I Spent $500 on Magic to Amaze my Wife


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  • Rhea Banerjee
    Rhea Banerjee9 timer siden

    The intro is sooo cutee staph itt😭❤️

  • RedJuly
    RedJuly11 timer siden

    Haha it's funny thanks pewds! Marcia is as beutiful as ever)

  • NerdyCygnus
    NerdyCygnus12 timer siden


  • Sagnik Chakraborty
    Sagnik Chakraborty15 timer siden

    I'm from India

  • GamingDylan
    GamingDylanDag siden

    i can’t see shit

  • Redside Terraria 2 .0
    Redside Terraria 2 .0Dag siden

    "made in India" BITCH LASAGNA

  • Alexander Christian Production
    Alexander Christian ProductionDag siden

    PewDiePie voiced the call of duty 2021

  • Greeen Turtle
    Greeen TurtleDag siden

    Is the camera unable to focus on them because it is shooting in front of the mirror?😂😂😂

  • Greeen Turtle
    Greeen TurtleDag siden

    What happened to your nails felix🤣

  • Psylens music
    Psylens music2 dager siden

    Why do you hate indians ??

  • The silent Parie
    The silent Parie3 dager siden

    I think a nice dinner and a trip would amaze her more...

  • Zachary Kaleta
    Zachary Kaleta3 dager siden

    Marzia does magic turn Edgar and maya into pasta trick

  • papi _mcdonald
    papi _mcdonald3 dager siden

    Wtf is with Felix's finger?

  • Anoushka Ekka
    Anoushka Ekka3 dager siden

    You're welcome - India 🇮🇳😂

  • Pradyuman Singh Gautam
    Pradyuman Singh Gautam3 dager siden

    marzia op

  • Allison Welker
    Allison Welker4 dager siden

    Bingo = tic tack toe?

  • BinkyFinn
    BinkyFinn4 dager siden


  • Hasan Faisal
    Hasan Faisal4 dager siden

    hope you come out of your break refreshed! Then we need another part of this. :D

  • Ann Perez
    Ann Perez4 dager siden

    marzia is so beautiful ♡

  • Chenuli Silva
    Chenuli Silva5 dager siden

    This video is the definition of a happy couple😘👑

  • Eccremocarpus scaber
    Eccremocarpus scaber5 dager siden

    Those nails. Clean please.

  • Eagle fang karate
    Eagle fang karate5 dager siden

    The into is amazing

  • sabu joseph
    sabu joseph5 dager siden

    Do u put nail polish???

  • Sergeant Chong
    Sergeant Chong5 dager siden

    Made in India nani???!?!?!?!?!?!

  • Joran212
    Joran2125 dager siden

    Marzia is like a mom watching her son perform magic tricks that he thinks she'll never understand because he thinks he's the first person to learn how they actually work

  • Yash Aggarwal
    Yash Aggarwal5 dager siden

    Promotes india

  • FoolzieR6
    FoolzieR65 dager siden

    nice nails were did you get them done i would love to go there :)

  • Michael Heliotis
    Michael Heliotis5 dager siden

    That capital M made me think that the video was about him buying _Magic: The Gathering_ cards to amaze his wife. However, I realised my mistake before the video started when it suddenly occurred to me that $500 isn't anywhere near enough money to amaze your wife with _Magic_ cards. 😂😂😂

  • Crazy Gaming
    Crazy Gaming5 dager siden

    That Indlish instruction manual was so funny I couldnt stop laughing ;D

  • Goku
    Goku6 dager siden

    Marzia must post this kinda family videos on her own channel.She should make her channel as a couple channel for them.

  • Akshay Duche
    Akshay Duche6 dager siden

    A like for 14:03

  • Tonisia Seth
    Tonisia Seth6 dager siden

    I’m still waiting on that lighter trick 😔

  • Slim Kitten
    Slim Kitten6 dager siden

    “And the final item” *keeps going* “And the final item” *continues*

  • KorryIsGaming
    KorryIsGaming6 dager siden

    Made In India

  • Elle McGrath
    Elle McGrath7 dager siden

    Marzia is so done hahahaha

  • Cu ShaYx
    Cu ShaYx7 dager siden

    This video was recommanded for me... Im watching just bcuz of Marzia

  • allana
    allana7 dager siden

    at this point, pewds needs to get marzia preganant so there's a third person standing behind the camera cuz ffs

  • e will
    e will7 dager siden

    Intro was too cute

  • Mashood Ahmed
    Mashood Ahmed7 dager siden


  • Izzy Ramos-Gunn
    Izzy Ramos-Gunn7 dager siden

    *but they never.*

  • tom deffer
    tom deffer7 dager siden


  • Mule
    Mule7 dager siden

    Sorcerer 😂😂😂

  • Ijustine x
    Ijustine x7 dager siden

    Made in India

  • Tariful Haq
    Tariful Haq8 dager siden

    Everyone enjoying magic, Me staring at their window

  • ROP
    ROP8 dager siden

    If Pewds accepted Chris Ramsey's request on performing magic for him and let him teach some, He would have saved a lot more money and made a bigger WOW on marzia's face.

  • Jai Taverna
    Jai Taverna9 dager siden

    Pewdiepie: I spent $500...... Mrbeast: hold my island

  • Jem
    Jem9 dager siden

    Jesus I thought i wasn’t wearing my glasses.

  • William Burns
    William Burns10 dager siden


  • Subhadeep Chowdhury
    Subhadeep Chowdhury10 dager siden

    You dark magician😛😛

  • ́
    ́10 dager siden

    waaw! magikk

  • Richard Morales
    Richard Morales10 dager siden

    So is cocomelon okay with the intro lol

  • Torsten Bickauskas
    Torsten Bickauskas10 dager siden

    Edgar loves a good card trick.

  • Torsten Bickauskas
    Torsten Bickauskas10 dager siden

    Marzia just too smart, man! Good on you- you got a great one!

  • REAL BugzBunnysDad
    REAL BugzBunnysDad10 dager siden

    Normal ppl: $500 magic, fuck no Pewds: $500 magic... my wife's gonna think this is so sexy, ILL TAKE 5 OF EM!

  • virat Chaudhary
    virat Chaudhary10 dager siden

    Camera be like: i will focus on miself

  • Wyatt Galvin
    Wyatt Galvin10 dager siden


  • carl paler
    carl paler10 dager siden

    Magic ball was made by T-series

  • Dylan Dip Horror Games
    Dylan Dip Horror Games10 dager siden

    warning you need glasses to watch this video

  • Ferumi Sasaki
    Ferumi Sasaki10 dager siden

    *pewds does nothing* Marzia: :O

  • Nature Love
    Nature Love10 dager siden

    She should upload in her channel

  • among us
    among us10 dager siden

    your quality of the video👎

  • William Soojian
    William Soojian10 dager siden

    5:27 sounds like a Minecraft sound Please check it out!

    NAYOK10 dager siden

    And that was the cutest couple I've ever seen before.

  • Stoneage Revolt
    Stoneage Revolt11 dager siden


  • Blame The Internet
    Blame The Internet11 dager siden

    I like how the one place it had to be made was India

  • Aaditya Chakrborty
    Aaditya Chakrborty11 dager siden

    pewds nail

    ORANGE CREWMATE IS SUS11 dager siden

    I wanna see little pewds or marzia pls c:

  • dead avocado
    dead avocado11 dager siden


  • 7206_Atharva Pandya
    7206_Atharva Pandya11 dager siden


  • Cj Centeno
    Cj Centeno11 dager siden

    more of these pewds like the good old weird things on the internet era :D

  • Dragon
    Dragon11 dager siden

    You spent 500 dollars to amaze your wife . . . SIMP!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Alsankari Mohamed
    Alsankari Mohamed12 dager siden

    $500 sound like nothing after everything Mrbeast has done 😂

  • Cristopher Castellón
    Cristopher Castellón12 dager siden

    Someone explain me the moon trick pls

  • rio Arla
    rio Arla12 dager siden

    Riec rewind Indonesia 2020

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    Videos with James12 dager siden


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    Nuclear bomb12 dager siden

    I have that but small:-)

  • Left 4 gaming yt
    Left 4 gaming yt12 dager siden

    Yo! Pewdiepie! Does Marsha make a different voice in video then in real life? Cuz here are videos like from 2012 with Marzia a different voice and then next video a different voice

  • Will Bradford
    Will Bradford13 dager siden

    Pewds is like a 9 year old boy trying to impress his crush.

  • Haddady
    Haddady13 dager siden

    Tic tax toe?? Never heard of it. Thats bingo

  • ayden parent
    ayden parent13 dager siden

    its tick tack toe

  • boo hoo
    boo hoo13 dager siden

    Marzia is so beautiful. I feel bad

  • Anant Gore
    Anant Gore13 dager siden

    Where did you find this set?

  • Anant Gore
    Anant Gore13 dager siden

    Ya got scammed

  • No one knows me • 69 years ago
    No one knows me • 69 years ago13 dager siden

    PewDiePie: Where is the moon? Also PewDiePie: shows the 🌞

  • gary nitish
    gary nitish13 dager siden

    So ur getting ur nails done by marzia

  • Rishi Patel
    Rishi Patel13 dager siden

    I love India I live in India thank you, India for fooling pewdiepie

  • Zealous Einzbern
    Zealous Einzbern14 dager siden

    10:56 - that laugh says "I got you Felix"

    PHAN TRASH14 dager siden

    This video made my year already 😂

  • Miss Svets
    Miss Svets14 dager siden

    Maya is not impressed by the feeble attempt of magic haha

  • Will Perdew
    Will Perdew14 dager siden

    marzia looks like a mom humoring their son

  • Inter-galactic Pizza
    Inter-galactic Pizza14 dager siden

    it’s made in india as you can see lmao

  • Unggul Kirindi
    Unggul Kirindi15 dager siden

    Plot Twist, the real footage videos isn't out of focus, Pewds told to Sive to rotoscoping pewds and marzia and make them out of focus.

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    Peter Carstens15 dager siden

    Marzia: Felix I’m am pregnant Felix be like Houdini magic

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    Subhojit Dey15 dager siden

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  • Muzammil Memon
    Muzammil Memon16 dager siden

    Why were their black things on finger Of felix