No. More. Simping.. 🛑🛑🛑 - LWIAY #00133


No Simp September HAS BEGUN!
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  • Nero yolo
    Nero yolo18 timer siden

    At 6:48 he's having a stroke lmfao xD

  • Mark Afton
    Mark Afton2 dager siden

    Thats not a rasengan Its a deformed kamehameha

    PercyJ8 #THEBESTNABBO3 dager siden

    I know it's a bit late but i'm Italian and the P.P.s means private property. P.S. pizza is the perfect food. 2nd P.S. pasta too. 3rd P.S. im' sitting on an IKEA chair.

  • water sheep
    water sheep4 dager siden

    Ahh yess After that pewdiepie watch belle delphine

  • water sheep
    water sheep4 dager siden

    I dindt know if felix is a simp

  • Give me Bobux
    Give me Bobux4 dager siden

    Joe mama

  • Draconious V
    Draconious V5 dager siden

    16:08 MANdiePie How Pewds talk to everyone irl

  • Tomas Doyle
    Tomas Doyle7 dager siden

    I was born a day after felix So close but so far

  • Joshua pere
    Joshua pere7 dager siden

    Pls guys don't say for the love if God pls 🙏 or even Goddamnit or even Omg or even Holy anything

  • Mr. Hispanic plays
    Mr. Hispanic plays7 dager siden

    the middle is a real dimond cristal and the stuff around is metal

  • CharneleArtzy
    CharneleArtzy9 dager siden

    Nothing ok felix

  • midmightykawaii
    midmightykawaii9 dager siden


  • 1ce_s0n1c
    1ce_s0n1c10 dager siden

    Pewds, you should flex glue your playbutton

  • donutranger
    donutranger10 dager siden

    4:42 , a promise for a better me this year

  • Barnabás Vígh
    Barnabás Vígh12 dager siden

    Papa pewdiepie, i came forth to seek redemption, for that i had commited simpin, cleanse the filth from my mortal body.

  • Eric Andersson
    Eric Andersson12 dager siden

    0:25 Me: I have been crying in my shower like i always do

  • Caleb Bunce
    Caleb Bunce12 dager siden

    why no more simping

  • Jeremy Larsen
    Jeremy Larsen13 dager siden

    i teared up when he said "how's it going bros my name's pewdiepie"

  • MrOGNightmare -
    MrOGNightmare -13 dager siden

    UGH: my friend held a door open for a GURL. I can't be friend with him anymore.

  • Michael Pumphret
    Michael Pumphret14 dager siden

    Davie504 on bass

  • TheGamingDoop
    TheGamingDoop15 dager siden

    I never knew how good Sive was at editing until I saw 5:30, those damn legs almost look real

  • nugget fam
    nugget fam16 dager siden

    Has anyone else noticed pweds new profile picture?

  • jest lego animatoin
    jest lego animatoin16 dager siden

    I did ready think you were gonna tell people to buy a pipe

  • fox master
    fox master16 dager siden

    I have been playing video games and looking at memes

  • Reever Jayson Paliza
    Reever Jayson Paliza16 dager siden

    Some Demonic Intro. pewds: :)

  • Avery McD
    Avery McD16 dager siden

    When he did the old intro tho🥲

  • Jada Zars
    Jada Zars16 dager siden

    . _ .

  • 冷やしてchilled
    冷やしてchilled17 dager siden

    Bro that's not a flute that's a fucking digeredoo

  • お願いします私が立ち往生するのを助ける
    お願いします私が立ち往生するのを助ける18 dager siden

    5:35 instead of Killing you two she didn't give y'all Pasta

  • haikyuu fan
    haikyuu fan18 dager siden

    pewds i checked the never gonna give you up song it is actually october 25 2009 and it is true tell pewds

  • MarioLord 14
    MarioLord 1419 dager siden


    IMMAFATRAT20 dager siden


  • Raghav Patil
    Raghav Patil20 dager siden


  • Se7enthson
    Se7enthson21 dag siden

    6:42 is actually a screenshot from the unreleased "video" Pewds and Mark made a while back lmao

  • MondoVince211
    MondoVince21121 dag siden

    glue it to gether

  • Sean Salvador
    Sean Salvador22 dager siden

    10:45 Felix transforms to 2012 Pewds "Bros" A tear has been shed

  • Bigfoot With WIFI
    Bigfoot With WIFI23 dager siden

    poods used za worldo

  • Joran212
    Joran21226 dager siden

    Pewds:"Everything I have ever said is a joke" Pewds almost a decade ago: "I love you, Marzia"

  • Hornyinit
    Hornyinit27 dager siden

  • Hornyinit
    Hornyinit27 dager siden


  • Arcadz
    Arcadz27 dager siden

    Belle Daphne looks like my class mate when she gets a haircut

  • Lâm Nguyễn Khánh
    Lâm Nguyễn Khánh27 dager siden

    i just got a ad called never simping

  • Arcadz


    27 dager siden


  • Matthew Hammon
    Matthew Hammon27 dager siden

    im supposed to no be a simp? uh-

  • Arcadz


    27 dager siden

    Either be a simp or no

  • Arcadz


    27 dager siden

    It is ur choice

  • FOX PHAS3 perfect noob
    FOX PHAS3 perfect noob28 dager siden

    Did you know that captain america's a sim

  • FrozenLava
    FrozenLava28 dager siden

    Pewdiepie watched prison school before

  • I have a goldfish obsession • 10 pp ago
    I have a goldfish obsession • 10 pp ago28 dager siden

    boys: no simp september girls: no suicide september me being a girl: no simp september

  • Arcadz


    27 dager siden


  • mmm shawty

    mmm shawty

    28 dager siden

    same here LMAO

  • ChubbyPuppy25
    ChubbyPuppy2529 dager siden


  • 400 milhões sem vídeo -
    400 milhões sem vídeo -Måned siden


  • Rath Disaster
    Rath DisasterMåned siden


  • Kleo Zoupani
    Kleo ZoupaniMåned siden

    well that was a lie 7:10

  • Madelaine Kiesey-Calding
    Madelaine Kiesey-CaldingMåned siden

    Not me watching pewdiepie while eating cake from IKEA

  • BitterBig
    BitterBigMåned siden

    1:33 are you sure tho?!

  • bruh
    bruhMåned siden

    The intro is a nightmare fuel ngl

  • ballzsdeep
    ballzsdeepMåned siden


  • Evans Christ
    Evans ChristMåned siden

    omg felix has legs

  • Qual comm
    Qual commMåned siden

    Leave your memes on the marzia im bored

  • JassyBunny
    JassyBunnyMåned siden

    3:14 with NateWantsToBattle as the lead singer👀👀👀

  • jack gamingrs
    jack gamingrsMåned siden

    Now ksi and pewds are Best friends

  • Thunderbolt
    ThunderboltMåned siden

    Download this video right now so that when pewds hits 140m we will have proof.

  • MonsterBruh
    MonsterBruhMåned siden

    Idk why he simps Belle.

  • Birdelicious
    BirdeliciousMåned siden

    For some reason I thought of making a joke asking if you were Norwegian (I know you're Swedish)

  • Simon Smith
    Simon SmithMåned siden

    Me: sees his subcount for the first time also me: HOLY S-

  • Eh Gay Law Saw Soe
    Eh Gay Law Saw SoeMåned siden

    belle delphine:what would you do if i was in your fridge Mrbeast:we have a fridge and we have a cannon

  • SpunkMC
    SpunkMCMåned siden

    As a french horn player, please please please get an alphorn and try to play it

  • Chad Buoy445
    Chad Buoy445Måned siden


  • Heartzz Blue
    Heartzz BlueMåned siden

    Isnt anyone gonna talk about the amazing intro🌝

  • Xianon Leanox Yandoc
    Xianon Leanox YandocMåned siden

    Ah yes lwiay

  • Inspector Roy
    Inspector RoyMåned siden

    Sive your editing skills are incredible at 5:27 I mean how did you even make the legs look so realistic?? Legendary editing

  • Tyrone
    TyroneMåned siden

    4:42 “I will not simp” “I will not live” “I will not lfxksaoirbps psnskosocembah!”

  • Nancy Singh Maurya

    Nancy Singh Maurya

    19 dager siden

    @donutranger same, watched this video a fuck load of time for this

  • donutranger


    26 dager siden

    i fucking cracked everytime

  • MONSTA legend
    MONSTA legendMåned siden

    Yes im a freaking simp S - uper I - ntense M - inecraft P - layer

  • The Galactic Raptor
    The Galactic RaptorMåned siden

    It’s weird how sometimes Sive blurs out his swearing and sometimes not

  • Not Bnb
    Not BnbMåned siden

    wow i could not, i just had to clap yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes

  • The LegenLarry 111
    The LegenLarry 111Måned siden

    But can we ask you to sign our shirts😎?

  • howdoideletemyself
    howdoideletemyselfMåned siden

    No simp

  • Hugo Garner - Elev Lyckeby kunskapscentrum 4
    Hugo Garner - Elev Lyckeby kunskapscentrum 4Måned siden

    pewds jag är svensk jag älskar dinaa videos

  • CaptainRex36
    CaptainRex36Måned siden

    I can imagine the same title with pewds just taking off his wedding ring in the thumbnail.

  • Spirit Stardust
    Spirit StardustMåned siden

    loose the mirror your light is blinding everyone

    KRØNICMåned siden

    well i looked it up and never gonna give you up WAS released on pewds birthday

  • MartinZ
    MartinZMåned siden

    i just got an ad on this video about stopping simping

  • EmperorCrimson
    EmperorCrimsonMåned siden

    Tell me why whenever I’m watching pewdiepie my brother comes running to me (I think it’s the intro lol 😂)

  • fruitycorn
    fruitycornMåned siden

    What does simp mean does it mean like likeing someone or something to much ??

  • fruitycorn


    Måned siden

    @CT-7568 Wrecker so what does it mean when people simp for corpses voice can women do that too men do you know corpses

  • CT-7568 Wrecker

    CT-7568 Wrecker

    Måned siden

    Simp is a slang insult for men who are seen as too attentive and submissive to women, especially out of a failed hope of winning some entitled sexual attention or activity from them.

  • Anthony Lank
    Anthony LankMåned siden

    6:41. pewds dose not know its from souleater. o ma ga

    KUEI YINMåned siden

    Good Lord thanks you for no simping bro now stop that triant belle delphine

  • Idk Anymore
    Idk AnymoreMåned siden

    So when u said you got 100 million subscribers means that was a joke?

  • SoleFNCLO
    SoleFNCLOMåned siden

    9:12 And thus, the meme was born

  • TBNR Fishy
    TBNR FishyMåned siden

    Your beard looks like a saber tooth tiger tooth

  • Carlos Castaneda
    Carlos CastanedaMåned siden

    Your annoying af. Probably why the sheeple love you so much. Lol no hate here tho your doing your thing and I admire that. But me... your annoying af. Idk why NOlocal suggested this video to me tbh. I equally don't know why I clicked. I know who you are tho, your a NOlocal celeb, but goddammit your annoying af. Love you bro

  • Sombra
    SombraMåned siden

    were is the porn video again???

  • Inspector Roy

    Inspector Roy

    Måned siden

    Now we’re asking the real questions

  • UniKornFlakes
    UniKornFlakesMåned siden

    4:41 Felix be saying "I WILL NOT SIMP" and then starts talking in minecraft enchanting table

  • Val Kyle
    Val KyleMåned siden

    5:57 ayyyyyy its kenshin himura he uses his ultimate technique " AMAKAKERU RYU NO HIRAMEKI"

  • Mr. Meows Bakery
    Mr. Meows BakeryMåned siden

    I got a tuber simulator right before this video lmao

  • RaymondFan234
    RaymondFan234Måned siden

    I’m glad I was born September thank god.

  • Aukkhor Mujahid
    Aukkhor MujahidMåned siden

    Big PP

  • arandomduckdog
    arandomduckdogMåned siden

    6:02 *war flashbacks*

  • oddly irrelevant
    oddly irrelevantMåned siden

    it all makes sense now. he said everything he ever said was a joke, that means the congratulations music video he made for t-series was a disstrack in disguise. genius.


    Can’t wait still I watch an old man in the future

  • Brock Nate
    Brock NateMåned siden

    Pewdipie needs a button that says big pp when he hits it

  • MrRataMutante
    MrRataMutanteMåned siden

    So he really doesnt take pictures with a fan if he is in the street?

  • Michael Jalaluddin
    Michael JalaluddinMåned siden

    Michael Jalaluddin subscribe

  • Light K
    Light KMåned siden

    8:11 this is legendary