I found AMAZING loot from FISHING in Minecraft! - Part 23


I fish in minecraft very epicly
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  • dale fave
    dale fave17 minutter siden

    the villager said what my hat?

  • Christopher Kallandranis
    Christopher KallandranisTime siden

    Pewds: " You have awful prices..... Villager: "I have Infinity bro.....

  • Just Dj
    Just Dj18 timer siden

    Do a video showing all your tattos and what would you like to do more

  • Frauxd
    Frauxd22 timer siden

    Now he just needs netherite

  • viral btc
    viral btcDag siden

    Infinity is very good

  • TheGamers 3000
    TheGamers 3000Dag siden


  • anupa weerathunga
    anupa weerathungaDag siden

    Don't say the curse sentence "we will beat dragon together"

  • Елдос Елеусіз
    Елдос ЕлеусізDag siden


  • kingbumbo
    kingbumboDag siden


  • NRG 11
    NRG 11Dag siden

    i thinkpewdiepie got demonitised

  • NRG 11
    NRG 112 dager siden

    swedish joke. two swedish pilots was about to land. they found it difficulyt to land. when they came in at the airport the co-pilot said : i have never seen a so short landing lane before! the pilot said: YE BUT IT WAS VERY WIDE!!

  • NRG 11
    NRG 112 dager siden


  • NRG 11
    NRG 112 dager siden

    inte tala svenska

  • NRG 11
    NRG 112 dager siden


  • NRG 11
    NRG 112 dager siden


  • Zeni
    Zeni2 dager siden

    "he was like father to me!" makes me cry everytime

  • Nova
    Nova2 dager siden

    38:32 He looks like he’s wearing a watermelon.

  • Nova
    Nova2 dager siden

    But the saddest thing is that he never got to go in water, the thing he wanted most.

  • SD Boomer
    SD Boomer2 dager siden

    Poor villager

  • Jose the gamer
    Jose the gamer2 dager siden

    when he killed IKEA bird it was a drive by

  • Anu Sivonen
    Anu Sivonen2 dager siden

    Team Suomi

  • Tin Perovic
    Tin Perovic2 dager siden

    Al stvarno ti si car 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • Tin Perovic
    Tin Perovic2 dager siden


  • Tin Perovic
    Tin Perovic2 dager siden

    Ti pričaš hrvatski

  • Mariia Grigorev
    Mariia Grigorev2 dager siden


  • JoBobBilly
    JoBobBilly2 dager siden


  • coolpea
    coolpea3 dager siden

    To think that the biggest solo youtuber edits his own vids and its actually good🤯🥺

  • john carlo caronongan
    john carlo caronongan3 dager siden

    to get a wither skull is. Target in the Head of a wither skeleton to get it

  • Cam. Boi
    Cam. Boi3 dager siden

    Felix: gives villager carrot Me: slams head on desk and almost has a stroke

  • Rolfy Widdle
    Rolfy Widdle3 dager siden

    R.I.P rolph

  • Cockatiel Time
    Cockatiel Time3 dager siden

    Dream hax loo

  • Chris Gray
    Chris Gray4 dager siden

    And my dream is to play with you on minecrafd

  • Chris Gray
    Chris Gray4 dager siden

    I am a BIG BIG FAN Of PEWDIEPIE I love your videos

  • Roko Babić
    Roko Babić4 dager siden

    35:15 😂😂😂 what did he do to him🤯🤭

  • Roko Babić
    Roko Babić4 dager siden

    You write rip Ikea bird 2 but that was original Ikea bird

  • Alpha Girl
    Alpha Girl4 dager siden

    3 wither skulls and 4 soul sand

  • Stephanie Bracken
    Stephanie Bracken4 dager siden

    One day I'll watch this series in order rather than sporadically but today is not that day.

  • Sebastian Balderrama
    Sebastian Balderrama4 dager siden

    thx for teaching me how to kidnap in Minecraft

  • RyGuyXVIII
    RyGuyXVIII4 dager siden

    At 8:20 hahaha

  • Jessicas Just Curious
    Jessicas Just Curious4 dager siden

    Hi I

  • Aedian Sereno
    Aedian Sereno4 dager siden

    r.i.p ikea bird

  • Pauls Grūzītis
    Pauls Grūzītis4 dager siden

    atleast he saw the sunlight

  • muyar soe Celine
    muyar soe Celine4 dager siden

    Noo your poor now

  • muyar soe Celine
    muyar soe Celine4 dager siden


  • Ture the best
    Ture the best4 dager siden

    Bara svenskar som förstår den här kommentaren🤩

  • TheClassyMustache
    TheClassyMustache4 dager siden


  • cris xduwu
    cris xduwu5 dager siden

    soy latino

  • Eder Dourado
    Eder Dourado5 dager siden

    Soryy BRAZIL🇧🇷

  • Caleb Ess
    Caleb Ess5 dager siden

    Are we all gonna ignore that IKEA bird died?

  • Dihela Niduwara
    Dihela Niduwara5 dager siden

    And he’s racist

  • Deal Swim
    Deal Swim5 dager siden

    rip kea bird :C we will mess u

  • Infratized plays
    Infratized plays5 dager siden

    pewds: steals villager infront of the villager's homeboy also pewds:you saw nothing

  • Aman Jha
    Aman Jha5 dager siden

    10:53 literally every anime character when his friend dies

  • morinette
    morinette5 dager siden

    pewds every time he wants to tame a horse : tries to feed him and forgets he just has to ride it

  • Hashan Hoshain
    Hashan Hoshain6 dager siden


  • armins stoties and games
    armins stoties and games6 dager siden

    rolf in a boat was cute

  • chicken guy
    chicken guy6 dager siden

    I think that's the first pet that he wasnt responsible of his death

  • Amber Vinson
    Amber Vinson6 dager siden

    It's a.good idea

  • 캣두둠칫
    캣두둠칫6 dager siden

    한글제목 감사합니다!!!

  • Dantxi
    Dantxi6 dager siden

    25:34 the sand in the water on the right side says F lmaooo

  • Awashashah
    Awashashah6 dager siden

    *Efficiency 3*

  • GC
    GC6 dager siden

    I literally cried when Ikea Bird died.

  • Rare Toxin
    Rare Toxin7 dager siden

    The helpless tea serendipitously sin because icebreaker conversly calculate athwart a different dream. upset, blue-eyed stitch

  • ron cuizon
    ron cuizon7 dager siden

    AWW im soo sad

  • Random_Prime
    Random_Prime7 dager siden

    RIP Rolf 8:14 - 10:44

  • Twelve
    Twelve7 dager siden

    i clicked on this video thinking that it was a new video :(

  • rachid lmnoir
    rachid lmnoir7 dager siden


  • Johan Sakib
    Johan Sakib7 dager siden

    So this is what kids these days call dream luck Btw I love dream he's my favourite NOlocalr

  • Ltclapper
    Ltclapper7 dager siden


  • Hh S
    Hh S7 dager siden

    The barrels will make a villager turn into a fisherman

  • Hh S
    Hh S7 dager siden

    I love the series so happy to see that your having fun with other games

  • Hh S
    Hh S7 dager siden

    He got so exited when he killed the creeper lol

  • Ar lens
    Ar lens8 dager siden

    i don't know how many fathers felix has.

  • Cranky Chip
    Cranky Chip8 dager siden

    Years ago I thought he was really cool but he’s just regular cool cause of the yelling

    CRZYS UNDVIR8 dager siden

    Ye fishing is my ideal way of playing if I get a good fishing rod

  • Kareem Zein
    Kareem Zein8 dager siden

    I promise this mincraft will live for ever. Whos here in 2021

  • Ethan Stripeikis
    Ethan Stripeikis8 dager siden

    So many sad sad deaths

  • Mohammad mn
    Mohammad mn8 dager siden

    You are so good pewdi عالی🤣

  • C0nfuzioN
    C0nfuzioN9 dager siden

    When I am seeing this it is episode 23 and has 23 million views. Lol

  • Sara Galicia
    Sara Galicia9 dager siden

    Felix is a bad ass

  • M Johansen
    M Johansen9 dager siden

    «Now we go to jungle to go spread diseases» well that didnt age well

  • Spivorily
    Spivorily9 dager siden

    pewds: *makes friends with slime* thats it this playlist should officially just be called Swedish Man Makes Friends with Everything

  • Gacha mince craft
    Gacha mince craft9 dager siden

    I miss this world

  • der_allerechte_ hokage_7
    der_allerechte_ hokage_79 dager siden

    it was really sad when the bird died. I mean it was more sad than jirajas death

  • kan
    kan9 dager siden

    Felix is a true lucky gaming dude

  • Vanessa Hernandez Kevener
    Vanessa Hernandez Kevener9 dager siden

    Why does everyone die in this series

  • Elliot Friberg
    Elliot Friberg9 dager siden

    Jag är från Sverige

  • Netherknight 707
    Netherknight 7079 dager siden

    They need a extra bed breed

  • Marius Svinball Bjørnsen
    Marius Svinball Bjørnsen9 dager siden

    Hvorfor alle!!!!!?

  • Marius Svinball Bjørnsen
    Marius Svinball Bjørnsen9 dager siden


  • garbage
    garbage10 dager siden

    when he screamed rolf i felt pain in his voice RIP Rolf

  • Rosa Vissers
    Rosa Vissers10 dager siden

    Somehow felix is a kind of noob, (not really tho, he is better than me :) ) but i still learn from him

  • Stephen Alan
    Stephen Alan10 dager siden


  • Stephen Alan
    Stephen Alan10 dager siden

    Finally its. The end hhHHhahahahhahahahhahahahhahHhahhahahahhahahahahhahahahahahhahahhahahahahhahahahhahahahahhaha

  • Willie wanga 69
    Willie wanga 6910 dager siden

    do you stream on twitch

  • Willie wanga 69

    Willie wanga 69

    10 dager siden


  • Smirt3x Otto
    Smirt3x Otto10 dager siden

    Pew if you put 2 villager in a 2x2 and drop Brread he riproduce

  • lunatic_YT
    lunatic_YT10 dager siden

    Ik im late to the serious but the zombie was there the whole time 15:31

  • عبودي المنوع 2018
    عبودي المنوع 201810 dager siden


  • Felix Muraszko
    Felix Muraszko11 dager siden

    why is it that i have more minecraft knowlage but he can afford to make a diamond statue for his horse lol

  • Inge Fick
    Inge Fick11 dager siden

    Lets hope he takes care of this Joergan now