He has to Pick One as WIFE / TLC #13


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  • S Q
    S Q21 time siden

    I mean she is obviously lied about her age.

  • Jozua
    JozuaDag siden

    i watched this again 4 months later but where is the neck of the friend from danielle?????

  • Flxckie
    FlxckieDag siden

    I mean.. SHE is the issue 😂

  • Sophie Le Roux
    Sophie Le Roux2 dager siden

    I still can’t get over Pewds laugh at 8:29😭🤣

  • amanda 83
    amanda 832 dager siden

    She's gross

    JED KHS2 dager siden

    9:24 on these circumcisions😂😂

  • Tanner Hughes
    Tanner Hughes3 dager siden

    her chin dudeee

  • ki ki
    ki ki3 dager siden

    15:06 😂😂😂😭😭😭 crying

  • Dee Narjee
    Dee Narjee3 dager siden

    This man sure knows how to find people to use. Even a man in Walmart!

  • Ashliana Dragomir
    Ashliana Dragomir3 dager siden

    Anyone notice how Felix’s fingers are shiny?

  • Francisco Ledee-shave
    Francisco Ledee-shave3 dager siden

    This video is BIG PP!!

  • Shirako Takamoto
    Shirako Takamoto3 dager siden

    12:32 lmao bruh haha 😆

  • valentine Massot
    valentine Massot4 dager siden

    "if you don't have sex with me tonight, I'm calling the immigration" it's rape ma'am

  • Noël el Aissaoui
    Noël el Aissaoui4 dager siden

    So were just going ignore the fact that she said that she peed on him right after she said that he told people she smells😂

  • zeus 999
    zeus 9994 dager siden

    at the end of the day, don’t mess with mohamed’s hair

  • mild.person
    mild.person5 dager siden

    HOLY SHIT! I watched until 10:51 without even noticing that he looks an awful lot like RyanHiga

  • Fardeen Islam
    Fardeen Islam5 dager siden

    what is luisa full nameeeee

  • iclikete
    iclikete5 dager siden

    Danielle makes me sick

  • Jemima Calixte
    Jemima Calixte5 dager siden

    the little recommended video, "Where's mohamed" that came up had my dead

  • Nabeeha Khan
    Nabeeha Khan6 dager siden

    Why can't anyone see he is marrying for green card ?

  • Nabeeha Khan
    Nabeeha Khan6 dager siden

    He just married her for green card.

    Q D CHONTENT CHOPE6 dager siden

    More red flags than a communist parade.

  • Γεράσιμος Γιαννιώτης
    Γεράσιμος Γιαννιώτης6 dager siden

    Y E S 11:38

  • Dhruv Sharma
    Dhruv Sharma6 dager siden

    My name is pewdiepie😃

  • Mr Oogabooga
    Mr Oogabooga6 dager siden

    If you make a friend at Walmart that will be the strongest friendship ever speaking from experience

  • Alex is out
    Alex is out6 dager siden


  • xd lonely hobbit
    xd lonely hobbit6 dager siden

    She looks like your standard average primary school teacher here in the uk

  • xd lonely hobbit
    xd lonely hobbit6 dager siden

    Did she say she peed on him??? Like she said "hes said I smell and I peed on him"...... just me who heard it ???

  • Ibrahim Janabi
    Ibrahim Janabi7 dager siden


  • Michael Stanford
    Michael Stanford7 dager siden

    She has a face like a stormtroopers helmet......

  • Jaleea Slade
    Jaleea Slade8 dager siden

    I think he should be with Louisa because they are the same age, they look like they have fun together, and because his wife is controlling

  • m k
    m k8 dager siden

    18:07 ish I thought that was still the girl crying. Took me like 8 more to realise it was pewds.

  • m k
    m k8 dager siden


  • Chrysi Pantazi
    Chrysi Pantazi8 dager siden

    I love how he does deku in the intro 🤣 Edit: He does deku from Mha right?

  • Pierce Pryce
    Pierce Pryce8 dager siden

    This is just a fucked up couple

  • Ivythorn K
    Ivythorn K8 dager siden

    Pamela Anderson vibes from blonde woman idk

  • KoniginElle
    KoniginElle8 dager siden

    I wish it's easy for me to find a friend; the way Muhammad found his at Walmart. lol

  • BRAFLO 911
    BRAFLO 9118 dager siden

    My name is mohammad 🤯🤯🤯

  • safouen Bargaoui
    safouen Bargaoui8 dager siden

    as a tunisian guy, I find it really distrubing that many dudes from my country do loads of shit with foreign women to get visa, it's really so damn disturbing and depressing

  • Nancy-Grace Forkah-Musoro
    Nancy-Grace Forkah-Musoro9 dager siden

    That lawyer looks like Jonah, from David Dorbricks vlogs. 🤔

  • Mohammad Marsiawala
    Mohammad Marsiawala9 dager siden

    Mohammad sounds like my family doctor

  • Zakariaya Salman
    Zakariaya Salman9 dager siden

    How do woman find him attractive?

  • Conner B
    Conner B9 dager siden

    When did Jonah become a lawyer

  • Moni Qay
    Moni Qay10 dager siden

    luisa is such a upgrade 😭😭

  • StereohearT.
    StereohearT.10 dager siden


  • David Konevky
    David Konevky10 dager siden

    Danielle may look old, but in the inside she's just a bratty 13 year old girl.

  • Elise Mathieu
    Elise Mathieu11 dager siden

    Why does his lawyer looks like a NOlocal parody actor

  • Jasjeet Singh
    Jasjeet Singh11 dager siden

    damn who took off mama's lips.

  • Jasjeet Singh
    Jasjeet Singh11 dager siden

    12:20 whoa she really struggled protesting to have sax with her hubby.. in front of her teens wtf.

  • Jasjeet Singh
    Jasjeet Singh11 dager siden

    my man like older people so much that he has a wife like a mom and friend like a dad....wait...why does it sound so weird?..

  • prynjxism
    prynjxism11 dager siden

    Pewdiepie is just like any other of us.... reading comments while watching video

  • Zierith E
    Zierith E12 dager siden

    He doesn’t seem like a great guy.

  • Gio
    Gio12 dager siden

    When you relize this entire thing is just a massive jojo reference

  • Hlrulez1
    Hlrulez112 dager siden

    loved the jojo reference

  • StigmataLab
    StigmataLab12 dager siden

    Id also be 41.. this year 😭

  • H1za Wa
    H1za Wa12 dager siden


  • Tiffany Rae-Anne Savin
    Tiffany Rae-Anne Savin13 dager siden

    Her friend is so uncomfortable at how delusional Danielle is about this lol

  • samantha s
    samantha s13 dager siden

    It's so Midwestern that they met at walmart and became friends.. I love it 😝

  • AyouMike
    AyouMike14 dager siden

    Has this woman ever looked at herself naked in the mirror? I feel bad for Mohammad bc visa is NOT worth seeing her naked

  • Sinem Orhan
    Sinem Orhan14 dager siden

    felix looks more and more unconfortable when the conversation keeps on going

  • M. Salim El Alami
    M. Salim El Alami14 dager siden

    His wife looks like a male french hobgoblin.

  • M. Salim El Alami
    M. Salim El Alami14 dager siden

    remember how you got your green card ahahha

  • Bass Wranglers
    Bass Wranglers14 dager siden

    All my football guys get the renfrence when they said SANDUSKY Ohio

  • mhkgdyf mjvyktlygu6f
    mhkgdyf mjvyktlygu6f15 dager siden

    everyone from those tlc series either hopes for a green card or is a gold digger

  • kontoge
    kontoge15 dager siden

    41 my ass...

  • Diana Guldhammer
    Diana Guldhammer15 dager siden

    Honestly I feel bad for him. They’re both assholes but obviously her love was genuine.

  • Patrick Johnson
    Patrick Johnson15 dager siden

    i need to go out and get me a walmart bro. they never fakes

  • Luna Mordashova
    Luna Mordashova15 dager siden

    She think she's the ~main character~

  • •Phoenix Rose•
    •Phoenix Rose•15 dager siden

    Fun fact:I was with my friend when she met her boyfriend *A T W A L M A R T*

  • Lana Ventus
    Lana Ventus16 dager siden


  • Freda Wirick
    Freda Wirick16 dager siden

    Shes 41, looks 55, and acts 6

  • katofrie
    katofrie16 dager siden

    Listen y'all to all those people who call her old... DON'T age shame someone! 41 isn't old! -_- Ever heard of respect to adults? Is that how you guys talk to your parents?? Wait until y'all are 41 and see how that feels when younger people shit on you for simply being older...... It's not even old. wtf

  • Doodle Army
    Doodle Army16 dager siden

    15:06 I think that's mostly a "fifty shades of grey" thing

  • Zeitgeist
    Zeitgeist16 dager siden

    when your lawyer is also a reddit moderator

  • Daaayah
    Daaayah16 dager siden

    Beth is the reason for Danielle’s delusions 😂

  • Fun English
    Fun English16 dager siden

    “She will follow you across the country “ 21:17 . Hahahaha

  • Smooth Light
    Smooth Light16 dager siden

    You can rag on her all day, BUT this guy wz an A grade playa from day 1 !

  • Mickey McGowan
    Mickey McGowan16 dager siden

    totally not completly orchastrated by TLC all acting but its still entertaining i guess? if felixes face is at the top making noises

  • Brayden Arias
    Brayden Arias17 dager siden

    That intro was insane

  • James Stanfield
    James Stanfield17 dager siden

    This movie has THE greatest supporting cast of all-time

  • Michelle Hutchinson
    Michelle Hutchinson17 dager siden

    Luisa looks like Jessica Chastain

  • NBDS Kid
    NBDS Kid17 dager siden

    I swear when she was wearing the green shirt and no glasses she looked like yoda

  • NBDS Kid
    NBDS Kid17 dager siden

    I swear when she was wearing the green shirt and no glasses she looked like yoda

  • Madden Covers
    Madden Covers18 dager siden

    “Circumstitions” is my new favorite word.

  • INSANE 2.0

    INSANE 2.0

    2 dager siden

    Me to

  • Tigergirrl
    Tigergirrl18 dager siden

    That laugh got me LMAOO

  • Morgan Kemp
    Morgan Kemp18 dager siden

    bruh she is terrifying poor guy

  • Kioshi San
    Kioshi San18 dager siden

    I don't get the MC host, like you asked for it. You asked for details, what happened, and he goes to tell you its private, and you demand he tells you what happened. Then when he goes into the details, you say you don't wanna hear it. I just don't these kind of people.

  • Alexia Charalambous
    Alexia Charalambous18 dager siden

    2:23 yea I don't think the word was 'overnight' pewds...! 😂😂

  • DaniaGSM
    DaniaGSM18 dager siden

    I think I want a Walmart friend.

  • Vickie Cho
    Vickie Cho19 dager siden

    Daniell is one of the most gross women I've ever seen.

  • b1tchbaby
    b1tchbaby19 dager siden

    See?? Gay people didn't ruin marriage, it was TLC!

  • Big Papa Cabbage
    Big Papa Cabbage19 dager siden

    walmart bro

  • Gabriela Sá
    Gabriela Sá19 dager siden

    Bruh my mom is 41 and people think she’s my sister... danielle looks like my 87 year old grandma

  • Yeasmin Zarina
    Yeasmin Zarina19 dager siden

    Someone please tell Felix to watch Usman and babygirl Lisa 90-day

  • Silver
    Silver19 dager siden

    His lawyer looks like he's got a Fortnite stream starting in 30mins

  • мøгт x
    мøгт x19 dager siden

    my mom is 41-42 and she looks almost the same age as me(im under 20) bruh

  • Random Bubble
    Random Bubble19 dager siden

    I love that my brother met Mohamed in a KFC like 3-4 years ago 🥴😭

  • Lizbeth Betancourt
    Lizbeth Betancourt19 dager siden

    YES I am

  • Alexa Rodriguez
    Alexa Rodriguez20 dager siden


  • [M-H] Enterprise
    [M-H] Enterprise20 dager siden

    Thanks so much