Just Another Day In Russia - #79[REDDIT REVIEW]


normal day in russia
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  • tear 5
    tear 53 minutter siden

    sup to tear 5

  • Ah Sei
    Ah Sei19 minutter siden

    felix:1 week without a video me: this is not good

  • Noah44
    Noah442 timer siden

    In America: hi how are you In russia: Приветкатыкакающийфри

  • Yury Fury
    Yury Fury8 timer siden

    Nice accent! But it is Italian, not Russian)))

    THE SLICED SWORD10 timer siden

    10:26 the subtitles are correct

  • Zoro Roronoa
    Zoro Roronoa14 timer siden

    8:18 imagine going outside with ur friends and one of them get bird poop and you laughing and then getting holy water from the sky

  • poly mations
    poly mations15 timer siden

    "I want a russian shot" U say russian shot They gib u russian roulette

  • Arry Opes
    Arry Opes16 timer siden


  • kunduru ashrith
    kunduru ashrith16 timer siden

    Comrade dog is helping pewdiland

  • Kent Familara
    Kent Familara17 timer siden

    All im hearing is borat voice

  • Лайк Поставлю
    Лайк Поставлю18 timer siden

    Нам нужны русские субтитры

  • Лайк Поставлю
    Лайк Поставлю18 timer siden

    Рашн super good

  • Abi K
    Abi K20 timer siden

    It was at this moment I realized that- Russia is like if Texas was a country.

  • StrangerDoesRandomStuff
    StrangerDoesRandomStuff21 time siden

    1:18 thats a shadow my dude

  • Joan Historillo
    Joan Historillo23 timer siden

    Bro Fist Broski

  • CoconutICEcreAM
    CoconutICEcreAMDag siden

    please play halo next

  • CoconutICEcreAM
    CoconutICEcreAMDag siden

    please play halo next

  • CoconutICEcreAM
    CoconutICEcreAMDag siden

    please play halo next

  • CoconutICEcreAM
    CoconutICEcreAMDag siden

    dont ban me

  • CoconutICEcreAM
    CoconutICEcreAMDag siden

    please play halo next

  • CoconutICEcreAM
    CoconutICEcreAMDag siden

    please play halo next

  • CoconutICEcreAM
    CoconutICEcreAMDag siden

    please play halo next

  • CoconutICEcreAM
    CoconutICEcreAMDag siden

    please play halo next

  • CoconutICEcreAM
    CoconutICEcreAMDag siden

    please play halo next

  • CoconutICEcreAM
    CoconutICEcreAMDag siden

    please play halo next

  • CoconutICEcreAM
    CoconutICEcreAMDag siden

    please play halo next

  • CoconutICEcreAM
    CoconutICEcreAMDag siden

    please play halo next

  • CoconutICEcreAM
    CoconutICEcreAMDag siden

    please play halo next

  • CoconutICEcreAM
    CoconutICEcreAMDag siden

    please play halo next

  • Jacob Wiebe
    Jacob WiebeDag siden

    nice memes

  • joe
    joeDag siden

    in america you eat food in siouthen russia food eats you

  • Оранжевый Предатель
    Оранжевый ПредательDag siden

    I’m Russian you know??

  • neurowax
    neurowaxDag siden

    11:07 The Buckingham Palace is actually a part of the Netflix series "Crown"

  • Rashmi K C
    Rashmi K CDag siden

    Ummm you r intro is an animation of cocomelon

  • Somberwaves
    SomberwavesDag siden

    pewdiepie bullying russia for about 15 minutes

  • Лейсан Валеева
    Лейсан ВалееваDag siden

    Каждый день вижу зиму и медведей. Круто! Every day i see winter and bears. Cool!

  • Физика Просто
    Физика ПростоDag siden

    Россия, ΡОССИЯ!!!!

  • Кузнецов Григорий
    Кузнецов ГригорийDag siden

    Da da mi takie!

  • Кузнецов Григорий

    Кузнецов Григорий

    Dag siden

    Y nas vse smeutsa nad vami a vi nad vami

  • GAB•あ
    GAB•あ2 dager siden


  • NatPat
    NatPat2 dager siden

    Edgar's attitude tho 😌

  • viktoria k
    viktoria k2 dager siden

    My babuska visiting me in America 13:30

  • Darya Kalashnikova
    Darya Kalashnikova2 dager siden

    Я так смотрю, для американцев все: русские, сербы, поляки- все “Russian”



    7 timer siden

    А для тебя швед это американец

  • Дантес Печеньев

    Дантес Печеньев

    Dag siden


  • Darya Kalashnikova
    Darya Kalashnikova2 dager siden

    Это очень смешно 🤣

  • nobody cares
    nobody cares2 dager siden

    Как представитель Российской Федерации заявляю, что всё, что здесь было показано, правда.

  • эдуард эдуард
    эдуард эдуард2 dager siden

    Русские отмечайтесь)

  • я футбольный мячик
    я футбольный мячик2 dager siden

    Я в россии и нифигулички нипонмаю что говорит пюдипай

  • Иван Крузенштерн
    Иван Крузенштерн2 dager siden

    Stupid russofob

  • Paaras Mishra
    Paaras Mishra2 dager siden

    His named should changed from PewDiePie to INTROPIE 😂

  • Confused Grandpa
    Confused Grandpa2 dager siden

    Yes confused grandpa can confirm there is black planes in Russia.

  • Dāvis Volbergs
    Dāvis Volbergs2 dager siden

    About that car: he said exacly what was typed in English.

  • Алия
    Алия2 dager siden

    14:07 гыгыгыгыгыгыгы

  • Lucky Ducky
    Lucky Ducky2 dager siden


  • Bob Navesey-Tooman
    Bob Navesey-Tooman3 dager siden

    mother Russia

    STRAHINJA BELIĆ4 dager siden

    12:22 this is serbian

  • TheUnDeGTeV
    TheUnDeGTeV4 dager siden

    Ха-ха, смешно вы думаете о нас - русских) Ha ha, funny you think of us - the Russians)

  • Андрій Василенко
    Андрій Василенко4 dager siden

    Добропожаловать в Россию

  • Арсений апро

    Арсений апро

    4 dager siden

    Это Россия бро

  • Leshkafin Music
    Leshkafin Music4 dager siden

    Actually some of the videos are not from Russia, few were from Poland

  • ujg
    ujg4 dager siden


  • FrostBite
    FrostBite5 dager siden

    12:30 that is Croatian language not russia

  • Ирина Запорожец
    Ирина Запорожец5 dager siden

    Я один русский?

  • Paul Dolmatov
    Paul Dolmatov5 dager siden

    Как же много стереотипов в некоторых видео, все же я посмеялся))

  • ItzJewel :3
    ItzJewel :35 dager siden

    11:12 It was painful to hear him diss the UK like that, but I have to say that it's very accurate. So was his accent.

  • harish valiyapurayil
    harish valiyapurayil5 dager siden

    Lol the comments in all of pewds vids have high likes😂😂

  • Yura Žvirblis
    Yura Žvirblis5 dager siden

    On 10:00 yup, that was exactly what he is saying

  • Toma Krznaric
    Toma Krznaric5 dager siden

    But one of dhose is Croatian

  • The Infinite Player
    The Infinite Player6 dager siden

    The intro just gets better

  • w123 300d
    w123 300d6 dager siden

    bruh this is disrespectful I’m from Russia

  • G4 LIVE
    G4 LIVE6 dager siden

    How now and then

  • прохождение до конца
    прохождение до конца6 dager siden

    Ну ты и првдо можешь снять видио про россию только говори по русский ато не понятно нечё и не делай видио про приколы россии потому что не приятно точто твою страну оскорбляют😶😳🙄😑

  • эдуард эдуард

    эдуард эдуард

    2 dager siden

    Потому что наше правительство П****!

  • Sn1pe • standoff 2
    Sn1pe • standoff 26 dager siden

    Мишки это наши звери!!!

  • Салавдин Бальгишиев
    Салавдин Бальгишиев6 dager siden

    Ахахахахаэа блять обычные русские будни

  • Sloryx
    Sloryx6 dager siden

    they shouldve used RPD for the russian LMG equivalent because its a modded ak-47 with a drum magazine and a bipod

  • Ahmad Andika
    Ahmad Andika6 dager siden

    7:25 *SNEAKS 100*

    IpLaYgAmEz YEEHAW BUSTER6 dager siden

    i think your dogs has problema,i think you should put him down. lol nah im just kidding dont put him dowm

  • Boston Driedger
    Boston Driedger7 dager siden

    He wants to die

  • Mikhail Bagirov
    Mikhail Bagirov7 dager siden

    Yep the translation is very correct

  • emilgamer2011
    emilgamer20117 dager siden

    In Russian VODKA drink you in america you drink water

  • Joseph Miterver
    Joseph Miterver7 dager siden

    what a game on 10:53?

  • Nikos Kontraros
    Nikos Kontraros7 dager siden

    13:08 Just casually unflipping Etgar's ear

  • GerDolU
    GerDolU7 dager siden

    Ни чё не понимаю

  • Let’s play по pubg Ра
    Let’s play по pubg Ра7 dager siden

    Русские тут есть

    ΧΡΗΣΤΟΣ ΣΧΟΙΜΠΟΝ7 dager siden

    In Soviet Russia, Edgar terrorises Felix

  • KiShout
    KiShout7 dager siden

    Fun fact: Lada is the godess of love in slavic mythology!

  • KastelvanTheWolf
    KastelvanTheWolf8 dager siden

    But there are New ladas! We have Lada granta, Lada calina and Lada priora. They are all trash, but they are exist

  • Homie Megalodon
    Homie Megalodon8 dager siden

    5:01 Ah yes Brandon (Gun Jesus) Herrera will be proud.

  • Yashuchan 381
    Yashuchan 3818 dager siden

    Я один ссусь кипятком от его кавера на химн

  • Volkanov
    Volkanov8 dager siden

    Мы любим тебя Феликс!

  • Banana UwU
    Banana UwU8 dager siden

    Hold my vodka..

  • Владислав Гапеев
    Владислав Гапеев8 dager siden


  • Fire Games
    Fire Games8 dager siden


  • Ander 66
    Ander 668 dager siden

    Наши криворукие опять насос не так подключили...

  • Sahet Muhammetgylyjow
    Sahet Muhammetgylyjow8 dager siden

    Hey dull the Russian peoples are your 75 percent subscribers full people

  • 044 Username
    044 Username8 dager siden

    Feat Edgar & Pewdiepie

  • Cobra 376
    Cobra 3768 dager siden

    Comrade Pewds

  • no name
    no name8 dager siden

    Как приятно, что Феликс неровно дышит к Росии😄🤣

  • daniil umanskiy
    daniil umanskiy8 dager siden

    The captions are correct

  • FCKED _
    FCKED _8 dager siden

    He sounds more like italian than russian now that i think about it. '

  • zikjg
    zikjg8 dager siden

    Я із Uk

  • zzKIDoo
    zzKIDoo8 dager siden

    he has that on his WHAT???

  • julian kuri
    julian kuri9 dager siden

    Edgar be like why are we here just to suffer