He married his daughters age - TLC #14


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  • Toxic_ Acid73
    Toxic_ Acid7333 minutter siden

    Ya imagine a 89 year old man marrying a 17 year old ??

  • Hans Gabriel Ramos
    Hans Gabriel Ramos2 timer siden

    he definitely knew about the age consent

  • Soani Gonzalez-Ortega
    Soani Gonzalez-Ortega7 timer siden


  • Lord Pigeon
    Lord Pigeon8 timer siden

    Bruh he is 3 times her age

  • Mary Kate Fitzpatrick
    Mary Kate Fitzpatrick8 timer siden

    does the fckin audio go out for anyone else on this video

    Mr FUNGUS YT9 timer siden

    This is very uncomfortable to watch LOL😂

  • Imani Kimani
    Imani Kimani12 timer siden

    Elise is my band teacher

  • Panny Wanny
    Panny Wanny18 timer siden

    It's not as cringy for me because Felix is like a filter

  • G CA
    G CA18 timer siden

    wtf! ephebophila amerikano skum stinkz!

  • Dallas Blackwell
    Dallas Blackwell18 timer siden

    This would be so wholesome if she was anything but his wife.

  • Dhealyne Mercado
    Dhealyne MercadoDag siden

    Wow... Felix is wearing Phinease T shirt... 😅😅😅

  • notsyd
    notsydDag siden

    did anyone else's audio just go out?

  • notsyd
    notsydDag siden

    nikki is so pretty she deserves a better man

  • L3
    L3Dag siden

    Okay, dude, he's 58 not 108......

  • raissie
    raissieDag siden

    for the love of god nikki RUN

  • Hellno301
    Hellno301Dag siden

    gotta appreciate the oblivion meme :D

    RAHUL ROYDag siden

    arrange the books in order, lesson 101 Chronologically...... naah Alphabetically........naaah I will go for Big to small

  • Chloe Majlinda
    Chloe MajlindaDag siden

    situations like this are why people judge my husband and I so terribly without knowing a thing about us (we have a big age gap but are incredibly happily married for 7 years now and our family is completely supportive)... he marries foreign girls who he barely knows, is legitimately a terrible match with and then is a controlling weirdo. Thanx dude

  • N. Syakirah
    N. SyakirahDag siden

    her english is way better than mine HAHAHAH FCK

  • Miranda Martinez
    Miranda MartinezDag siden

    Wow he’s selfish

  • Sophia Radford
    Sophia Radford2 dager siden

    Nikki blink twice if your in danger

  • Daniel Hernandez
    Daniel Hernandez2 dager siden

    when she deleted your fortnite'get the fuck out'

  • Amber Witmer
    Amber Witmer2 dager siden

    I freaking hate voice overs he talks so much like shut up and watch the goddamn vidoe

  • Valor 1
    Valor 12 dager siden


  • Arundeep Mudhar
    Arundeep Mudhar2 dager siden

    “No nikki you’re messing with my happiness” why does he act like her dad 😳😂

  • Notchella1
    Notchella12 dager siden

    The fact that a lot of the time when talking about Nikki he starts referencing his kids and raising them should make him realise but it really doesn't

  • Kasper Fjelkestam
    Kasper Fjelkestam2 dager siden

    look at the subtiles 3:33, compleatly different then what she said!

  • Charvinae Turner
    Charvinae Turner2 dager siden

    The sound my guy.. Can't hear them anymore...

  • Abhijith Srivari

    Abhijith Srivari

    2 dager siden

    Glad to know it's not just me. I think he got striked for copyright

    I LOVE METAL AND MEMES2 dager siden


  • aki kia

    aki kia

    2 dager siden

    Lol 😂

  • uncomplete artist
    uncomplete artist2 dager siden

    Kinda looks like Ryan rennolds

  • Empty Doge
    Empty Doge2 dager siden

    Skidaddle Skidoodle

  • NatPat
    NatPat2 dager siden

    I want to know what type of life his kids had growing up like are they OK😬

  • Γιώργος Μπα
    Γιώργος Μπα2 dager siden

    Agh this intro is so 😍😍😍😍

  • A channel of random videos
    A channel of random videos2 dager siden

    When she said “here the streets are clean” I laughed so hard.

  • TheLazyLioness
    TheLazyLioness3 dager siden

    Lmao age is a number but my motto is that if he was still a minor when I was born then that’s when it’s perfectly fine

  • Luke Coliflores
    Luke Coliflores3 dager siden

    Why you gotta hate pinoys brooo? 😅

  • A Box
    A Box3 dager siden

    "Niki is imature." Bruh shes 19, she is allowed to be imature for at least another 2 years. She's still figuring her self out, of course she ain't well roudned at that age.

    SSS DDD3 dager siden

    911 is also number

  • pwenty ,
    pwenty ,3 dager siden

    when the woman asked if she’s having a beach wedding, she looked at the daughter like she’s her mother 😂😆

  • Leah Viray
    Leah Viray3 dager siden

    I am a Filipina and it hurts to see some very young Fil girls marrying old foreigners to get out of Poverty. It hurts me seeing some videos of this 90 day fiance that it shows Filipinos are poor, 3rd world country, desperate to go abroad. We are being judge as dirty country. In every country there is worst and best. Some foreigners thought were the dirtiest and ugliest country but they are WRONG!!! Ive travelled different countries and I have seen the worts. I saw dirty places in US, lots of homeless there. I saw that there are lots of sugar babies in US because most of the young girls ages 16- 45 don't have good paying job so they sort into strippers and prostitution. I want to break this kind of stigmatism about Filipino.

  • DIO The World
    DIO The World3 dager siden

    Mark: don't touch the window Nikki: **touches the window** Mark: ( •_•) ... ( -_-) ... ( •_•)

  • Finn 300
    Finn 3003 dager siden

    Bruh 19 years old is like you’re just starting your life in the world, and 58 is like when you finish everything and retire wtf

  • Andrew Dowling
    Andrew Dowling4 dager siden

    Bro can he buy me a miata 🥺😂

  • Medina_Sanchez_Michelle_3.D
    Medina_Sanchez_Michelle_3.D4 dager siden

    just so you know...9:22 yes, its HURTS!

  • Shivesh Etwareea
    Shivesh Etwareea4 dager siden

    Why does he look like Toby from The Office

  • Carnelian StarYT
    Carnelian StarYT4 dager siden

    The dad looks like Ryan Reynolds on drugs

  • Jaden Sprinkles
    Jaden Sprinkles4 dager siden

    You know who she’d be good with? ANOTHER TEENAGER

  • khaoula UwU
    khaoula UwU4 dager siden

    is this toby from the office!?

  • Charlie Wethington
    Charlie Wethington4 dager siden

    "I guess you don't have clutch (for cars) in America" *Since when*

  • Adzzino
    Adzzino4 dager siden

    but what's wrong with it tho , they're both adults and each are consenting it so why does anyone have to get involved lol.

  • niels


    3 dager siden

    broooo 20 and 60 wtfff

  • pamela tovar make it happen
    pamela tovar make it happen4 dager siden

    He didn’t treat her like a wife/owner of her house, he’s acting like all it’s mine and you have to stay in that corner.

  • Grizzly Country
    Grizzly Country4 dager siden

    *1:42* Is he wearing capris????

  • YoYo Mydude
    YoYo Mydude5 dager siden

    Nikki: *touches a easy to clean piece of glass* Mark: 👁👄👁

  • Eugene
    Eugene5 dager siden

    Ngl she has a DUMP truck

  • Sarah G
    Sarah G5 dager siden

    “It’s not like he has plenty of time” .... “MY DECADES OF QUALITY TIME”

  • Scaredy Wolf
    Scaredy Wolf5 dager siden

    My husband hates when you touch the glass in his car :3 so I draw and write messages for him as it's cold :3 and shows up and he sends me texts... being like you touched the glass and ur too cute

  • George Labib
    George Labib5 dager siden


  • zach cross
    zach cross5 dager siden

    Ima spew

  • Jake Starbuck
    Jake Starbuck5 dager siden

    The book thing threw me for a loop. Like... No. Just no.

  • Alexa Pongratz
    Alexa Pongratz5 dager siden

    I arrange my son's books by size

  • JC Articona
    JC Articona5 dager siden

    bruh im a filipino and this happens getting are country judged sigh

  • Robcis Gamer
    Robcis Gamer5 dager siden

    Good shirt u got there bud

  • Robcis Gamer
    Robcis Gamer5 dager siden

    Good shirt u got there bud

  • neo talento
    neo talento5 dager siden

    i mean, im the one looking away if there's a cringe part

  • Saad Syal
    Saad Syal5 dager siden

    This man looks exactly like Jeffrey epstein after seeing the thumbnail I was scared what might happen

  • Lydia Redman
    Lydia Redman5 dager siden

    isnt him teaching nikki how to drive, illegal? or is that just me...

  • Alyssa Vela
    Alyssa Vela5 dager siden

    This guy is a controlling freak. Mark sounds abusive. I don’t like it

  • Taeghan Sutherland élève
    Taeghan Sutherland élève5 dager siden

    are we not gonna talk about the fact he def killed her or smth? if she off social media and he don’t got any and he was was scary as hell

  • Cyrus Siciliano
    Cyrus Siciliano5 dager siden

    Is it just me or do the last two video he watches aren't making any sound?

  • Tomato Potato
    Tomato Potato5 dager siden

    Soooo...are they still together???🥸

  • Cherry Blossom
    Cherry Blossom6 dager siden

    Bruh I'm 16 and my DAD IS 50 HE COULD LITERALLY BE HER DAD

  • Peter Cyr
    Peter Cyr6 dager siden

    Is anyone else's video sound off? Like I can hear Felix properly but the videos he's watching sounds like it's underwater and it's muffled.

  • 1232_Nehal Deshpande

    1232_Nehal Deshpande

    Dag siden

    Exactly why is no 1 talking about this???

  • Skooma Dog
    Skooma Dog6 dager siden

    audio was cut out from the video, DADDA

  • guy
    guy6 dager siden

    imagine having to call someone your same age mom

  • P.S.L
    P.S.L6 dager siden

    imagen marzia reaction hearing this in the kitchen 5:41 :D

  • BiBe
    BiBe6 dager siden

    Proud filipino

  • Mustafa Müller
    Mustafa Müller6 dager siden

    No sound at the ending?

  • Cormac Killeen

    Cormac Killeen

    6 dager siden

    Ye I thought it was just me maybe it got copyright struck

  • Yeying Dai
    Yeying Dai6 dager siden

    I feel disgusted by this kind of huge age different relationship

  • Lilly Taylor
    Lilly Taylor6 dager siden

    she said nice houses but then it shows a really long shot of them just driving pass trees im so confused!

  • Spongebob Squarepants
    Spongebob Squarepants6 dager siden

    A teen and a man her dads age. What is wrong with u ppl

  • Alex is out
    Alex is out6 dager siden

    Wow she's immature???? Woooooah so surprising that a 19 YEAR OLD IS IMMATURE COMPARED TO A 58 YEAR OLD

  • Katherine P
    Katherine P6 dager siden


  • Eesh
    Eesh6 dager siden

    Her accent is fake tho. Like you can tell she was trying to be all American

  • DJ Snapchats
    DJ Snapchats6 dager siden

    The guy has a daughter and the episode includes her name and the video starts off by him saying the *happiest day of his life* is bringing his new girlfriend home, *not the birth of his daughter* ... This is wrong on so many levels, I can see where this is going..

  • Wolves_notfar
    Wolves_notfar7 dager siden

    I stopped watching half through, there’s too much cringe

  • April Payne
    April Payne7 dager siden

    from big to small(at least she was bored enough to clean hell i never that bored)

    SHORT CLICKS7 dager siden

    he is Md bro .. he saved lives now he needs some life for himself .. hahahah i am so powdered now to finish my course so i can be like him in my old age .. this was all sarcasm don't hate me hahahahaha

  • PottoChip
    PottoChip7 dager siden

    13:40 anyone not able to hear the video

  • Putri Arianti

    Putri Arianti

    4 dager siden

    me too

  • Its_livyplays
    Its_livyplays7 dager siden

    Nikki needs o find her a better man 😭 she’s so chill and down to earth and a fun person find some your age Nikki please 😭😭😭😭

  • Emmy Thompson
    Emmy Thompson7 dager siden

    My dude really be lookin like rick astley :/

  • holycat tab
    holycat tab7 dager siden


  • jonah lokcerg
    jonah lokcerg7 dager siden

    that oblivion edit though xD had me weak !

  • Yasmin Gomez
    Yasmin Gomez7 dager siden


  • Original Username
    Original Username7 dager siden

    that oblivion quest meme lmao

  • Nathan JPC
    Nathan JPC7 dager siden

    I couldn't get past the windows rule. It's too cringe

  • Filip -Fay
    Filip -Fay7 dager siden

    Look at 9:06 where felix is starring at ;)

  • larrikin
    larrikin7 dager siden

    Let’s be real *at least he’s not putting mayo in his hair*

  • ukulla 1234

    ukulla 1234

    5 dager siden

    And has a neck..

  • larrikin


    7 dager siden

    Not saying it’s ok to be with someone that young, it’s disgusting and horrible

  • no One
    no One7 dager siden

    If he tginks she is immature then why he is dating her she's 19 what do you expect shes a teen ager i mean their gap was like 39 years

  • Jem YT
    Jem YT7 dager siden

    maymay entrata nung di pa nag pbb

  • Jem YT
    Jem YT7 dager siden

    im now thinking to join TLC just to be noticed by pewds