Doctor Reacts To my Injury (serious) - LWIAY #00142


This is the end bros
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  • slavehunter 123
    slavehunter 1233 dager siden

    We need elon musk to send a tambourine to the moon in 2024

  • Deranged Samurai
    Deranged Samurai4 dager siden

    Pews says Carson looks like homer simpson while putting is curser on peter griffin

  • Me Me
    Me Me4 dager siden


    BEARD BUILDS5 dager siden

    Nooooo waaaaay I live like an hour away from kjellberg rd!

  • Lucy Mason
    Lucy Mason5 dager siden

    U sound like homer a bit lol

  • Emmanuel chavez
    Emmanuel chavez5 dager siden

    reasons why poods has a red and swollen knuckle beat marzia* hit his hand against the wall accidentally hit door

  • Mailea Mack
    Mailea Mack6 dager siden

    Lmao this is Rudy Giuliani all over again

    LEMMON GET MAD6 dager siden

    Don't sub to me sub to this guy

  • Aelar Lightbringer
    Aelar Lightbringer9 dager siden

    Hey Sive, can we have the audio starting at 8:37 of just the current Felix (not the vid he's reacting to)? ...It's reason whatsoever...

  • Hussain Maaish
    Hussain Maaish10 dager siden

    Pewds just read my mind when he said Vinland Saga

  • Faroresdragn
    Faroresdragn11 dager siden

    Mr. and Mrs. Long: ...we must.

  • Cami Brauh
    Cami Brauh12 dager siden

    2:20 thumbnail

  • O'Shea Mathews
    O'Shea Mathews12 dager siden

    17:57 Fun fact the vikings fought the Native Americans for the U.S. but the Natives were about to match the vikings so the vikings buzzed off.

  • albin998
    albin99813 dager siden

    4:26 did he just say we have a legendary rooster? Instead of roster? xD

  • Zunaira Hossain
    Zunaira Hossain14 dager siden

    5:08 nah i SEARCHED youup it wasnt youtube

  • XxgachagamerxX
    XxgachagamerxX14 dager siden


  • crystal Wolf
    crystal Wolf14 dager siden


  • bddbjrsexy
    bddbjrsexy14 dager siden

    I was always excited for exams too. I wanted to see how well I would do.

  • Konrad Paczek
    Konrad Paczek15 dager siden

    Some of my best grade it was for me not studying at all

  • Konrad Paczek
    Konrad Paczek15 dager siden

    Imagine Felix living on Kjellberg road

  • Groupe Halawa
    Groupe Halawa15 dager siden

    Peace be upon you. I am a content maker with my friends. I hope that Biodebay subscribers subscribe to my channel. Thank you.

  • That Meme Channel
    That Meme Channel16 dager siden


  • Log
    Log17 dager siden

    *5 years ago* *5 days ago*

  • Giannis Dravis
    Giannis Dravis18 dager siden

    Didn't his hand get injured when he punched the hypertamburine too hard...or that happened in a later video? Damn, I don't even remember what was first.

  • kate playing piano
    kate playing piano19 dager siden

    Please do love among us

  • lukas days
    lukas days20 dager siden

    How did you know I was watching this video :c Pewds is some galaxy brain being xd Petition for Pewds to make a vlog in the Kjelberg road

  • Fortnite Botboy
    Fortnite Botboy21 dag siden

    Felix’s hand looks like he got in a fight

  • Logan Lynn
    Logan Lynn21 dag siden

    stupid flanders

  • Ryan Chalmers
    Ryan Chalmers23 dager siden

    pp long would be 75

  • Emily Penrose
    Emily Penrose23 dager siden

    When thats in queensland and I LIVE IN QUEENSLAND SO THATS SO CLOSE TO ME

  • egroeG
    egroeG24 dager siden

    😂🤣😂🤣😂😂😂🤣🤣😂😂 niceeee

  • JayDatSkitMaker :D
    JayDatSkitMaker :D24 dager siden

    3:42 what he said and that face expression 😅

  • Archy King
    Archy King25 dager siden

    pewdiepie's Swedish accent 13:10

  • Archy King
    Archy King25 dager siden


  • its Naruto_hikama1 (Official)
    its Naruto_hikama1 (Official)25 dager siden

    Say E

  • Daniel Parry
    Daniel Parry25 dager siden

    I for real got so pissed when he said Australia wasn't real it was very small pp

  • Daniel Parry

    Daniel Parry

    18 dager siden

    @The paranormal Gamer ik its a joke lol

  • The paranormal Gamer

    The paranormal Gamer

    19 dager siden

    It was a joke, can you take a joke?

  • TRINX’s gaming
    TRINX’s gaming25 dager siden

    pewds: this is mainly a reddit channel me whos is a gammer; WHAT

  • what just happend?
    what just happend?26 dager siden

    All murdurers after 10 years: it was me all along

  • Ela Stars
    Ela Stars26 dager siden

    I love you ♥️♥️♥️

  • soggycookie Crumbs
    soggycookie Crumbs27 dager siden

    this is fun to binge

  • Ahmad Rosi
    Ahmad Rosi27 dager siden

    bukan Main Sucribec Nya Cuy banyak Bet Termasuk Gw udah Subrek

  • The Swedish Berliner
    The Swedish Berliner27 dager siden

    Felix Lennon

  • Heathen Peep
    Heathen Peep27 dager siden


  • lime
    lime28 dager siden

    norwegians discovered the us.

  • Bonfire Jeon
    Bonfire Jeon29 dager siden

    I am Australian

  • Three Kings
    Three Kings29 dager siden

    well done great work nice job

  • Big Man Vlogs
    Big Man Vlogs29 dager siden

    You sleep!? My life is a lie, down is up, black is white, 6+12 = dog * π = blue.

  • Blossom Corpse
    Blossom Corpse29 dager siden

    What happen Pewds

  • ritishaa mordani
    ritishaa mordani29 dager siden


  • NoEffortIncluded
    NoEffortIncludedMåned siden

    You know when (serious) in the title, the videos gonna be a banger

  • ManLu Jiang
    ManLu JiangMåned siden


  • Vilfred Neve
    Vilfred NeveMåned siden

    you did not couse in the viking age sweden were a part of denmark

  • A fricken Weirdo
    A fricken WeirdoMåned siden

    By the way i bet you that I embarrass myself more than you do without knowing! NONi!!!

  • A fricken Weirdo

    A fricken Weirdo

    Måned siden

    Cause I have ADHD!wow!thanks god!this sucks!

  • shplonk
    shplonkMåned siden

    sut ub sgiwer

  • EllingTheTableCat
    EllingTheTableCatMåned siden

    17:55 yoo I’m sorry Felix but leiv erikson discovered North America a Norwegian Viking

  • MonkeyMode
    MonkeyModeMåned siden

    NOlocal isn't going to.make a friend because of all the bad shit that happened. That or they don't want add another pile of shit on top

  • Maya Nixon
    Maya NixonMåned siden

    pewdiepie: i am a simp for maya everybody else: we knew it me and the people who are named maya: ummm lol???

  • കോശി കുര്യൻ-90's
    കോശി കുര്യൻ-90'sMåned siden

    Mallus come on

  • Some Random Name
    Some Random NameMåned siden

    Pewds: "I dont know how I got this" Me: First Rule of Fight Club

  • Angry Weeb
    Angry WeebMåned siden

    17:45 Did you mean Peter Griffin not "Homer Simpson"-

  • Stella van Lambalgen
    Stella van LambalgenMåned siden

    He think Felix looks good with glasses

  • Littlecountry Bigboy
    Littlecountry BigboyMåned siden

    Doctor: i saw your swolen knuckle Felix: what does it mean? Doctor: your hand has aids

  • Faible
    FaibleMåned siden

    Song at 12:54??

  • Michael Korare
    Michael KorareMåned siden

    7:44 Did Pewds just call Peter Griffin Homer Simpson?

  • Anto Wibowo
    Anto WibowoMåned siden

    i think i saw this lwiay at 107 and noe the channel is already at 108

  • War Robot Doge
    War Robot DogeMåned siden

    0:11 where do i find or download that???

  • connor rabisca
    connor rabiscaMåned siden

    "That's crazy sometimes I would sleep all night for an exam, and I would be insanely asleep I don't know how I did it, I had some of my best naps just closing my eyes which goes against all science". 14:50

  • Zahraa
    ZahraaMåned siden

    اني عربيه

  • Cheyenne Cerney
    Cheyenne CerneyMåned siden

    the unus annus one gave me PTSD

  • Chad Buoy445
    Chad Buoy445Måned siden


  • Felix Jansson
    Felix JanssonMåned siden


  • Felix Jansson
    Felix JanssonMåned siden

    Vet du Vem gurkis

  • Lars C
    Lars CMåned siden


  • Bryan 26
    Bryan 26Måned siden

    Whats that song??? At the beginning

  • Nestar Mackillop
    Nestar MackillopMåned siden

    He just called peter griffin homer simpson

  • CsabaTOn [̲̅Y̲̅σ̲̅υ̲̅т̲̅υ̲̅b̲̅є̲]
    CsabaTOn [̲̅Y̲̅σ̲̅υ̲̅т̲̅υ̲̅b̲̅є̲]Måned siden

    Who is this man?

  • SingleProX KillstreakXGamingx
    SingleProX KillstreakXGamingxMåned siden

    Idk if Pewds was joking about Unus Annus but seeing that post again made me hella sad that it's gone lmao

  • Helena Radojicic
    Helena RadojicicMåned siden

    Imange your doctor watching UR VIDS

  • Megan Terry
    Megan TerryMåned siden

    I REMEMBER THAT FIRST "THERE IS NO GAME" 😮. I knew my deja vu wasn't crazy

  • Shmithy S
    Shmithy SMåned siden

    Ok I haven't watched a pewdiepie video in years and it made me laugh at the fact he didn't even try to make anyone subscribe he flashed a graph for .5 seconds and thats it

  • ConfusedCat
    ConfusedCatMåned siden

    18:20 "i had to do what i had to do" dknslsbskdzjdnksjdksksbw dying

  • Shirley De Souza Batista De Jesus
    Shirley De Souza Batista De JesusMåned siden

    When carson is homer simpson

  • Goatplayz
    GoatplayzMåned siden

    🌝🌝🌝🌝🌝🌝🌝 🍕Good afternoon🍕 🍕 🍕 🍕 ☀👱 🍕 🍕 👋👚🌷 🍕 🍕 👖 🍕 🍕 👟👟 🍕 🍕 🍕 🌝🌝🌝🌝🌝🌝🌝 Have a bizarre afternoon

  • MR Arroy منوعات ومسلسلات اروي
    MR Arroy منوعات ومسلسلات ارويMåned siden

    Best Games Channel 2021

  • phoenix x
    phoenix xMåned siden

    "Cris-toffer Columbus"

  • ganged • 5 years ago
    ganged • 5 years agoMåned siden


  • Kirsty Roberts
    Kirsty RobertsMåned siden

    I wanna host meme reviews xD

  • Loralye crisp
    Loralye crispMåned siden

    lol the meme where he is holding a knife his face looks kinda like wesley from princess bride.

  • Zeekolmfao23
    Zeekolmfao23Måned siden

    @8:35, when it's your favorite song.

  • Turbo Last Name
    Turbo Last NameMåned siden

    He told the shitting in the shower story in the interview he did called “Talking about some stuff I’ve never talked about..” it’s 3 years old and an hour and a half and it’s not bad,

  • Davino Vlog
    Davino VlogMåned siden

    Bagus bagus. .

  • Iwouldshipyou butno
    Iwouldshipyou butnoMåned siden

    I'd just like to point out: still not a month since the death of Unus Annus! Feels like forever ago!

  • it'sKforKnight [Male]
    it'sKforKnight [Male]Måned siden

    Pewds Tryna Find Australia Me:ey philippines there!

  • LittleMissSparrow
    LittleMissSparrowMåned siden

    I poop in peoples freezers...anyone else?

  • ahmed ali
    ahmed aliMåned siden

    you very bad

    ADDON PLAYZMåned siden

    For some reason I do better at exams when I don’t eat. Not like I’m fed I’m 11. Halp



    Måned siden

    Obviously I’m kidding

  • Элька Сергевна
    Элька СергевнаMåned siden

    Can’t understand what is your secret

  • Adam X78
    Adam X78Måned siden

    Yo wtf at 15:42 that girl looks like a girl I had a Crush on when I was in school that’s so weird

  • CHOCOBALL CHANWOO maknae on top
    CHOCOBALL CHANWOO maknae on topMåned siden

    bruh the intro is weirdly satisfying, i replayed it more than twice. lmao.

  • Total GAMIX
    Total GAMIXMåned siden

    Why don't you get laslick?