Mr Beast Made Someone Lose 800000 Because of Me - LWIAY #00131


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  • shivansh
    shivanshDag siden

    So PewDiePie doesn't watch Mr beast video......let that sink I

  • Ryan Tulloch
    Ryan Tulloch3 dager siden

    Mr. Beast is hands down the best youtuber in my opinion. He's humble, he makes a point to make sure no language enters his videos, he has a big heart, AND he makes sure his subscribers have a chance to compete in things to win stuff. Which, as big as a youtuber that he is, is hard to do. But he does his best

  • Hussain Maaish
    Hussain Maaish4 dager siden

    New inspirational quote "My PP will touch the moon"

  • NeonPenguin 09
    NeonPenguin 094 dager siden

    11:40 “Charlie and the chipmunks” Ahh yes... a classic

  • Cole Romero
    Cole Romero5 dager siden

    pewds: subscribe to mrbeast with notifications on me: pewds doesn’t even have notifications on

  • Keisha Jagasia
    Keisha Jagasia5 dager siden

    Pewds: From now on if you ever think of a woman Marzia: No pasta for you Fans who are women and girls: All we ever did was respect for you and your tambourines, that’s all we ever did

  • rrs0530
    rrs05306 dager siden

    16:10 nah I’m milk gang

  • Luke Hughes
    Luke Hughes7 dager siden

    I am a sub can I have an island please🙏

  • Dr Gainz
    Dr Gainz7 dager siden

    12:37 secret pp innuendo

  • racoonzattack
    racoonzattack7 dager siden

    15:29 This is so weird. I started singing the intro today too after I started watching these older videos cause Pewds is on a break.

  • Joshua Robles
    Joshua Robles8 dager siden

    pewds mrbeast is crying over you he's saying

  • Attacking gamer
    Attacking gamer8 dager siden

    The person that got pewds rickrolled with that fan arts is legend

  • Himanshu Sinha
    Himanshu Sinha9 dager siden

    11:01 HE SAID IT GUYS!!!

  • Random dude
    Random dude9 dager siden


  • Bızdık Bıngıl
    Bızdık Bıngıl9 dager siden


  • iii Brxan
    iii Brxan9 dager siden

    It kind of funny that MrBeast has half the subs but gets way more veiws

    KAVIN K10 dager siden

    That island is worth as much as the Stradman's Bugatti.

  • Givson Purba Tambak
    Givson Purba Tambak10 dager siden

    What is LWHY??

  • 32 Asif Ahmad
    32 Asif Ahmad10 dager siden

    mr beast: gives an island for subscribing to pewdiepie i subscribed. pewdiepie: gives a tambourine for subscribing to mr beast you know what? i still subscribed. always a bro, floor gang member and a 19 year old first..

  • Dhanush Dhanush
    Dhanush Dhanush10 dager siden

    Big fan from india

  • Sukotto82
    Sukotto8210 dager siden

    wow really? what kind of tambourines are those. I've broke through one by accident. you have some high quality tambs

  • Sukotto82
    Sukotto8210 dager siden

    I literally Subscribe for that very reason. not that I'm likely to ever get a chance like that If I needed a private island now would be the time so I can get away from all the political craziness but I doubt I'll ever get that opportunity but just in case I'm subscribed. best to lean on the side of caution than miss out.

  • ivssii
    ivssii12 dager siden

    He brong back the song.....

  • Spartaboy Sk
    Spartaboy Sk12 dager siden

    Lol. Y sister came soo me and saying coco melon!

  • Dylany McLean
    Dylany McLean13 dager siden

    Cuz I don’t have it

  • Dylany McLean
    Dylany McLean13 dager siden

    How do you get the bell icon on the phone

  • SolMaxiZ
    SolMaxiZ13 dager siden


  • Mr Reptile
    Mr Reptile14 dager siden

    To next episode of Hawaii

  • S0M30N3 ACTUA11Y
    S0M30N3 ACTUA11Y14 dager siden

    Indeed Felix, I did make KNÄCKEBRÖD

  • Aaryav shakya
    Aaryav shakya14 dager siden

    When felix said to the tamborine it will break one dayi thoght of the dog and floor

  • #frosty gaming1234
    #frosty gaming123415 dager siden

    I haven't sub to mrbeast XD

  • Nathan Marin
    Nathan Marin15 dager siden

    Boys I have to report that I found a suspect that subbed to coco melon

    CHICKEN FINGERS15 dager siden

    F.U tape

    CHICKEN FINGERS15 dager siden

    i glue gang

  • Flux Turner
    Flux Turner16 dager siden

    what about milk gang

  • Chelsea Koruh
    Chelsea Koruh16 dager siden

    hmm i wonder if he really knows how much mrbeast has been promoting his channel since before he was even known. lololol

  • Ray Walker
    Ray Walker16 dager siden

    pewdiepie lost a little of his PP SMOLL PP

  • Saness Skeletom
    Saness Skeletom16 dager siden

    5:10 when you realise that pewdiepie is a jojos reference

    HIDDEN NAME16 dager siden

    Exploding cocomelon hahahahahahahahaah

  • Philippe Zevenberg
    Philippe Zevenberg16 dager siden

    I liked for the best rickrolled I've seen ever.

  • Theytry2becraig
    Theytry2becraig17 dager siden

    Does drinking glue count as being “glue gang”

  • sharp pye

    sharp pye

    15 dager siden

    Not until you try

  • Andrew Martin
    Andrew Martin17 dager siden

    0:13 you look like my uncle 😂

  • instance confirmation
    instance confirmation18 dager siden


  • Aiden Martin
    Aiden Martin18 dager siden


  • Aiden Martin
    Aiden Martin18 dager siden

    Not tape

  • Aiden Martin
    Aiden Martin18 dager siden

    Use glue

  • Aiden Martin
    Aiden Martin18 dager siden


  • Miguel345Monster
    Miguel345Monster18 dager siden

    5:46 thought that was the actual picture they took.....

  • Gilang Febrian
    Gilang Febrian18 dager siden


  • Player Nim
    Player Nim18 dager siden


  • ThE_b0T_01
    ThE_b0T_0118 dager siden

    what is the address of pewds? i want him to bust my tamborine because mine is a metal one

  • John Lester Macapagal
    John Lester Macapagal19 dager siden

    Im made glue

  • Maxed Lemone
    Maxed Lemone20 dager siden

    I mean gay people can be simps for other guys right? I'm a guy and a simp for another guy...

  • Zunnoon J
    Zunnoon J20 dager siden

    Felix : "You gotta keep walking" Allen Walker (D.gray-man) : "I am gonna end this whole man's career"

  • Arlind Aliu
    Arlind Aliu20 dager siden

    Morgz: o i shuld maybe buy a mini Island MRbeast:o WHO sead That’s morgz doesn’t Steal ideas

  • Dream
    Dream21 dag siden

    "Maybe sive is a hero , nah he simp he simp"

  • Rajkumar Kashyap
    Rajkumar Kashyap22 dager siden

    Anyone noticed the ad of t series 15:10

  • Florian Shehu
    Florian Shehu22 dager siden


  • CedThev Gaming
    CedThev Gaming23 dager siden

    i ike the intro

  • segev harel
    segev harel23 dager siden

    5:04 this is how you make money these days.

  • Hornyinit
    Hornyinit24 dager siden

  • Micah Alphonse
    Micah Alphonse24 dager siden

    this is one of the nasties intro example measure your pp lol hahahahaha lol

  • Dinica Bogdan Mihai
    Dinica Bogdan Mihai25 dager siden

    Glow gang

  • It'sAPenguin
    It'sAPenguin25 dager siden

    PewDiePie and MrBeast should play minecraft together

  • Ꮹσѕѕєиχ Ꮹαмιиg
    Ꮹσѕѕєиχ Ꮹαмιиg26 dager siden

    6:19 im about to end this whole man career wt?

  • Armando Hernández
    Armando Hernández26 dager siden

    Glue gang where are you

  • Marioedgarallan Pantuan
    Marioedgarallan Pantuan27 dager siden

    Cocomelon stop

  • Rainers Silovs
    Rainers Silovs28 dager siden


  • Josiah Marcus Miguel Trinidad
    Josiah Marcus Miguel Trinidad29 dager siden

    "LWHY" is it everyone or i'm just late😅

  • Aarna


    8 dager siden

    It’s LWAI...

  • Josiah Marcus Miguel Trinidad

    Josiah Marcus Miguel Trinidad

    29 dager siden

    @Ali Ahsan Tv i mean does everyone call it lwhy

  • Ali Ahsan Tv

    Ali Ahsan Tv

    29 dager siden


  • Matthew Seth
    Matthew Seth29 dager siden

    Sive edits for a man who said the N word. SMOL PP SIMP

  • Eshaan Shareef
    Eshaan Shareef29 dager siden


  • Eshaan Shareef
    Eshaan Shareef29 dager siden

    Ahh acknowledgment of my fav NOlocalrs make me happy

  • harsh mahida
    harsh mahidaMåned siden

    4.45 .....FELIX!!!!! STICK IT WITH A FLEX TAPE!!!!

  • Hailey Keartland
    Hailey KeartlandMåned siden

    Mrbeast:I'll give u $1000 if u sub to prewds PewDiePie:whattttttt Mrbeast: I'm willing to do whatever it takes

  • Jasmine Williamson
    Jasmine WilliamsonMåned siden

    he is married and marzia must regret everything he screaming about a bunch of taped tambourine we love you pewds

    HYPER_ SANIMåned siden

    18:32 lmao where was 69k retweets and 420m likes NICE

  • 1k subs Before 2022
    1k subs Before 2022Måned siden

    So in simple subscribing to pewdiepie is more important than €700000 island By looking at the thumbnail it looks like everyone is doing tango dance

  • 1k subs Before 2022

    1k subs Before 2022

    24 dager siden

    Like c mon

  • abygail cabangbang

    abygail cabangbang

    24 dager siden


  • 1k subs Before 2022

    1k subs Before 2022

    Måned siden

    I am late but plz like

  • 1k subs Before 2022

    1k subs Before 2022

    Måned siden

    Like my comment 🤗

  • BH
    BHMåned siden

    I am subscribed to mrbeast and you

  • Jasmin Rodriguez
    Jasmin RodriguezMåned siden

    i sub to pewds a long time ago

  • Monster verse
    Monster verseMåned siden

    cocoper is scary

  • Arnav Mangaonkar
    Arnav MangaonkarMåned siden

    Imma subscribe just cause I will get the idland

  • Chad Buoy445
    Chad Buoy445Måned siden


  • Gracie
    GracieMåned siden

    Mudamudamudamudamudamudamudamuda *100 years later* MUDDDDDAAAAAAAAA!!!!

  • New kid S'mores
    New kid S'moresMåned siden

    Floor gang arow 💪💪💪

  • Emir Ali Eşrefi
    Emir Ali EşrefiMåned siden

    mr beast is freaking out rn lmao pewdiepie was like his legend and now he says sub to him mr beast rn: jpa'ldjwidjweidhw[iwahdawpfe ERROR 404

  • CsabaTOn [̲̅Y̲̅σ̲̅υ̲̅т̲̅υ̲̅b̲̅є̲]
    CsabaTOn [̲̅Y̲̅σ̲̅υ̲̅т̲̅υ̲̅b̲̅є̲]Måned siden

    Who is this man? you are

  • Zayan Zulqarnain Khan
    Zayan Zulqarnain KhanMåned siden

    2:19 Becuz hes MrBeast:)

  • ItsSteveMC
    ItsSteveMCMåned siden

    PewDiePie subscribers + Mr Beast subscribers = defeat T - Series

  • ninja gaming
    ninja gamingMåned siden


  • Irene Royal
    Irene RoyalMåned siden


  • Huz7 Edits
    Huz7 EditsMåned siden

    PewDiePie: women am i right? Marzia: *NANI?!?!?!*

  • Elizabeth Garcia
    Elizabeth GarciaMåned siden

    Cocomelon explode in Minecraft TNT in cocomelon 2020

  • Emma Farmer
    Emma FarmerMåned siden

    Pewdiepie nooooo what just happened Me you got circumcised 😂😂

  • Lucky13 YTB
    Lucky13 YTBMåned siden


  • Stephen Enriquez
    Stephen EnriquezMåned siden

    2:33 me im subscribe to Mrbeast and his gaming chanell and you pewds with notofication bell on😊😊

  • RudyApples
    RudyApplesMåned siden

    I just realised that PP stands for pewdiepie

  • Raikko Refol
    Raikko RefolMåned siden

    How a for baby's channel beat pewdiepie is not even make sense

  • hilal karim
    hilal karimMåned siden

    I'm not glue gang I'm SUPER GLUE GANG

  • Francesca Malek
    Francesca MalekMåned siden

    I’m am Subscribed WITH Bell Notifications on for BOTH you Pewds AND MrBeast!!!

  • SamGaming1093
    SamGaming1093Måned siden