Flying Into My House in Flight Simulator 2020


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  • Patrick Austin
    Patrick Austin6 timer siden

    Umm when you flying over area 51?

  • Mike08
    Mike0811 timer siden

    60 fps

  • Jones Aviation
    Jones AviationDag siden

    I’m a pilot and when pewdipie said ‘I’m a pilot’ I was like: are you shore about that

    SVGBOSSDag siden

    Who the hell dislikes this guy video

  • stumble
    stumble2 dager siden

    Mt foogie

  • Avocado 776 593
    Avocado 776 5932 dager siden


  • Shane Arthur
    Shane Arthur2 dager siden

    if a professional pilot is reading this plz teach pew pew pew how to fly an airplane

    LOBLOBLOB2 dager siden

    100 000 000 Subscriber 5 000 000 view Bad buz

  • TeeZ
    TeeZ3 dager siden

    Pewds: at 15,000 ft, ok say NOW we r going to retract our landing gear 😂 meant to do that seconds after take off

    CR_ HUNTER4 dager siden

    Why is pewds so popular

  • Nani Andrea
    Nani Andrea4 dager siden


  • Rickroll Lol
    Rickroll Lol4 dager siden

    Holy crap that intro

  • Nonsè
    Nonsè4 dager siden

    i love you pewds

  • Jm


    4 dager siden

    panong sino

  • Nonsè


    4 dager siden

    @Jm sino kaba sunod ka ng sunod sakin ptuangina mo

  • SmiThyV


    4 dager siden


  • Jm


    4 dager siden

    i love you daw eh

  • Second life
    Second life4 dager siden

    Fly into my house

  • Tornadox31
    Tornadox315 dager siden

    5:08 Rynair landing

  • Othniel Manurung
    Othniel Manurung5 dager siden

    If its in real life would be like.............. R.I.P pewdiepie

  • AttoBlaze
    AttoBlaze6 dager siden

    7:19 al qaeda terrorrist flying towards the twin towers on september 9, 2001

  • Raven
    Raven6 dager siden

    26:34 Pew : "is not turning" Pilot who watch this : "boi your airspeed is about 170kts and you forcing the air plane to turning of and you got bank angle + stalling cause you dont have enough airspeed"

  • Mohammed Fouzan
    Mohammed Fouzan6 dager siden


  • ̇VihanBhai
    ̇VihanBhai8 dager siden

    Omg the first seen was so cute

  • Porg Pocket
    Porg Pocket8 dager siden

    This is my first pewdiepie video, and I saw that intro.....

  • Anta seno Daryono
    Anta seno Daryono9 dager siden

    Hi pudidi

  • BartlttDC
    BartlttDC10 dager siden

    "Thank You For Flying PewDiePie Airlines"

  • U. D. D. Sensei
    U. D. D. Sensei10 dager siden

    The definition of *Click####

  • Δών Περρών
    Δών Περρών10 dager siden

    7:45 he sounds like jesse pinkman

    ALEXANDER LEON10 dager siden

    the intro is very good: D

    PRIYANSHU GHOSH10 dager siden


  • Rida Jana
    Rida Jana11 dager siden

    Nice intro

  • Dharanimala Tripura
    Dharanimala Tripura11 dager siden

    Pewdiepie is old

  • Flash Rapid
    Flash Rapid12 dager siden

    Bruh just fly it into Area 51

  • Haydan E
    Haydan E12 dager siden

    What is that intro

  • ThatOne
    ThatOne12 dager siden

    The intro lol

  • VEX Cool Tech
    VEX Cool Tech12 dager siden

    Pewds your intros are getting so weird🤣🤣🤣

  • future vlogs
    future vlogs13 dager siden

    when your 11 and he says " to 19 yr old's, that's you!" .....

  • Takovej jinej
    Takovej jinej13 dager siden

    Are you rylly pilot?

  • Hawket Aviation
    Hawket Aviation13 dager siden

    pewds-"don't doubt me" me-"press f to doubt"

  • Mathew Buck
    Mathew Buck13 dager siden

    idk how to feel about this intro.

  • AkuBoi123
    AkuBoi12313 dager siden

    Nah guys hes just joking. Pewds lives on My basement all Time 🥺

  • Timo games
    Timo games14 dager siden

  • Amante De Capaldi
    Amante De Capaldi14 dager siden

    What's ur pc specs?

  • Happy
    Happy14 dager siden

    it cause of denmark your plane fucked up all of a sudden

  • Ojas Shrikar
    Ojas Shrikar14 dager siden

    Fly to india

  • unKNOWN
    unKNOWN14 dager siden

    What would you do if the pilot says OMG IM SUCH A GOOD TERRORIST LOL as u fly up??? AGAIN

  • Nicholas Kotrlik
    Nicholas Kotrlik15 dager siden

    And now, a haiku; Swedish man flies high, with loyal nineteen year olds, It's snowing on Mt. Fuji

  • Rhea Sudesan
    Rhea Sudesan15 dager siden

    I'm a student at the university of Hertfordshire, the student support there hacked my laptop and android phone and leaked it out to millions of people when I was just 20 years old, I'm now 22. I wanna give this uni the negative image it deserves.

  • FALC0N
    FALC0N15 dager siden

    That that was an interesting intro.

  • Jean
    Jean16 dager siden

    Coco Mellon :v

  • Calvin Hutabarat
    Calvin Hutabarat16 dager siden

    Wow creepy intro

  • TheGamingDoop
    TheGamingDoop16 dager siden

    Pewdiepie in 10 years: My fellow 29 year olds

  • GamerX Nostra
    GamerX Nostra16 dager siden


  • Vkono life
    Vkono life16 dager siden

    Never have I ever seen a grown man fly worse than a ten year old

  • Hasal Pitigala
    Hasal Pitigala16 dager siden


  • Red
    Red16 dager siden

    Pewdiepie: im a trained pilot Also pewdiepie: *does anyone see the airport?*

  • Harpreet Kaur
    Harpreet Kaur16 dager siden

    That intro tho

  • Gamingartist 14
    Gamingartist 1416 dager siden

    As a person going through flight school this was sooo cringe😂😂😂😂

  • Michael Yet 0999
    Michael Yet 099916 dager siden

    Subscribe to pewDiePie

  • Michael Yet 0999

    Michael Yet 0999

    16 dager siden

    Don’t subscribe T series please

  • Aryaman Joshi
    Aryaman Joshi16 dager siden

    Can someone plz tell what is this game?

  • TE’s PL
    TE’s PL17 dager siden

    Climb slowly for the passengers in the back... shows a 787 cabin 😂

  • ThatGamingPilot
    ThatGamingPilot17 dager siden

    pewdiepie: Im a pilot me: u seen dat beard? (pilots aren't allowed beards ;-;)

  • Edyta Roskowinska
    Edyta Roskowinska17 dager siden

    That intro tho

  • Shpend Zeneli
    Shpend Zeneli17 dager siden


  • kitty plays
    kitty plays17 dager siden

    For flight simulator 2020 the weather is for the meteorologists cause we need to know the svrity of the storms

  • Isaac bluewolf
    Isaac bluewolf17 dager siden

    You always have the weirdest intros😂🤣😂😂.Also Idea so listen up:FLY TO AREA 51! Just do it!!😂

  • Serhat Duran
    Serhat Duran17 dager siden

    I live in göteborg

  • Serhat Duran
    Serhat Duran17 dager siden

    Så du säger att om jag installerar detta spel så kan jag resa till Göteborg

  • Carolina Ilumin
    Carolina Ilumin17 dager siden

    How is he a pilot he crashed...

  • Carolina Ilumin
    Carolina Ilumin17 dager siden

    This is how tou land in sweden more like this is how you not land in sweden

  • Carolina Ilumin
    Carolina Ilumin17 dager siden

    That takeoff was really steep that wouldve been a stall lol

  • fahim khan
    fahim khan17 dager siden

    What the fuke what's wrong with your intro

  • aayan playz
    aayan playz17 dager siden


  • viresh gamer
    viresh gamer17 dager siden

    Tokyo live shine chane

  • ugie gaming yt
    ugie gaming yt17 dager siden

    Pew Die pie next time test a looping

  • KhasvinBala
    KhasvinBala17 dager siden

    nice intro but cocomelon at 102M subs. HEHE LOL

  • Ryan VR
    Ryan VR18 dager siden

    This intro makes me uncomfortable

  • JB Music
    JB Music18 dager siden

    Hahahahahhahaha.... I like your intro bruh... Hahaahhaha

  • Xian Rupert Dalit
    Xian Rupert Dalit18 dager siden

    Happy new year pewds

  • NIKITA tv
    NIKITA tv18 dager siden

    Русские здесь?

    KHUSHAAL GAMER X18 dager siden

    bro pls stop saying the word fuck or bitch or shit

  • panjanyt gamer
    panjanyt gamer18 dager siden

    That intro

  • Abdul Aziz 787
    Abdul Aziz 78718 dager siden

    Imagine flying to Gulag

  • J0K4
    J0K418 dager siden

    I'm typing this masege at 3:30 am! ❤️✨

  • J0K4
    J0K418 dager siden

    Everyone watch video because they think Pewds put his house in video... but wait maybe he is :D

  • Chimapansin 2 YT
    Chimapansin 2 YT19 dager siden

    Pewdiepie intro is Scary

  • Titan
    Titan19 dager siden

    24:23 spoon kid “in walkin here reference”

  • YourAverageDude
    YourAverageDude19 dager siden

    You can set the altitude on autopilot

  • gigalisto
    gigalisto19 dager siden

    Pewdiepie is one of the few youtubers i actually care about the sponsor

  • 123 456
    123 45619 dager siden

    Pewds: THIS IS HOW WE LAND IN SWEDEN Me: mmm guess i wont go to sweden

  • miles c
    miles c19 dager siden

    Stop smoking weeded

  • miles c
    miles c19 dager siden

    Pewds u have to stop smoking weed ffs

  • Aj Busacay
    Aj Busacay19 dager siden

    What kind of flight simulator is that?

  • Anthony Molettieri
    Anthony Molettieri19 dager siden

    These intros are getting weirder and weirder

  • Be Happy
    Be Happy19 dager siden

    The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today.

    VI 15-09 JYOTIRADITYA MANDI19 dager siden

    Get a joystick, it makes flying easier!

  • Mamtha Reddy
    Mamtha Reddy19 dager siden

    Imagin you were the passenger in he's plane . If he forgets to drive the plane.your deid

  • So'n random typ xd
    So'n random typ xd20 dager siden

    You just triggered every avgeek

  • wcmx96
    wcmx9620 dager siden

    Did you know that your abble to go to schools not on a computer.

  • Luis joaquin 13
    Luis joaquin 1320 dager siden

    Me: *trying to stay calm while take off* Pilot: *turns on mic* “the throttle isn’t responding, that’s concerning”

  • Simon Berglund
    Simon Berglund20 dager siden

    excuse me pewds WTF THAT'S A HORRIFYING INTRO!

  • Rap Observer
    Rap Observer20 dager siden

    Is this PewDiePie?

  • nizar muhfi
    nizar muhfi20 dager siden

    Wtf was the intro my guy