I Found Infinite GOLD Source in Minecraft - Part 45


How to get infinite gold farm in minecraft 100% legit
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  • sk360 YT
    sk360 YT9 timer siden

    My names Sebastian

  • Jenna Thompson
    Jenna Thompson13 timer siden

    Felix is just so embarrassed about not picking up the netherite scrap that he just refuses to make more episodes.

  • Ameya Animation
    Ameya Animation17 timer siden

    pewter pie get enough of gold

  • Karel Vähk
    Karel Vähk18 timer siden

    Sees a kid. Lets try out spectral arrows.Pewdiepie shoots him/her,: ah sweeeeeeeeeet.

  • isyourboyzafiraKYS
    isyourboyzafiraKYSDag siden

    5:38 that's what she said

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    Meme cultureDag siden

    5:30 that's what she said

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  • nx spud
    nx spud2 dager siden

    its so big omg

  • Safi
    Safi3 dager siden

    Great ep Linkin Park And Lana del ray ❣

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    yahya oueslati3 dager siden

    who champion you or dream i think you

  • yahya oueslati
    yahya oueslati3 dager siden

    nice video

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    cool gui3 dager siden

    I miss these series

  • SAAD
    SAAD3 dager siden

    Soo cringe baddest yt channel 😡

  • NRG_Monster
    NRG_Monster4 dager siden

    i love how he makes jokes about hin fricking there mom but he has a wife

  • damze_709se Twitch
    damze_709se Twitch4 dager siden


  • Moayad Kamal Ashour
    Moayad Kamal Ashour4 dager siden

    If he did this when piglin brutes were added then this would have been waaaaay different

  • Luna Lun

    Luna Lun

    4 dager siden

    That's why it so peaceful 😂

  • John Joerell Bumagat
    John Joerell Bumagat5 dager siden

    12:36 that was funny 🤣

  • BlaxLayer YTK
    BlaxLayer YTK5 dager siden

    Do More Episodes Please

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    Tsufmo's PlaysM6 dager siden

    in 2021, still waiting

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    Novilia Novilia6 dager siden

    blue cat is the cat you named SVEN THE CAT poodipie

    GURU SARAN.M VIII PACIFIC6 dager siden

    I am really missing god morning gamers

  • coolbro 8382
    coolbro 83826 dager siden

    By the way beauty pie just bought subscribers I'm not lying

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    Jack Zag6 dager siden


  • OŞYT - Oyun Şaşısı

    OŞYT - Oyun Şaşısı

    3 dager siden

    And he uploaded it months ago

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    Kvandi mil6 dager siden

    Yes... YES, YES, YES!

  • Kvandi mil
    Kvandi mil6 dager siden

    А я русская

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  • Legameur 5797
    Legameur 57976 dager siden

    Play pigsteps next to piglins and see whats happens

    KISHOR NIMBALKAR7 dager siden

    You can see nothing

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    Nitrex7 dager siden

    lets see how many subscribers i can get from this comment

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    Ryyan.05 apex clip

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  • Pereca
    Pereca7 dager siden

    4:31 if you see his inv, you can see elytra almost broken, after when he finds the bastion, his elytra broke and he cut the video right after, its kinda hard to see, but when you fly, you are 1 block tall, you can see right before he cut the video he standed up, which means elytra broke.( 5:39 ), after that, we can see his inv and elytra was fixed. ( 5:52 ) Probably used Creative.

  • Michael Jordan
    Michael Jordan7 dager siden

    this was 10 months ago, wow, we miss this.

  • Chase Dorsey
    Chase Dorsey8 dager siden

    You’re honestly so annoying laserbeam is better than you and he didn’t even know how to play and he got really good

  • Harry Conway

    Harry Conway

    8 dager siden


  • Cécile Borel
    Cécile Borel8 dager siden

    Damn swears aren’t aloud in yt

  • Jonathan Martin
    Jonathan Martin8 dager siden

    Is he in creative mode?

  • Sebastian Grabczyk
    Sebastian Grabczyk8 dager siden

    Watch him accidentally shoot Ulla Britta and say "She was like a father to me."

  • Potato


    8 dager siden

    HOL' UP

  • SquareBadge4952
    SquareBadge49528 dager siden

    17:08 that sounds like the Minecraft music

  • SquareBadge4952
    SquareBadge49528 dager siden

    People tell this man to go to a bastion with an Ender chest and shulkr boxes

  • Jani Pöyhönen
    Jani Pöyhönen8 dager siden

    Nice setup you got there... Are you sitting on the floor?

  • Levi2
    Levi28 dager siden

    More Minecraft Please

  • WHiTe TiGeR
    WHiTe TiGeR9 dager siden

    5:30 That's what she said

  • Bob Ross
    Bob Ross9 dager siden

    “I almost just lava dipped”

  • meme stocks
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  • Bm N
    Bm N10 dager siden

    The fine sack virtually whisper because idea acromegaly snore beside a stingy spain. swanky, rude guitar

  • Vandan parmar
    Vandan parmar10 dager siden

    Please Rost Him

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    Xavier Adorno10 dager siden

    *pewdiepie pulls it out* His wife: 5:28

  • Natasha Nevin
    Natasha Nevin11 dager siden

    He's golem

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    Terry sexton12 dager siden

    The FUC

  • Polina Cuber
    Polina Cuber12 dager siden

    Hi! I am from 🇷🇺

  • Just Dj
    Just Dj12 dager siden

    Do a video showing all your tattos and what would you like to do more (comment 10) ( men i miss this series, F in the chat for seven)

  • Parker Productions
    Parker Productions13 dager siden

    MY neck hurts just from watching him play in that setup. Floor gang of course but god bless hes gaming in a chair now 😂

  • Ereh_ With_Drip
    Ereh_ With_Drip13 dager siden


  • MrPillowGaming Pillowgod
    MrPillowGaming Pillowgod13 dager siden

    make more Minecraft videos

  • Falen Prichard
    Falen Prichard13 dager siden

    How many times have u said gold?

  • Oistein Røstøen
    Oistein Røstøen13 dager siden

    Mindcraft Sharp shooter

  • my name Jeff
    my name Jeff13 dager siden


  • my name Jeff
    my name Jeff13 dager siden

    3:43 is every single conversation Michael has with Toby

  • flynn vlogs
    flynn vlogs13 dager siden

    Felix: they should make It more clear. Also felix: hm netherite scrap nah not netherite *leave s it behind*

  • Bader eddine
    Bader eddine13 dager siden

    ذكر عن النبي محمد عليه الصلاة و السلام أنه من حفظ عشر آيات من سورة الكهف عصم من الدجال، و في رواية : من أواخر سورة الكهف. الحديث في صحيح مسلم. و الله ولي التوفيق.

  • Veelus
    Veelus13 dager siden

    Jungfru padda

  • 21 Cyco
    21 Cyco14 dager siden

    16:31 can we have a meme?

  • Kenneth Rudio
    Kenneth Rudio14 dager siden

    fin this vid he kinda look like thor and the angry voice look like htor either

  • G L U G
    G L U G14 dager siden

    God and Jesus love you guys!

  • Emmy Rachelle
    Emmy Rachelle15 dager siden

    Sven is still alive? You’re still using that mod thing to keep him alive?

  • Silverslade
    Silverslade15 dager siden

    bro you just posted cringe you are going to lose subscriber

  • Silverslade


    7 dager siden

    @Quinn it is intentional

  • Quinn


    7 dager siden

    @Silverslade Its still cringe

  • Silverslade


    8 dager siden

    @Quinn ok i've already said it once im gonna have to say it twice, fucking parody account

  • Quinn


    8 dager siden

    @Silverslade Your videos are more cinge than a kid posting a vid on yt

  • Silverslade


    15 dager siden

    @Sasimi sushi ok buddy, the video i sent was a fucking joke and it was just me messing around with my friends and this comment was a shitpost my guy

  • CraftyLad
    CraftyLad16 dager siden

    sven is sad

  • Username ?
    Username ?16 dager siden

    21:49 the last we have ever seen of Sven 😔

  • Lakshya Chaudhary
    Lakshya Chaudhary16 dager siden

    Idiot in hindi pagal

  • HRM
    HRM17 dager siden

    Pewdie definitely inherited the Viking genome

  • Hirupama Bandara
    Hirupama Bandara17 dager siden

    I don't like when he says "Gold"

  • Hirupama Bandara

    Hirupama Bandara

    17 dager siden

    Like "Goould"

  • Xochitl Guerrero
    Xochitl Guerrero17 dager siden

    The part when he says "It's so big!" is just...

  • Noa Gentles
    Noa Gentles17 dager siden

    more more more

  • Charles Playz
    Charles Playz17 dager siden

    The strider you little I stand up for the weak

  • abhinav sharma
    abhinav sharma17 dager siden

    i came here to watch a grown man yelling GoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoLd

  • Dyl Booth
    Dyl Booth18 dager siden

    5:37 erm okayyyyy

  • Jesse Vadnais
    Jesse Vadnais18 dager siden

    9 months since last minecraft video

  • Shadow Rashdan
    Shadow Rashdan18 dager siden

    sub to pewdiepie!

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    ron cuizon19 dager siden

    im the one really rich i got loooooots of emr

  • ron cuizon
    ron cuizon19 dager siden

    wut happend to ur voice

  • LASER GUY 21
    LASER GUY 2119 dager siden

    His mob farm kinda looks like a pp

  • giuseppe pintus
    giuseppe pintus19 dager siden

    Pewdiepie: *have a pet* The pet: my life is in danger

  • robert medeiros
    robert medeiros19 dager siden

    What happened to Sven

  • 3.0 Gaming
    3.0 Gaming19 dager siden

    Why doesn't he take fall damage? 8:10

  • OGMasterRulerGaming
    OGMasterRulerGaming19 dager siden

    20:46 Sven: Don't worry I'll get you out of there Sven cat: But how? Sven: There's one spell to break this spell on the chains. Sven cat: That is? Sven: Big PP

  • OGMasterRulerGaming
    OGMasterRulerGaming19 dager siden

    11:21 insert chuck norris sniping meme

  • OGMasterRulerGaming
    OGMasterRulerGaming19 dager siden

    What if....Alabama is secretly working with Water Sheep....Alabama is planning to revive Water Sheep and his council and plan revenge on Pewds.

  • Vijayata gudivada
    Vijayata gudivada20 dager siden

    Ur video is so cringe but thats what made me sub and like,now I loooveeeee your vids I wold be more than happy than happier Can I get a shout out TvT ur the best yootoober

  • Yeetaboi
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  • Thomas Kia
    Thomas Kia20 dager siden

    I watched the whole series when i was younger and it came out it was so epic

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    tai nguyen20 dager siden

    Florgang da

  • Chan YY
    Chan YY20 dager siden

    Video: _exists_ Piglins: .

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  • Slavo Ashur Knight Of Templar
    Slavo Ashur Knight Of Templar21 dag siden

    Some day when felix is aiming his bow at his animals he’s gonna accidentaly let go and kill them

  • Steve Rogers
    Steve Rogers21 dag siden


  • Lam4ThePlan
    Lam4ThePlan21 dag siden

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    Toxic21 dag siden

    "See you in the next episode" you mean never?

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    5:24 Why DId you say my name? Zebastian