Minecraft Part 1


we go back to our minecraft gameplay roots
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  • Sunil Gujjar
    Sunil GujjarTime siden

    109 m subs 😱😱😱😱😱

  • Mario Barrios
    Mario BarriosTime siden


  • Anthony Yang
    Anthony Yang2 timer siden

    2021 anyone?

  • Ezekiel Romano
    Ezekiel Romano4 timer siden


  • Я DOGS
    Я DOGS5 timer siden

    урааа тут русские скбтитры

  • Daniel ortiz.
    Daniel ortiz.5 timer siden


  • Daniel ortiz.
    Daniel ortiz.5 timer siden


  • Daniel ortiz.
    Daniel ortiz.5 timer siden


  • Daniel ortiz.
    Daniel ortiz.5 timer siden


  • rayane
    rayane7 timer siden

    Alguém por causa do Felipe neto??? 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

  • Vania Segales Rivera
    Vania Segales Rivera7 timer siden

    Ojalá tuviera subtítulos en español :'c

  • sol wizler
    sol wizler9 timer siden


  • Gay Corn Chip
    Gay Corn Chip9 timer siden

    Time to binge watch the series! A g a i n

  • nickel1fyh the bird
    nickel1fyh the bird9 timer siden

    I’m doing This series for the first time

  • Luke Hepler
    Luke Hepler10 timer siden


  • Jay
    Jay11 timer siden

    now he has a whole beast of a house on hardcore

  • Mythic
    Mythic12 timer siden

    The legendary series is born

  • Gaming2101
    Gaming210116 timer siden

    me decian niño rata y ahora los veo a ellos jugando

  • КИД
    КИД16 timer siden

    Hi Minecraft top

  • Canales Family
    Canales Family17 timer siden

    You need a seattle to ride a pig and a fishing hook with a carrot on it

  • Mante


    14 timer siden

    it's been 2 years...

  • MORO !
    MORO !18 timer siden


  • The Warrior 2.0
    The Warrior 2.020 timer siden

    Back when smithing tables did nothing

  • Kacper Ryzop
    Kacper Ryzop22 timer siden

    hehe ale fajne

  • zERoYT
    zERoYTDag siden

    Wow your NOlocalr 2nd in the world

  • Mante


    14 timer siden

    1st individual, Tseries is scam

  • Rachel Glazbrook
    Rachel GlazbrookDag siden

    Pewds is screaming at cave noises He is a true gamer

  • Sunita Wadkar

    Sunita Wadkar

    22 timer siden

    Mobs tho 😂😂

  • Sunita Wadkar

    Sunita Wadkar

    22 timer siden

    Lol fr

  • Bogdan Kenon
    Bogdan KenonDag siden

    If you don t come back again in 6 months you re not a real fan

  • Lilnarwhal animations
    Lilnarwhal animationsDag siden

    The shut cone scientifically preserve because description surprisingly drain a a attractive examination. hilarious, satisfying salmon

  • FashBash
    FashBashDag siden

    I remember watching this when It was 20 seconds out

  • Nate Thee Great
    Nate Thee GreatDag siden

    It’s so crazy how Felix went from dying 3 times in a video and not knowing how to ignite TNT to building a crazy insane Japanese pagoda in hardcore mode. He is an inspiration to us all.

  • Sara Moore
    Sara MooreDag siden


  • N Y K O
    N Y K ODag siden

    This is when Minecraft was saved by the almighty pewdiepie

  • SolutiionxD
    SolutiionxDDag siden

    I thought this happend in 2020

  • Damian wayne
    Damian wayneDag siden

    This legendary video is in my recommendation

  • Daniils Berezjaks
    Daniils BerezjaksDag siden

    i put on subtitles and they came in chinese, wtf

  • Dreeaam_catcher
    Dreeaam_catcherDag siden

    Pewds: I'm a veteran Also pewds: Digs a hole for him to hide and cover it with sand

    ALVINDag siden

    Bro the fact that pewdipie is not stacking up is just so TRIGGERING

  • Thomas Vlogs
    Thomas VlogsDag siden

    He could have made a bed (¦ꒉ[▓▓]

  • Nastoy
    NastoyDag siden

    i still remember this video when this was released i was one of the first ones to watch this! since then i have already watched this series 4 times more then i have watched friends the tv series lmao!

  • Aiello Garcia

    Aiello Garcia

    Dag siden

    Same. The gaming week is the best thing happened

  • Liacell SKP1
    Liacell SKP1Dag siden

    "GAMING WEEEKK" this is where it all starts

  • Muhamad Shafizan
    Muhamad Shafizan2 dager siden


  • olana elias
    olana elias2 dager siden


  • BlakeRocks
    BlakeRocks2 dager siden

    It’s hard to believe that it’s been almost 2 years since this was made.

  • a
    a2 dager siden

    Lmao nerd

  • Mercury75
    Mercury752 dager siden

    legends watch this in 2021

  • DIWIX123
    DIWIX1232 dager siden

    Est ce qu'il est français?

  • KrazyFoxi
    KrazyFoxi2 dager siden

    I subcribed

  • Masakodon Official
    Masakodon Official2 dager siden

    Hello pudidi👍

    JASPHER KIEL VIRAY2 dager siden


  • flamingoose
    flamingoose2 dager siden

    14:23 how...

  • AysizTheGreat
    AysizTheGreat2 dager siden

    why is minecraft so anime?

  • Erik gamer14
    Erik gamer142 dager siden

    I am Brazilian

  • Erik gamer14
    Erik gamer142 dager siden


  • Christian Derosas
    Christian Derosas2 dager siden

    This isn't your first time here welcome back

  • Peanut Arbuckle
    Peanut Arbuckle2 dager siden

    I was halfway through this episode when he posted his finding the end portal in hardcore Funny coming back from watching that to this

  • TRGC spamzツ
    TRGC spamzツ2 dager siden

    Anyone else just come back and are cringing constantly

  • Minecraft COMMODROID
    Minecraft COMMODROID2 dager siden

    The closed caption is chinese

  • Haris Shehzad
    Haris Shehzad2 dager siden

    watching 4 time all the sires 😂

  • Reeves Fils-Aime
    Reeves Fils-Aime2 dager siden

    gAMiNNNgg WeEKkK

  • Нарик Гасанов
    Нарик Гасанов2 dager siden


  • Conan Otoole
    Conan Otoole2 dager siden

    Minecraft Starter House Tutorial 13:46

  • Conan Otoole
    Conan Otoole2 dager siden

    Felix: Makes 16 'twigs'. SCIENCE!

  • super tp guner
    super tp guner3 dager siden


  • Carly!


    2 dager siden

    @Halle Sanders it wasnt at the beginning. Corona was not a thing when the episode was made.

  • Halle Sanders

    Halle Sanders

    2 dager siden


  • БРУТ U・ᴥ・U
    БРУТ U・ᴥ・U3 dager siden


  • Rover
    Rover3 dager siden

    Been a whole year...

  • super tp guner

    super tp guner

    3 dager siden

    Nah chief. I'm 3 months it's been 2 whole years

  • Zender Game
    Zender Game3 dager siden

    Time flies am I right?

  • – ` Kᥲnᥱkι-Tsᥙko
    – ` Kᥲnᥱkι-Tsᥙko3 dager siden

    Uau uma brasileira, o nome dela é... (Leia meu nome)

  • flamingoose
    flamingoose3 dager siden


  • flamingoose
    flamingoose3 dager siden


  • Chief Of Doom
    Chief Of Doom3 dager siden

    When did pewds have 109 MILLION subs? Pewds is a literal goat

  • Rpacc
    Rpacc3 dager siden

    Who else rewatching in 2021

  • Anna Lealh
    Anna Lealh3 dager siden

    When you find diamonds in your first episode: 18:40

  • Castle Dawn
    Castle Dawn3 dager siden

    This feels like yesterday

  • legendary kill
    legendary kill3 dager siden

    איך הכותרת בעברית?

  • Leycon
    Leycon3 dager siden

    Anyone here in 2021 trying to make a career on NOlocal?

  • gingercream


    3 dager siden

    @Leycon yes we both are

  • Leycon


    3 dager siden

    @gingercream I see you make a lot of cool vids. I guess we both are trying to grow our channel somehow :P

  • gingercream


    3 dager siden

    @Leycon hellooooooooo

  • Leycon


    3 dager siden

    @gingercream wowowowow hello there LoL

  • gingercream


    3 dager siden


  • DR D
    DR D3 dager siden

    you are tooo much over acting

  • виктор ларченко
    виктор ларченко3 dager siden

    you top

  • Sebastian Beckham
    Sebastian Beckham3 dager siden

    His reaction to seeing a villager was priceless coz it was also our first thoughts: Can I murder them??

  • Дмитрий Froz
    Дмитрий Froz3 dager siden

    17:15 All the Minecraft player cryed.

  • Emoji Face Playz
    Emoji Face Playz3 dager siden

    Who’s rewatching in 2021?

  • Yiğit Duman
    Yiğit Duman3 dager siden

    Pewdiepie kings

  • II M3ME
    II M3ME3 dager siden

    Its been a year and its gonna be 2 years in a few months thats crazy

  • StrictStarRoleplay
    StrictStarRoleplay3 dager siden

    omg finally i hear your swedish accent, :D hej

  • Prajval Rao
    Prajval Rao3 dager siden

    Pewdiepie: Vegetarians look away Me being vegetarian: Keeps looking

  • Leycon


    3 dager siden


  • Marijn van der Waal
    Marijn van der Waal3 dager siden

    Most recent comment gang

  • The JoshyGamer205
    The JoshyGamer2054 dager siden

    He broke spawned

  • clarisse
    clarisse4 dager siden

    time to rewatch yuhh

  • supra sayian

    supra sayian

    4 dager siden

    Same bruh

  • supra sayian
    supra sayian4 dager siden

    When there is still people commenting 12 min ago

  • roger barragan
    roger barragan4 dager siden

    Where it all started 🥲😂

  • supra sayian

    supra sayian

    4 dager siden

    Dam we all still watching this

  • Rocco Hanson
    Rocco Hanson4 dager siden

    The amount of times I’ve watched this Minecraft series is very unhealthy

  • Koru_GX


    4 dager siden

    Me too haha

  • supra sayian

    supra sayian

    4 dager siden

    Be healthy and watch is hardcore series

  • Awad AlShamsi
    Awad AlShamsi4 dager siden

    Pov: now pewdiepie plays hardcore

  • Roblox
    Roblox4 dager siden

    Gaming is the best

  • LowHC
    LowHC4 dager siden

    guys dream is PewDiePie actually

  • ItsTechyBoy
    ItsTechyBoy4 dager siden

    I’m gonna rewatch the whole series

  • Elin Salegård
    Elin Salegård4 dager siden

    4:55 When you realise that the background music is from bäst i test

  • TankTerror
    TankTerror4 dager siden


  • Эрог р
    Эрог р4 dager siden

    Я тут один русский или как?

  • Jailyn Noort

    Jailyn Noort

    4 dager siden

    I like your funny word magic man

  • DP
    DP4 dager siden

    Felix at the start of the game: "The goal is to get diamonds" Felix at the end of the game: "Ikea tower, horse cake ladder, beacons everywhere, dog family, cats, joergen 1,2,3,4, fox, giant meatball with lift, undying totems, ikea tower goes to space, new ikea tower, turtle farm portals to villages, CONQER EVERYTING"

  • MaxDBG
    MaxDBG4 dager siden

    Plot Twist: The baby horse at the beginning was jourgen 😂

  • fearful684plane


    20 timer siden


  • Toque duplo

    Toque duplo

    2 dager siden

    Lmao imagine

  • DaLemur Man

    DaLemur Man

    3 dager siden

    Omg god

  • Septic_Eye_ Revolution
    Septic_Eye_ Revolution4 dager siden

    This episode of Minecraft is incredibly nostalgic with all the feelings connected to the series on NOlocal, amazing friends like Sven, Water Sheep, Joergen, Boat Cow, IKEA Bird, Pee-pee poo-poo, Benqt and Sven’s Boyfriend, the awesome adventures from Felix, astonishing building and the best gameplay ever in the let’s play

  • Fluffyshep
    Fluffyshep4 dager siden

    house of the gamers