Fall Guys: Live Hedgehog Edition!


My hedgehog dogy gets put to the ultimate test in an obstacle course
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  • TheLeaderZack
    TheLeaderZack3 dager siden

    Sad fact: His hedgehog is an elder now.

    ВИДЕОРЕЛАКС18 dager siden

    *Very impressive, powerful video ... tongue falls in jaw, keep up the good work*

  • egroeG
    egroeG24 dager siden

    Pewdiepie is cooolllll

  • Natasha Childers
    Natasha Childers24 dager siden

    What garbage. This video is obviously not meant for me but my daughter made me watch it and i have to respond to justify the loss of 11 minutes of my life

  • Sefanaia Degei
    Sefanaia Degei26 dager siden

    Please don't use my God name in vane

  • suchok _
    suchok _Måned siden

    I thought qr code was a secret 7:59

  • castro420
    castro420Måned siden

    R.I.P slippy

  • raied King
    raied KingMåned siden

    I love Felix and Marzia

  • CsabaTOn [̲̅Y̲̅σ̲̅υ̲̅т̲̅υ̲̅b̲̅є̲]
    CsabaTOn [̲̅Y̲̅σ̲̅υ̲̅т̲̅υ̲̅b̲̅є̲]Måned siden

    Who is this man? you are

    EXILØMåned siden

    Sometime I just bring a hedgehog home and feed it and pet it and put it back where I found it 😂

  • smallbeetle 13
    smallbeetle 13Måned siden

    jabba the hutt

  • Mila milk
    Mila milkMåned siden

    Кто здесь и з Росии



  • Ростислав Лисьих
    Ростислав ЛисьихMåned siden

    And so this is a hedgehog

  • Ростислав Лисьих
    Ростислав ЛисьихMåned siden

    This hamster likes it !!

  • da wae plumber gaming
    da wae plumber gamingMåned siden

    Imagine marzia saying onii chan ;-;

  • MadMiss
    MadMissMåned siden


  • Ef-ef Fernandez
    Ef-ef FernandezMåned siden

    "special effects, sive would do it" lmao 😂

  • pax
    paxMåned siden

    There's something so cute in a thirty-year-old man cheering on his pet hedgehog as it crawls through piles of styrofoam.

  • diner foxy
    diner foxyMåned siden


  • Ashutosh Garg
    Ashutosh GargMåned siden

    Neo and morpheus vs doggy, 2 on 1 handicap match.

  • sunblock64 XD
    sunblock64 XDMåned siden

    hey guys it's me pickle twist

  • Akshat Manga
    Akshat MangaMåned siden

    Hedgehog's thug life

  • Pescepalla20
    Pescepalla202 måneder siden


  • iUexx `
    iUexx `2 måneder siden

    Good film pewdiepie

  • Mr.BaconLord
    Mr.BaconLord2 måneder siden

    This was so assuring, I needed to know how Dogy was. I am glad that he is alive. Also how did Pewds get an albino hedgehog? Those are extremely hard to come by.

  • Govind Singh Shekhawat RTO
    Govind Singh Shekhawat RTO2 måneder siden

    P -----> pig , P --------> PewDiePie

  • starberryxjam
    starberryxjam2 måneder siden

    is anyone gunna ignore how nice theyre house is tho

  • Rakurai Taiyo
    Rakurai Taiyo2 måneder siden

    Dogy ^.^ he's so cute. Glad we still get these kinds of videos even though Marzia doesn't upload anymore

    FLOOF_GAMING2 måneder siden


  • Togory
    Togory2 måneder siden

    The hedgehog 🦔 is very 😊

  • JS Koh
    JS Koh2 måneder siden

    7:05 *_DOGY SANN_*

  • ana
    ana2 måneder siden

    i love maria's editing

  • J New
    J New2 måneder siden

    this reminds me of playing in creative mode in Minecraft

  • Joshua Ramos
    Joshua Ramos2 måneder siden

    When are we getting Fall Guys: Dead Hedgehog Edition?

  • Ossamabinladen007 Borntofuck
    Ossamabinladen007 Borntofuck2 måneder siden

    I would just squeeze that thing and kill it👍

  • Anch0r
    Anch0r2 måneder siden

    Top 10 unanswered questions: *What is the*

  • Luke Ellis
    Luke Ellis2 måneder siden

    hey he peed at 10:15

  • Maulana Irsyad
    Maulana Irsyad2 måneder siden


  • Plasmid Boi
    Plasmid Boi2 måneder siden

    Omg haven't seen that adorable little creature in so long!!!!

  • Amir Last
    Amir Last2 måneder siden

    Lol look like Runescape training area

  • Knight Lancern
    Knight Lancern2 måneder siden

    Stop pushing his butt.

  • shattered star
    shattered star2 måneder siden

    Remember when Pewds calls us bros instead of gamers? Me too

  • shattered star

    shattered star

    2 måneder siden

    We're not his bros now :(

  • Uchia’s Graveyard
    Uchia’s Graveyard2 måneder siden


  • Eric Tselovanskyi
    Eric Tselovanskyi3 måneder siden

    Nice rat you have there

  • Knight Lancern

    Knight Lancern

    2 måneder siden


  • Eric Tselovanskyi

    Eric Tselovanskyi

    2 måneder siden

    @Knight Lancern it is

  • Knight Lancern

    Knight Lancern

    2 måneder siden

    That ain't a rat

  • 小骏
    小骏3 måneder siden

    👈🏻 Challenge the most disliked videos, if you are interested, please come to my channel to see👀

  • koray
    koray3 måneder siden

    You seven years before we ar gnocked

  • DOG
    DOG3 måneder siden

    Found this while sonic the hedgehog is in the fall guys item shop!

  • Ray Umemoto
    Ray Umemoto3 måneder siden

    Pewdiepie:HE STRONG head chog: NEEL BE FOR YOUR KING

  • øwø [Abby] øwø
    øwø [Abby] øwø3 måneder siden

    The new sonic movie looks great 5 stars 👏5️⃣👏

  • Mario Ureña
    Mario Ureña3 måneder siden

    pewdiepie could play with you fall guys

  • shaurya gaming
    shaurya gaming3 måneder siden

    Is he your pet

  • I0000 Subscribers white no content
    I0000 Subscribers white no content3 måneder siden

    Hello 👋

  • Jerp
    Jerp3 måneder siden

    8:03 dogy was too fast in this clip

  • Priscila Romero
    Priscila Romero3 måneder siden

    eh hola?

  • Sabry Gaming SG
    Sabry Gaming SG3 måneder siden

    I love you

  • Brianna du'bery
    Brianna du'bery3 måneder siden

    When did they get a hedgehog

  • TheClasssy


    3 måneder siden

    Like 4 years ago

  • Yuy Vvjw
    Yuy Vvjw3 måneder siden

    Omg an albino hedgehogg? WHAAAT?!

  • Kyle W
    Kyle W3 måneder siden

    the name should have been: "harrassing my hedgehog"

  • Kyle W
    Kyle W3 måneder siden

    Doggy: sufficating in the monster toy thingy Pewds and marzia: look he is so cute and strong

  • Alyx Hilario
    Alyx Hilario3 måneder siden

    "I've seen other hedgehogs online and they're alot better than you" *finally goes thru canon*

  • Werefox32
    Werefox323 måneder siden

    Shame on me for expecting Felix to have a shit ton of Hedgehogs for this experiment!

  • Epic Blaze
    Epic Blaze3 måneder siden


  • Miszz Lalaa
    Miszz Lalaa3 måneder siden


  • Zack Snyder
    Zack Snyder3 måneder siden

    I still wonder why he hates hedgehogs in Minecraft XD

  • Minecraft Man
    Minecraft Man3 måneder siden

    Sub to me lazerbeam hattingh

  • Moonbeam13
    Moonbeam133 måneder siden

    Well I found my spirit animal.

  • ibrahim777 pro
    ibrahim777 pro3 måneder siden


  • Maya Yo
    Maya Yo3 måneder siden

    This is the cutest video I've ever seen❤

  • Aussie Serb
    Aussie Serb3 måneder siden

    Maya and edgar we still love u

  • Nikunja Kalia
    Nikunja Kalia3 måneder siden

    Legends know the title has been changed

  • Taras Play Games
    Taras Play Games3 måneder siden

    Кто руский?

  • Young Hedström, Fredrika Bremergymnasiet BA20c elev
    Young Hedström, Fredrika Bremergymnasiet BA20c elev3 måneder siden

    nice pewds does anime noises 1:17

  • virus new
    virus new3 måneder siden

    I don't speak english. Very little. A brazilian? (Translation: Não falo inglês. Bem pouco, algum brasileiro? Tradução) pewdiepie sucks! I did everything on Google translator.

  • YouTube Africa
    YouTube Africa3 måneder siden

    @pewdiepie dude I found your twin. Uploaded 19second video just for you to see. By the way I’m from Africa . Help me

  • Get_ Good
    Get_ Good3 måneder siden

    Did anyone else have a PewDiePie ad to start off with and you thought that was the video

  • Sandhya Bhise
    Sandhya Bhise3 måneder siden

    Intro ?

  • Yesnt
    Yesnt3 måneder siden

    Wait didnt felix have a toad

  • Straw Head
    Straw Head3 måneder siden


  • Straw Head
    Straw Head3 måneder siden


  • Karel Feril
    Karel Feril3 måneder siden

    He's so supportive!😂

  • Lost in the Woods
    Lost in the Woods3 måneder siden

    Obviously he wouldn’t be able to do it, you forgot to spray paint him blue

  • Desta Aj
    Desta Aj3 måneder siden

    Everything about to death

  • SMG 4
    SMG 44 måneder siden

    What the hedgehog name

  • _Patty _
    _Patty _4 måneder siden

    1:01 Look at Marzia filming ( her reflection is in the mirror ) Srry for bad english I’m still learning it

  • Juliana Cin
    Juliana Cin4 måneder siden

    Dog *Barks* Pewdiepie: 👁👄👁 "No!!"

  • Adventure 21
    Adventure 214 måneder siden

    African teen builds Lamborghini from scratch. @YTjMVYeIZA/edit

  • Veron Cai
    Veron Cai4 måneder siden

    The zoom in of Doggy's shaking leg on the bridge of death killed me 😂😂😂

  • Sam
    Sam4 måneder siden

    Doggy makes quarentine a lot times better. 👌👌

  • Maud
    Maud4 måneder siden

    has someone scanned the qr code on 8:00?

  • Sam
    Sam4 måneder siden

    *Anyway, now you know* Lmao nice vid.

  • Maud
    Maud4 måneder siden

    6:10 shoutout to Rip n Dip

  • •اميرة الجنوب•
    •اميرة الجنوب•4 måneder siden

    🇸🇦Wow, Biodeby buy a beautiful hedgehog. I am last interested in studying remotely on the platform of my school in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. I am from Saudi Arabia. And I love the BodyBay channel, would you encourage me to buy a hedgehog?

  • JS Koh
    JS Koh4 måneder siden

    *DOGY SAN* 7:05

  • NightPhrogz
    NightPhrogz4 måneder siden

    My fan game senses are tingling... Doggy the hedgehog...

  • Celestial
    Celestial4 måneder siden

    This feels like torture for doggy :(

  • Fatgaming
    Fatgaming4 måneder siden

    awesome, i play this game too. greet from Indonesia

  • Iga Elva
    Iga Elva4 måneder siden

    New subscriber :) i know you from tiktok 🤣🤣 From indonesia

  • LeslieDaOne !
    LeslieDaOne !4 måneder siden

    8:00 anybody else scan the QR code?

  • Sultan Z
    Sultan Z4 måneder siden

    He is partially blind because he has albinism