Bad Design is Hilarious! #66 [REDDIT REVIEW]


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  • Devin Worl
    Devin WorlTime siden


  • Maskaradebannana
    Maskaradebannana2 timer siden

    POV: your pewds wife and out of nowhere you hear “_I HATE CELINGS!!!!!!”

  • Jack Stopera
    Jack Stopera4 timer siden


  • V.O Backmasking
    V.O Backmasking5 timer siden


  • Hans Miranda
    Hans Miranda8 timer siden

    The measly use globally stain because january enthrallingly jail pro a statuesque napkin. volatile, telling juice

  • Lazar Meme
    Lazar Meme17 timer siden

    3:27 that is at the white water center I rember going there

  • dr demon
    dr demon17 timer siden

    Grandpapafelix job revealed ...... :0 poggg

  • Albert Spice
    Albert Spice21 time siden

    Designed in California. tf is that supposed to mean, I can designed a better looking computer in my basement. Key word, better looking.

  • Sir Duckington
    Sir DuckingtonDag siden

    time to shoot

  • Electric AJ
    Electric AJDag siden

    Something I hate how easily retainers brake they r so expensive and if break so easy I hate it

  • Winifred Hawkins
    Winifred HawkinsDag siden

    The noisy great-grandfather radiographically cover because trail retrospectively laugh given a gorgeous baker. staking, gaudy lotion

  • Ostepopp 5
    Ostepopp 5Dag siden


  • Leonel Sapoj
    Leonel SapojDag siden

    8:32 nothing is impossible. Everything is possible.🤣

  • Gabriel Geagea
    Gabriel GeageaDag siden

    Crappy design: sinks where your hands touch the back

  • Angelo V
    Angelo VDag siden

    what schools learn you: do die or dont drive safely

    Amzel FONOTI - FILIPODag siden

    I am the bad design

  • LukeVster
    LukeVster2 dager siden

    the plastic wrap of the fruits and veggies prevents bugs and parasites for the banana, it can make it ripe faster

  • Sike, I changed my name
    Sike, I changed my name2 dager siden

    4:32 I would pick the left one so at least I can save someone. Because either way, the group of red people will die.

  • Technoslime :/
    Technoslime :/2 dager siden

    The fuck plastics books are the equivalent of writing then Brian griffin

  • maybe marvin
    maybe marvin2 dager siden

    I hate that wifi connection dont work gud

  • Hannah Luterotty
    Hannah Luterotty2 dager siden

    For second I thought we was about to bring up barrels in the intro..... Ah nostalgia

  • Find Vehemently
    Find Vehemently2 dager siden

    Knowing everything is impossible

  • Timothy Mattnew
    Timothy Mattnew2 dager siden

    Educational system has a crappy design.

    DESPACITO4523 dager siden

    As a Californian, we all don't condone apples bullcrap

  • Skate
    Skate3 dager siden

    I got a pewdiepie ad while watching pewddiepie

  • Nutellajar 10
    Nutellajar 103 dager siden

    5:56 ah yes i'll also love some cheese without chips thanks

  • The Chalker Gaming
    The Chalker Gaming3 dager siden

    All in one baby 13:34

  • zowie grizzell
    zowie grizzell4 dager siden

    I'm sitting on the floor while my phone is charging

  • Nathan Yu
    Nathan Yu4 dager siden

    5:00 that’s a Bentley too

  • Nathan Yu
    Nathan Yu4 dager siden

    4:32 I know what to do take the one guy from that track move it over to the other guys on the straight track and then don’t switch the train and let the train go straight

  • Justin Scott
    Justin Scott4 dager siden

    11:40 So that's where my socks go!

  • Marshall Mooney
    Marshall Mooney4 dager siden

    did anyone notice the platypus in the background at 1:21

  • JACG sucks
    JACG sucks4 dager siden


  • Shaurya Bahal
    Shaurya Bahal4 dager siden

    indian one is fake i am in india and an indian my own mom is 5'3 my aunty is 5'5

  • Pineapple
    Pineapple5 dager siden

    9:18 either he is banging another bear eating honey or its his gigantic dong that has arms eating honey

  • Mordecai Rasputin
    Mordecai Rasputin5 dager siden

    I have that same fucking frying pan and I FUCKING HATE IT !!!

  • Yassine Elatlassi
    Yassine Elatlassi5 dager siden

    Normal people : i don't wanna dip my toes Pewdiepie with no legs : i don't wanna put my finget in

  • Liam Hedberg
    Liam Hedberg5 dager siden

    hej pewdiepie

  • Haralds Bērze
    Haralds Bērze5 dager siden

    I am from Latvia. 12:30 And its funny to me that peapole that made it acualy think that was true.🤣🤣

  • Ali Phone
    Ali Phone5 dager siden

    Pewdiepie can I say the c word Also Pewdiepie f$%@ s@$% f$%#

  • GuyThe Guy
    GuyThe Guy5 dager siden

    I love poo

  • Daniel Wilczewski
    Daniel Wilczewski5 dager siden

    8:33 nothing is possible i'm evrything

  • LunaBit
    LunaBit5 dager siden

    They didn't forget the wheel locks for that apple case. You have to buy them separately. Each.

  • ansabits
    ansabits5 dager siden

    Awuf Latvia, tall gang 🇱🇻

  • Nathan Marsh
    Nathan Marsh6 dager siden

    It bothers me so much that taps are so close to the edge of the sinks that the water spills out or ur hands are touching the sink

  • Kill tik tok
    Kill tik tok6 dager siden

    I cringe when I see old pewds

  • Maccy P1
    Maccy P16 dager siden

    Jeeeeez!! Why do you live in the UK if everything is so bad?

  • Bepavardis
    Bepavardis6 dager siden


  • john dolphin14
    john dolphin146 dager siden

    Wait if you changed the direction of the train it would kill the one and then kill everyone else after, the train hits the crowd no matter what

  • Matthew Del Prado
    Matthew Del Prado6 dager siden

    7:34 minecraft dresses be like

  • tameant
    tameant6 dager siden

    pewdiepie watches lock picking lawyer pog

  • Morgan C.M
    Morgan C.M7 dager siden

    13:40 what's wrong with this pic? Am I blind? I think I may know, but I'm not sure.

  • WickedWieñer
    WickedWieñer7 dager siden

    12:08 I love how he gets hiccups whenever he makes his voice deep

  • Potato_Men
    Potato_Men7 dager siden

    12:32 Latvia is my country 🙂

  • vinkuu
    vinkuu7 dager siden

    In the Finnish miltary, in the 90's, we had 3x3 stalls opposite of another, without neighbouring walls. Turku, Suomi, Saku Koivu oli samassa paikassa, samaan aikaan.

  • XCRAFT900
    XCRAFT9007 dager siden

    8:31 i figured it out : im possible , no everithing is

  • ليث رعد
    ليث رعد7 dager siden


  • Haydos Schmity's
    Haydos Schmity's7 dager siden

    💡 Drinking game idea 💡 drink every time Felix laughs 💡 you will not be disappointed 💡

  • Penguin
    Penguin7 dager siden

    1:06 as a Californian I feel attacked

  • floof_unknown
    floof_unknown7 dager siden

    I hate it when my washing machene takes half of the enter space too the bath room ಥ‿ಥ

  • Aaron Chan
    Aaron Chan8 dager siden

    The “No” made me laugh so hard

  • The Greatest Jedi
    The Greatest Jedi8 dager siden

    Nothing is ever impossible

  • Brodin Roo
    Brodin Roo8 dager siden

    6:36 what that mean? I have no idea

  • Brendon
    Brendon8 dager siden

    The Car and the Jeep really triggered me! That really bothered-bothers me!

  • Brendon
    Brendon8 dager siden

    Actually it is 2021

  • Brendon
    Brendon8 dager siden

    Exactly Felix how are they so freaking dumb!

  • Tsuki Noke
    Tsuki Noke8 dager siden

    I can’t tell if he got the “what should the blue man do”

  • Jake Messina
    Jake Messina9 dager siden

    There’s literally a bathroom stall at my school where the lock is on the outside of the door

  • Freedom Phoenix Goat

    Freedom Phoenix Goat

    3 dager siden

    yeks, hope you don't got bullies there :o thats like a safety hazard, somone gets locked in there and building is burning or dies of starvation

  • lars weaver
    lars weaver9 dager siden

    A shitty design I have to put up with is there are three doors place really close together so you pretty much have to close 2 of them for one to work and some nimrodic dip shit completely fucked the heating so all of the heating goes into one room, so one room is at like 300 degrees and all the other one can freeze water in under a second

  • Some Person
    Some Person9 dager siden

    Sinks in stadiums with cold water when it is less than 40F.

  • DuckGodYT
    DuckGodYT9 dager siden

    MacBook Pro is out here looking like a glorified cheese grater

  • Noureddine Meddah
    Noureddine Meddah9 dager siden

    13:34 if the poles are detachable that's actually a pretty genius design

    FART AND RUN9 dager siden

    11:22 bruh its 4am im so sleepy and tired and then i start seeing something comming at me and i get a mini panic attack then i realized its just the

  • Tiki terraria
    Tiki terraria9 dager siden

    First time I see Latvia in pewds video. I'm from there

  • Karin Maka
    Karin Maka9 dager siden

    0:26 omg I found the clip

  • Girls Going Crazy
    Girls Going Crazy9 dager siden

    My school doesn’t have lockers so half the hallway is taken up with bags and they all get wet when it rains

  • Girls Going Crazy

    Girls Going Crazy

    6 dager siden

    @Future Looks Bleak it’s open so we have a roof but water gets in from the side

  • Future Looks Bleak

    Future Looks Bleak

    6 dager siden

    Do you not have a ceiling?

  • Samson Belgray-Blatt
    Samson Belgray-Blatt10 dager siden

    Yayyyy california

  • Dog Lover
    Dog Lover10 dager siden

    Our movie theater we litterly have recliner seats who can relate? We go there every time we watch a movie not at home

  • Dog Lover
    Dog Lover10 dager siden

    Chilah??? It’s Chilli

  • Dog Lover
    Dog Lover10 dager siden

    People form the future... THIS IS WHAT THEY DID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Soul
    Soul10 dager siden

    “Design flaw in human” Me: so... do we shoot god now...?

  • Bluedude11
    Bluedude1110 dager siden

    the thumbnail

  • LOL man don't ask
    LOL man don't ask10 dager siden

    Seeing the thumbnail was the most painful thing I could ever imagine

  • TheVampire Girl
    TheVampire Girl10 dager siden

    One example of crappy design: When you run the hot tap in the kitchen downstairs, the water in the shower immediately turns freezing (read: _ice_ ) cold even if the shower turned on first.

  • Tristan R J
    Tristan R J10 dager siden

    Is platypus spot on pewd video 1:21

  • Riley Mannion
    Riley Mannion10 dager siden

    My car is an old asf 2002 wrx and it's trunk perfectly diverts the water through a little channel in the metal

  • karlis krisbergs
    karlis krisbergs10 dager siden

    talking about crappy design.. the bathroom in my apartment doesnt even have a DOOR, better yet it has 2 huge floor to ceiling windows so you could wave at your friend in the living room while taking a dump

  • Maidelin Glez
    Maidelin Glez10 dager siden

    “Everything is possible, nothing is impossible” (read horizontally top to bottom starting at “NO”)the artist was on meth.

  • yoda cheeto
    yoda cheeto10 dager siden

    why is pewds watching this while using the razor nari ultimate which breaks 5 times in the warranty period

  • Christina Mannara
    Christina Mannara11 dager siden


  • Trashpanda
    Trashpanda11 dager siden

    my church has stall doors that litterally are tall minecraft fence gates lol

  • Trashpanda
    Trashpanda11 dager siden

    the car one was making me cringe so hard it was a b e n t l y (fancy british car for you guys that don't know cars) AND IT DROPS WATER INTO TO TRUNK AAAAA

  • SamuraiPewdiepie
    SamuraiPewdiepie11 dager siden

    Pewdiepie there is a cheese grater built into the IMac Pro .

  • Jagrut Bakrania
    Jagrut Bakrania11 dager siden

    Abe sale

  • LOL man don't ask

    LOL man don't ask

    10 dager siden

    What the heck dude

  • Jagrut Bakrania
    Jagrut Bakrania11 dager siden

    Abe sale

  • Jagrut Bakrania
    Jagrut Bakrania11 dager siden

    Abe sale

  • Jagrut Bakrania
    Jagrut Bakrania11 dager siden

    Abe sale

  • Jagrut Bakrania
    Jagrut Bakrania11 dager siden

    Abe sale

  • Markix
    Markix11 dager siden

    Hey, Felix. I noticed that you questioned the computer shortcuts at 15:27 so let me explain it to you. When these shortcuts were created, they were originally intended for technicians and developers. The shortcuts were made cryptic like this so that the average consumer wouldn't trigger them by accident. Because for example, the ctrl+alt+del shortcut originally restarted the PC without warning. However, when the IBM PC was released, the shortcuts were in IBM's technical reference documentation, revealing themselves to the public.

  • Condrad
    Condrad11 dager siden