Bye Bye Minecraft - Part 49


The last pewdiepie minecraft episode so sad gamers
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  • Jose Ruiz
    Jose Ruiz4 timer siden

    Do a 50 part of minecraft

  • mikoji123
    mikoji1236 timer siden

    So he did load up his world on bedrock. Wish he could give us a download link to say this is the genuine world. But its pewdiepie so we relay on copy and rebuild world.

  • Carol Nalda
    Carol Nalda18 timer siden

    pewdiepie buy a dog in real life and name him sven

  • Lilac
    LilacDag siden

    I am at 10:50, and I cannot tell why he is quitting

  • DN11 YT
    DN11 YT2 dager siden

    Did anyone notice 1:44 showed his seed

  • Ynson Quintana Troyo
    Ynson Quintana Troyo3 dager siden

    Sup guys

  • مصطفي علي
    مصطفي علي3 dager siden


  • cyanworm 15
    cyanworm 154 dager siden

    Cant believe he was taking the bee in the water Thay start taking damage if they touch water

  • Spidergaming
    Spidergaming4 dager siden

    he forgot to visit alabama

  • Rolfy Widdle
    Rolfy Widdle4 dager siden

    soon... 18:21

  • Carry Minati
    Carry Minati4 dager siden

    Beta version ? You are using beta version ? 😁

  • Russel Odrona
    Russel Odrona5 dager siden

    night vision? or optifine?

  • Wayner Twin
    Wayner Twin5 dager siden

    i litrealy watch all epesode but its over miss u meatball

  • Dr. Cools
    Dr. Cools5 dager siden

    In a long journey he brought Minecraft back from it not being the best game and the most popular and he made our quarantine a whole lot better thanks PewDiePie

  • chilla gorilla
    chilla gorilla6 dager siden


  • Graham Wong
    Graham Wong7 dager siden

    The dislikes are people that don’t want pewdiepie to stop

  • second_snizzle
    second_snizzle8 dager siden

    Him saying goodbye makes it worseeee

  • Κωνσταντίνος Τσοπάνογλου
    Κωνσταντίνος Τσοπάνογλου8 dager siden

    we need more

  • Ike Almeida
    Ike Almeida10 dager siden

    Sven:he wont forget me right?he'll come back?

  • Karim DARWICHE
    Karim DARWICHE10 dager siden

    It’s my sister who end of the series and killed all of your pets peeeeeeewdiewwwwwpaaaaaaa

  • Ziorky
    Ziorky10 dager siden


  • Alex Smith
    Alex Smith10 dager siden

    But Sven didn’t die

  • The Trivia Gamer
    The Trivia Gamer11 dager siden

    why would you be mean to the cute panda and that's why i am unsubscribing.

  • Danny M
    Danny M11 dager siden

    I refuse to believe this was nine months ago

  • Just Dj
    Just Dj12 dager siden

    Do a video showing all your tattos and what would you like to do more (96, sad moment)

  • Erica Lebon
    Erica Lebon12 dager siden

    Pewds if ur reading this u should start this back up again- poor sven & yuergen!

  • Hashir Najmi
    Hashir Najmi12 dager siden

    Two uploads!!??

  • Bristle Paws
    Bristle Paws15 dager siden


  • Patrick Fulleros
    Patrick Fulleros15 dager siden

    Bzzt was the last mob Pewds added on his base on this gameplay, and first on his hardcore gameplay....

  • Mich Say
    Mich Say16 dager siden

    Sven died

  • Ad Murphy
    Ad Murphy17 dager siden

    This nearly made me cry

  • AgedGraves
    AgedGraves18 dager siden

    I was alive until the end of this series, I am here to comment it as well

  • xXCrazyXx
    xXCrazyXx18 dager siden


  • Marie Casia
    Marie Casia18 dager siden


  • RaVid
    RaVid18 dager siden

    Sven is still waiting..

  • Нурасыл. Т
    Нурасыл. Т19 dager siden

    Who is watching this video in 2021?

  • quack quack
    quack quack19 dager siden

    *when real men/women/non-binary people cried*

  • Alex Caruso
    Alex Caruso19 dager siden


  • Virga Adomaitienė
    Virga Adomaitienė19 dager siden

    Why sven is gay explain pwed's

  • sam 9786 S

    sam 9786 S

    18 dager siden

    Whats wrong with that?

    SNYT DL20 dager siden

    what ] col

    GLEAMY_GAMING20 dager siden

    Im gonna miss BRO LAND SO MUCH ITS HISTORY being made specially the ullabrita coz its the funniest name ive ever heard in my entire minecraft gamer life time🤧🤧🤧

  • small_cod64
    small_cod6421 dag siden

    i am cri

  • Benjamin Mackay
    Benjamin Mackay21 dag siden

    Remember Felix’s first first house just made out of cobblestone😂

  • uttsav
    uttsav21 dag siden

    that time felix reincarnated as steve

  • Sathvik Dubbaka
    Sathvik Dubbaka21 dag siden

    Wait why is he playing beta he should be playing java edition

  • Terry McMullen
    Terry McMullen22 dager siden

    This minecraft series was like alot of shows on TV as the series grew on the episodes got worse

  • wael mikkawi
    wael mikkawi22 dager siden

    name sven's kid(baby doggy):sveeep

  • Ansh Bhardwaj
    Ansh Bhardwaj22 dager siden


  • Psiko. Cobra
    Psiko. Cobra22 dager siden

    Who's rewatching this while waiting for a new hardcore eps

  • Aaron show
    Aaron show23 dager siden

    i did see the tree in the center of his old house

  • 1 1
    1 123 dager siden

    Plz react to jeb_ anemashon

  • Michael Gonzalez
    Michael Gonzalez24 dager siden

    “Don’t worry it’s not the end.” Sven: Guess I’ll just wait here..

  • Ali Anthony
    Ali Anthony24 dager siden

    😭😭😭 Nooo

  • pug posta
    pug posta25 dager siden

    Dj Panda

  • Adrian Wira
    Adrian Wira25 dager siden

    my fv pet is the panda dont kill it

  • Aydın Kilisli
    Aydın Kilisli26 dager siden

    Bye bye love bye bye mınecraft

  • max jack
    max jack27 dager siden

    give me world dowload

  • Valent Vincent
    Valent Vincent28 dager siden

    Pewdiepie you soo bad in the water sheep you soo bad i unsubrice ypu channel

  • tesco


    22 dager siden

    Spelling good

  • dark shadow gamer
    dark shadow gamer28 dager siden

    Hey pewdiepie make a name tag named dinnerbone and warning dont do it to sven

  • First name Last name

    First name Last name

    24 dager siden

    He did that like 30 episodes ago

  • Ausztt
    Ausztt29 dager siden

    Felix: Bye Bye Minecraft Cave Update 1.17: SHUT UP!

  • Jose Mari Mataga
    Jose Mari MatagaMåned siden

    Everyone say in the replies of this comment "Bring Back Minecraft!"

  • Bruh Guy

    Bruh Guy

    21 dag siden

    he's still playing but in hardcore wtf are you saying

  • First name Last name

    First name Last name

    24 dager siden

    He literally plays Hardcore now

  • iva baqradze
    iva baqradzeMåned siden

    waiting for 1.17 so the series will continue

  • iva baqradze

    iva baqradze

    Måned siden

    well at least i hope it will

  • Crusty P1eb
    Crusty P1ebMåned siden


  • Crusty P1eb
    Crusty P1ebMåned siden




  • Jeremy Hernandez

    Jeremy Hernandez

    Måned siden


  • Yuriel Perona
    Yuriel PeronaMåned siden

    There are a new snapshot caves and ckiffs

  • Hi
    HiMåned siden

    Sad very sad Minecraft ended sad

  • Karim DARWICHE
    Karim DARWICHEMåned siden

    The king of all kings water Sheep

  • ajeeth shiv narayan
    ajeeth shiv narayanMåned siden

    The beautiful chickens *continues to smack a chicken into the water* 5:21

  • Sho White
    Sho WhiteMåned siden

    What happen to seven bf

  • M Ali
    M AliMåned siden

    Pewds:bye bye minecraft Also pewds:starts a new hardcore series

  • Bilguun Munkhbadrakh
    Bilguun MunkhbadrakhMåned siden

    Hey why are you make fun of mongolian??

  • ofc
    ofcMåned siden

    Is this the last part :(

  • Jerden Adajar

    Jerden Adajar

    26 dager siden

    he has a hardcore series now lmao

  • olive sandler
    olive sandlerMåned siden


  • Jerden Adajar

    Jerden Adajar

    26 dager siden

    he has a hardcore series now lmao

  • totally not a dream fan
    totally not a dream fanMåned siden

    the rtx :o

  • Rifaquat Zahedee
    Rifaquat ZahedeeMåned siden

    I hate you

  • Jerden Adajar

    Jerden Adajar

    26 dager siden

    why? lmao

  • no no
    no noMåned siden

    PewDiePie you should have make a big ginormous Redstone building with villagers inside and you should get more horses and more dogs

  • Urvesh GAIMING
    Urvesh GAIMINGMåned siden


  • Urvesh GAIMING
    Urvesh GAIMINGMåned siden


  • Urvesh GAIMING
    Urvesh GAIMINGMåned siden


  • Urvesh GAIMING
    Urvesh GAIMINGMåned siden


  • Urvesh GAIMING
    Urvesh GAIMINGMåned siden


  • All in one
    All in oneMåned siden

    Pewd never seen a witch house

  • GamingWithLanz
    GamingWithLanzMåned siden

    Pewdiepie: quits Minecraft Proceeds to do Hardcore Series

  • HyyperAj
    HyyperAjMåned siden

    started off as gaming week, ends off as *gaming era*

  • sacred horse
    sacred horseMåned siden

    The "tape" over the meatball looks like mould

  • Blake Cameron
    Blake CameronMåned siden

    You should try shaders

  • Damian The Great
    Damian The GreatMåned siden


  • max mueller
    max muellerMåned siden

    GUYS WE ARE AT 689,000 likes 1k more and we get 690,000 likes!!

  • Rahul Raj

    Rahul Raj

    Måned siden


  • Xavier Serrano
    Xavier SerranoMåned siden

    I just can't imagine being sven , pewdiepie said ,see you soon, and sven now is probably thinking ,here is he he promised me so he will be here soon...

  • z z
    z zMåned siden

    Helped me during lockdown watching the entire series thank you Felix. I watched episodes 1-49 i was sad when this video finished.

  • Turbo Last Name
    Turbo Last NameMåned siden

    How are people,still playing?

  • Mylene Arobo
    Mylene AroboMåned siden


  • Aditya Kothuri

    Aditya Kothuri

    Måned siden


  • Brown Neck
    Brown NeckMåned siden

    Make a part 50 pls!!!!!!!

  • Roopali B
    Roopali BMåned siden

    This episode was really wholesome

  • deadly_pusaan
    deadly_pusaanMåned siden

    Why you killing chicken 😿😿😭

  • Леша Гаравин
    Леша ГаравинMåned siden

    Я русский

  • ꧁Arkon꧂


    Måned siden

    О привет я не русский но знаю ваш язык)

  • GamerBlox
    GamerBloxMåned siden

    I found his seed Yeaaa babyyy

    KaKaNOODLESdoMåned siden

    Pls create a part 50

  • HORSEMENofficial
    HORSEMENofficialMåned siden

    My face when I dislike the video accidentally 😐😑