mansor
    Nizza Mansor14 timer siden

    I don't like 2021

  • vadim ermakov
    vadim ermakov14 timer siden

    PewDiePie, do a review of Putin's palace He is the Russian president for 20 years and a thief. He is exposed in Alexei Navalny's latest video. Friends, please like this comment for PewDiePie to see.

  • Ian Charles Brillantes
    Ian Charles Brillantes15 timer siden

    I hope PewDiePie's not pregnant or something..

  • Shivansh Pachauri
    Shivansh Pachauri16 timer siden

    Just don't quit NOlocal Felix

  • Alex Oakley
    Alex Oakley16 timer siden

    Have you ever read “The Count of Monte Cristo”. If you haven’t u should read it and also make a book review because it would be interesting to hear what u say about it.

    VIN ALVIN16 timer siden

    Bilang apa sih 😪😪

  • Adriano
    Adriano16 timer siden

    pewds inteligence is contagious

  • Gamer girl paris
    Gamer girl paris16 timer siden

    He so racist he said the n word A LOT OF TIMES

  • Martyna Szostek
    Martyna Szostek18 timer siden

    sexy mic

  • The Red Thirst
    The Red Thirst18 timer siden

    Nike have been onto something for decades JUST DO IT

  • Gustav Eriksson
    Gustav Eriksson19 timer siden

    can I got 1000followers witch two videos

  • fire ice gaming
    fire ice gaming20 timer siden

    cocomelon hit 103m subscribers

  • kors grens
    kors grens20 timer siden

    my mom always told me i couldnt be educated from youtube but now i have pewdiepie to rub in her face

  • D4cr0K
    D4cr0K21 time siden

    This mic looks cool but the sound is terrible.

  • Toni Pepperoni
    Toni Pepperoni21 time siden

    Waiting for February Day 1

  • Powder Hound
    Powder Hound21 time siden

    The editing is really odd in this video I don't know why 🧐

  • Harry Potter
    Harry Potter21 time siden

    Book review because I said so I PerSonALlY recommend any of le Harry Potter books,in the beginning I thought it was dumb,nerdy,STUPID,and here I am impersonating Harry Potter on every platform..I do everything FOR Harry Potter,yes its fictional,do I care?NO.I've read every Harry Potter book,I've seen all the movies,went to le Harry Potter land or world,idk?!VJDHCKSJLK anywaysssss,happy new years―yes I'm 20 days late,shut up?

  • Crippling Mango
    Crippling Mango21 time siden

    Pewdiepie: Talking about making new years resolutions Also pewdiepie: Guess I wont make any videos

  • hunterkiller 363
    hunterkiller 36321 time siden

    2020 was a great year for me

  • Nilla Pysselfia
    Nilla Pysselfia21 time siden

    Let it go aircon, youre a maggot, Anna

  • jailan louco
    jailan louco21 time siden


    GEORGE HYLTON22 timer siden

    Give a shout out to this youtuber called yub

  • WarGuard
    WarGuard22 timer siden

    Upload dude 2021 needs you

  • Giorno Giovanna
    Giorno Giovanna22 timer siden

    And you’re gone too...

  • Kuzzo
    Kuzzo23 timer siden

    You guys know that pewds will leave youtube in your lifetime right? Right? ☹️

  • Carter Nissen
    Carter Nissen23 timer siden

    This was awesome!

  • Bipolar Gaming
    Bipolar Gaming23 timer siden

    Pewdiepie died trust me I’m bipolar!

  • ray
    ray23 timer siden

    i was here

  • Merlin
    Merlin23 timer siden

    I am very inspired, I always try to be constant but I fail and now I feel very proud of myself because I have been following my workout calendar all month, it is incredible, thanks for the moral support.

  • Damien Rod
    Damien RodDag siden

    My year is horrible hello 2021

  • dee tan
    dee tanDag siden

    We love u teacher Felix

  • gaara kazekage
    gaara kazekageDag siden

    Yes. He stopped making videos. He's not gonna come back.

  • fearless ninja
    fearless ninjaDag siden

    2021 gg

  • Prachi Sinha
    Prachi SinhaDag siden

    He sounds like a 30 year old swedish man giving some serious life advice on new year's eve

  • Fantasia 42

    Fantasia 42

    4 timer siden

    Well he is 31 and Swedish

  • TheAustinBeers
    TheAustinBeersDag siden

    More like PewDiePie is gone

    GITANSH MEHTADag siden

    I don't know that weather you will see this comment but today i realised that i must should have joined youtube 10 years ago and i would have become your 1 subscriber and would have talked you and would have become your friend no because you are popular according to me still you are the pewdiepie who made his first youtube video minecraft multiplayer fun bro love from INDIA

  • Phanboi Chau

    Phanboi Chau

    22 timer siden

    Haina 😂

  • Christian H.
    Christian H.Dag siden

    Did he quit YT?

  • Okay, Seurat.
    Okay, Seurat.Dag siden

    I am so happy you're bringing back book review! I didn't read at all in 2020. I'm excited to make reading a part of my day to day routine. I'll be reading Entangled Life by Merlin Sheldrake. It's about the wonderful life of fungus. lol

  • Danielle Costigan
    Danielle CostiganDag siden

    Your intro is cocomelon

  • BigMilkSquad
    BigMilkSquadDag siden

    Love you pewds

  • Apoorva Gharpure
    Apoorva GharpureDag siden


  • The Sparkling Corner
    The Sparkling CornerDag siden

    Mr Beast Gives People Cash. Fans Gives 1 Subs. GodBless, Happy New Year.

  • The Sparkling Corner
    The Sparkling CornerDag siden

    Mr Beast Gives People Cash. Fans Gives 1 Subs. GodBless, Happy New Year.

    YOUTH 4 MEDIADag siden