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    ok i dont understand

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    Anyone else notice Felix just casually has 4 iPhones for a sponsor

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    Pewdiepie 31

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    You banned on roblox right :)

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    New member of family Nerdy Felix

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    1:22 I laughed

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    Ievan Polka!

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    Richard Emmerig5 dager siden

    The holes feels good... it made me chuckle. I didnt mean for that goddamn it... Goddamn it pewds :v

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    Im sorry.....🥺😭🇸🇪

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    ad break ends at 6:33 your welcome

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    I am new to this channel and imma sub I never knew he had 108million subs

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    Mr beast bore 50 bile borders and it said sub to piwdiepie

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    Edgar looking old now :(

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    bandicam has a little logo untherneath right bc you dont hav one

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    why do you look like an Indian police officer

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    imagine How Rich Pewdiepie Right Now

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    Ötto Von Bismark11 dager siden

    I love pewdiepie ✋🏻 Heil Pewds

  • Scott Weinstock
    Scott Weinstock11 dager siden

    5:15 Drip tests iPhone 11 “Films with iPhone 4”

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  • Mashrafe Elahi3
    Mashrafe Elahi312 dager siden

    Do PewDiePie ever reply !? Watching it on 2K21

  • Martín Basulto
    Martín Basulto13 dager siden

    The moment Pewds said he was gonna use Marzia´s pottery thing I just felt it was going to break

  • Vinny Boog
    Vinny Boog13 dager siden

    I hate hate hate hate T series

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  • theo bernertorp
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    Nice video

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    Me a teenage female to my friends: LWIAY don't you watch Pewds. *I'm starting to question who I'm friends with..*

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    11:23 the Deutschland shirt😂😂

  • Manjila Jannat
    Manjila Jannat14 dager siden

    Felix u are looking like an uncle and much older with moustache 🤣🤣🤣 Don’t keep it for so long..It's a request 💕💕

  • Lindy Loops

    Lindy Loops

    8 dager siden

    He looks so much better without it.

    YARDI NAZAR14 dager siden


  • Owen Collins
    Owen Collins14 dager siden

    We all know he broke the pottery thing on purpose to have her stop making the weird creatures

    EUGEN JOSEPH S MERCIALES14 dager siden

    So he started youtube when i was born what. age am i?

  • Isolato
    Isolato15 dager siden

    i didn’t expect thomas brodie sangster to be in this video and i wasn’t prepared

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    So my friend has a baby and i went over to her house and noticed she was playing coco melon on her TV for him and when she went to the bathroom I went and subscribed to you on her account 😌 we will get rid of coco melon ONE WAY OR ANOTHER

  • Minon Arambewela

    Minon Arambewela

    Dag siden

    Don't take this drama seriously, in the end you're going to end up losing Ur friendship just for supporting an side and then tricking Ur friend to. It's not worth it. Trust me.............. Or die being stupid

  • Samara Rocha
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    Is Apple k 👍👍👍

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    edgars titanium skull

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    Hi i love norway

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    0:14 Jacksepticeye easter egg.

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    5:27 what if the phone case survives the drop and the phone dies? so drop the case without the phone 😜

  • An Huynh
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    6:23 *xin chào vietnames*

  • Rashmi Bhadani
    Rashmi Bhadani17 dager siden

    Really I want to tell that I didn't saw the dog and I thought it was pattern and suddenly I notice that it was all the way real

  • Héctor Ibarra
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    whats a PPs?

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    why will u mesure our pps in the next episode of the y?

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    bruh my dog is exactly like edgar he old tired and needs a diaper

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    un sub....... to T Series

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    I like the song. You should like the song

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    I was thinking, "wait the stone might actually break tho" Called it.

  • StomaticCar511
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    Bandicam? Lol

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    Felix, you are now worldwide handsome

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    subscribe or smol pp

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    Why is there a new intro btw

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    pewds setup: •_💻 welcome back to lwiay

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    hell no

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    Do a video in Swedish like the good old days

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    when the intro is pewmelon

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    where can i get this hoodie?

  • Axel Munn
    Axel Munn21 dag siden

    12:16 Irish Vikings never existed. The Irish never actually had any Vikings tribes but were conquered by Vikings, so ppl normally mix them up.

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    I ordered my case over a month ago and it still hasn’t came in.

  • Hobbsityz
    Hobbsityz21 dag siden

    Mr beast: I couldn't upload this vid because of the blurry Camara. Pewds: can't be bothered to make another crash test that dousnt hurt my eyes

  • Sarah Brown
    Sarah Brown21 dag siden

    Pewds: Someone saved that from 2015... amazing Me: did he just say amazing or are my ears hallucinating

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    Wait is pew russian

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    Tbh for me yea theres nothing wrong with bandicam.. i was so happy that pewds also use bandicam 😆😂

  • Three Kings
    Three Kings22 dager siden

    well done great work nice job

  • عمار Game On 2021
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    @pewdiepie the first one was crazzzzzzyyyyyy

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    Merry Christmas felix this year i will not be able to see my family but I hope you do Happy holidays Also I been talking to you on XBOX 1 for 4 years and I have yet to meet my hero My username is DETRITCLIMBERS HAPPY HolIDAYS tTYL

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    Man this guy likes breaking his own plates what a pleb

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    his videos doesnt have watermarks

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    at this point we are waiting for the day for Edgar and Maya to die... BUT THEY'RE IMMORTAL

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  • Sameer Khan Sameer Khan
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    “I’m gay” Edit: that was his answer