Judging Our Fans! w/ Jacksepticeye


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  • Autumn Renner
    Autumn Renner4 timer siden

    Looking at Sean with mask....What a beautiful 8 year old boy!! :)

  • Razin Rizqullah
    Razin Rizqullah8 timer siden

    ngl new mark looks like a drug addict

  • King 0620
    King 06208 timer siden

    I love this intro

  • Maria Skyes
    Maria Skyes23 timer siden

    I love how they said they were gunna roast peoples impressions but they ended up roasting themselves lol

  • Pulse Playz
    Pulse Playz23 timer siden

    If you're comfortable letting ppl in your house, then there's no point in wearing masks

  • Sydney Addison-Rudat
    Sydney Addison-RudatDag siden

    I much prefer both of THESE Jack and Pewds

  • Emily McKenzie
    Emily McKenzieDag siden

    I fuckin love when sean screamed top of the morning and it scared the shit outta Felix😂

  • Brianna Proia
    Brianna ProiaDag siden

    seáns mask the whole video: \ 😂 love both of you! that’s a joke obviously! ❤️

  • Foxx Child
    Foxx Child2 dager siden

    Jack, daz, and pewds in one video

  • Foxx Child
    Foxx Child2 dager siden

    Omg can we please have daz host meme review! I love him so much

  • Rylee Poitras
    Rylee Poitras2 dager siden

    there's always one of them that has a long beard in all their collabs

  • lexi shutts
    lexi shutts3 dager siden

    coolest intro ever !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tiny Rick
    Tiny Rick4 dager siden

    The decorous organ significantly happen because enemy individually check under a physical emery. hushed, cumbersome ceramic

  • The American YouTuber
    The American YouTuber4 dager siden

    Wow... I love _everything_ about this video. 😂 It just gets stupider and goofier the further in you go.

  • The American YouTuber
    The American YouTuber4 dager siden


  • The One And Only Donncha Boi
    The One And Only Donncha Boi4 dager siden

    Imma make an impression video and imma kill the role

  • Sulma Rojas
    Sulma Rojas5 dager siden

    Piudipai es una caca

  • gxdspeed _
    gxdspeed _6 dager siden

    i never thought i would see daz doing impressions of them😂

  • Asufiku
    Asufiku6 dager siden

    Omg that intro

  • Alyssa_the _Noodle
    Alyssa_the _Noodle7 dager siden

    If you guys are gonna be in the same room for this long you should take the masks off cuz they are pointless at that point

  • Daft_Mervy
    Daft_Mervy9 dager siden

    ok but these guys saying very general compliments still makes me smile lol

  • Danica Olguin
    Danica Olguin10 dager siden

    I think because I have been watching pewds since 2012 and I grew up with him (kanda sorta) that I don’t think immediately of his old videos. As far as impressions, I’ve been told I’m pretty good at saying “sh-th-ffffk-up” like how he used to say in his videos. One time I had to hold a meeting at work even (and my direct supervisors were not there of course) and whenever my employee would ask a question I would tell him to “shhthfffffkup” and shake my head crazy like pewds

  • David Robinson
    David Robinson10 dager siden

    A week or so ago, I listened to Jason Derulo on the radio and thought he sounded like Jack Septiceye (please excuse spelling inaccuracies)

  • : Error Jxke
    : Error Jxke10 dager siden


  • LustFell Crystal
    LustFell Crystal10 dager siden


  • SpaceRunt
    SpaceRunt10 dager siden

    Jack easily won the impression

  • Aleena Mariya
    Aleena Mariya11 dager siden


    DABBING PANDA12 dager siden

    Nostalgia feeling

  • Channel Axiel ちゃんねる・アックシェル
    Channel Axiel ちゃんねる・アックシェル14 dager siden

    This is my favorite intro

  • A T
    A T15 dager siden

    I LOVE his old 2012 introoo thooo!

  • Heather Canseco
    Heather Canseco16 dager siden

    Arin!! 💖

  • Shunko
    Shunko17 dager siden

    Seán's face when he was reacting to his own impression is me when I hear my voice in any type of recording

  • Danna
    Danna17 dager siden

    17:47 reminds me of my dads

  • Spine Ripper
    Spine Ripper17 dager siden

    6:30 this dude be looking like pewdiepie and 8bitryan had a love child

  • Miriam Canning
    Miriam Canning18 dager siden

    Jack I'll send one female voice for jack😂

  • Emma G.
    Emma G.18 dager siden

    Do you guys remember the Jacksepticeye 2 channel that Felix made?

  • PSYCHO Metrical
    PSYCHO Metrical19 dager siden

    11:04 youtube these days be like

  • yaboyleky
    yaboyleky19 dager siden

    i know how to do jacks...... just be loud and peak your mic so they cant hear the voice

  • Nezuko
    Nezuko19 dager siden

    "This is what our child would look like" 6:15 😂😂

  • logan chartier
    logan chartier19 dager siden

    um both are good but my fav youtuber is jacksepticeye

  • Dayana Norma
    Dayana Norma20 dager siden

    The intro got me laughing

  • Bachrain
    Bachrain20 dager siden

    pewd's mask is the equivalent of jotaro's hat, they just fade

  • LPS animal lover
    LPS animal lover20 dager siden


  • Tiny Car
    Tiny Car21 dag siden

    The amount of nostalgia is unreal 0-0

  • Isaac Pipp
    Isaac Pipp21 dag siden

    I am so mad about how Seàns mask is crooked

  • Morgan Tyler
    Morgan Tyler22 dager siden

    When they said impressions, i thought they said depression....... and it hit pretty close to home......

  • Ryan Mondesir
    Ryan Mondesir22 dager siden

    Fun fact Jacksepticeye and PewDiePie have the same amount of "e" in there names

  • Rose
    Rose22 dager siden

    DAZ IS MY FAVORITE NOlocalR and, he is an actor.

  • F.S. SQUAD
    F.S. SQUAD23 dager siden


  • Nasir Bawa
    Nasir Bawa23 dager siden

    25:23 WTF

  • Qwerty King489
    Qwerty King48924 dager siden

    I can properly do the jacksepticeye impression. I just need PewDiePie or jacksepticeye to see this comment so he can get my channel name; it's 'Random Things' I will upload a video of my jacksepticeye impression. Please like this comment so they can see it.

  • Khaile Rae
    Khaile Rae24 dager siden

    I need more jack x pewds irl ♡

  • Edith Lewis
    Edith Lewis24 dager siden

    18:10 anyone see what’s on that kids arm?? Bruised???

  • Google Services
    Google Services24 dager siden


  • simseya
    simseya25 dager siden

    god bless jack for getting pewds to do his 2012 impression, the nostalgia rocked me hard

  • Nickolas
    Nickolas26 dager siden

    26:24 holy shitttt i that made me laugh soo much. I should try to do some impressions myself, they are hilarious or cringey. Either way it's a win win.

  • crispy bun
    crispy bun26 dager siden


  • Fog Boat
    Fog Boat26 dager siden

    Marks laugh is just amazing

  • Ken
    Ken26 dager siden

    7:34 Nostalgic moment right there

  • Tsukishima Kei
    Tsukishima Kei26 dager siden

    They should’ve put in Bryan Decharts impression of Jack that he did when they met for a vid

  • Abigail x
    Abigail x27 dager siden

    Also jack won

  • Abigail x
    Abigail x27 dager siden

    18:10 that little boys arm looked so bruised my god

  • Datura
    Datura27 dager siden

    *felix and sean bullying eachother for 30 minutes*

  • 4110 - Pranav G
    4110 - Pranav G28 dager siden

    And now jacksepticeye hosted meme review😂

  • Salome de Jong
    Salome de Jong28 dager siden

    OMG 3 of my favorite youtubers in one video.... Daz, Jack and Pewds

  • Wills_Gamess
    Wills_Gamess29 dager siden

    Omg nostalgia

  • Riverdale Cheryl
    Riverdale Cheryl29 dager siden


  • Another AvatarLover
    Another AvatarLoverMåned siden

    Very disappointed they *didn’t take a look at Mark’s impressions* of Jackaboy

    TICKER NUTMåned siden

    15:52 its happening right now

  • Yash Tiwari
    Yash TiwariMåned siden

    12:56 "that's terrible" "He hasn't started yet"😂😂😂😂

  • Joshua Maynard
    Joshua MaynardMåned siden

    23:21 “WHORE!!!!” is what I heard lol. Never on time for a video...

    XGARMOCHIMåned siden

    i love Daz Games!! He is amazing!! And two best friends be like 😂😂

  • Alyssa Brooke
    Alyssa BrookeMåned siden

    18:09 Bruh... Is this kid okay? He looks like a zombie. I am not trying to be mean, he genuinely looks sick or something.

  • Mercenary Minor
    Mercenary MinorMåned siden

    They’re focusing too hard to get the accent right and not focusing hard enough on incoherent screaming which is kinda what you have to go for.

  • Loner Xx
    Loner XxMåned siden

    The intro yes lol x

  • Thomas Fan 2021
    Thomas Fan 2021Måned siden

    December 21st 2020 Ah Memories

  • Thomas Ruddy
    Thomas RuddyMåned siden

    Omg dazgames 😂😂

  • nizzi strande
    nizzi strandeMåned siden

    26:32 I died 😂

  • SlendyDie
    SlendyDieMåned siden

    this video is 3 months old but i feel like it was from 2017 wtf

  • Rby Snc
    Rby SncMåned siden


  • BluePheonix245
    BluePheonix245Måned siden

    Hello all you beautiful people out there... *Mom..!* -> top of the morning to you laddies -> Top Of The Morning To You Laddies! -> -*-Top O’ The Morning To Ya’ Laddies!!-*- -> -*-DING DING DING-** TOP OF MORNING!!!*

  • autumn sharpsteen
    autumn sharpsteenMåned siden

    Jack:"That's terrible" Pewds: "He hasn't started yet" Haha

  • Spacimist
    SpacimistMåned siden

    Sean and Felix not knowing how is Mark doing makes me sad 🥺

  • big gay lol

    big gay lol

    Måned siden


  • Tact1calRanger
    Tact1calRangerMåned siden

    I like how pewds and Jack makes fun of Mark like he's the but of the joke

  • ispeakforthetrees
    ispeakforthetreesMåned siden

    Holy shit I used to watch daz games so much wtf lmao

  • Nothing to see Here
    Nothing to see HereMåned siden

    Does anyone else read the comments while watching and when you find one with a timestamp and then you wait for that time of the video to come. Then you get super excited and press it. Like this 7:29

  • Bethany Nightshade
    Bethany NightshadeMåned siden

    I love the fact pewdiepie knows his 2012 intro but then I realized he literally had to say it for years so it's just engraved in his mind. (Did anybody do the intro with him...no just me..okay)

  • CsabaTOn [̲̅Y̲̅σ̲̅υ̲̅т̲̅υ̲̅b̲̅є̲]
    CsabaTOn [̲̅Y̲̅σ̲̅υ̲̅т̲̅υ̲̅b̲̅є̲]Måned siden

    Who is this man? Who is this man? you are

  • F.S. SQUAD
    F.S. SQUADMåned siden

    12:07 i like the impression it has the jacksepticeye energy

  • luffy deku herrera
    luffy deku herreraMåned siden

    It's was after this video that pewds brought back his intro

  • dodo skeet
    dodo skeetMåned siden

    I think seán does a better markiplier impression tho

  • Karina Lynnette
    Karina LynnetteMåned siden

    this is literally the friendship i have with my best friend

  • Dany GG
    Dany GGMåned siden

    Good man

  • SilverClover 21
    SilverClover 21Måned siden

    4:46 Jacksepticeye, the walking jump-scare

  • garryisepic
    garryisepicMåned siden

    Normal brain: watch video Me big brain: watch through reflection of laptop in face cam (Okay I know you can’t see it in the face cam relax it’s a joke)

  • Collest Channel
    Collest ChannelMåned siden

    omfg,i LOVE dazgames,its about time he got noticed

  • Legendary Music, Is Forever
    Legendary Music, Is ForeverMåned siden

    4:08 Jackson 5, LOL. POOR MICHAEL..

  • DamageDann
    DamageDannMåned siden

    7:34 I've been wanting to hear this for the longest time. 🥺🥺

  • Jaymie Dumont
    Jaymie DumontMåned siden

    the old outros brought back so many memories...

  • Tsugikuni Yoriichi
    Tsugikuni YoriichiMåned siden

    4:46 leaving this for myshelf