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  • Deny Angara Official
    Deny Angara Official8 timer siden


  • Abeeeshen
    Abeeeshen21 time siden

    Now i can’t negligible fr LOL

  • V3J0TA
    V3J0TADag siden

    americanos: asp americanos também: asp USHDUASHDUASHDUASHDUASHD

  • Ferry Muhammad Nur
    Ferry Muhammad NurDag siden

    PewDiePie: "I've shot a lot of videos" The media: "write that down,write that down"

  • Deepak Sharma
    Deepak SharmaDag siden

    2:50 damn......... that sync

  • my husband is big marvel
    my husband is big marvelDag siden

    We love edgar cam

  • Vansh Bhardwaj
    Vansh Bhardwaj2 dager siden

    When you realise the outro has no audio

  • Me Me
    Me Me2 dager siden

    Babe your always so adorable 😍 💝💘

  • Smooth smoothie 68 419
    Smooth smoothie 68 4192 dager siden

    Neg Lij able

  • Swany gaming
    Swany gaming3 dager siden

    This was a pewdiepie nostalgia compilation

  • lalen gg
    lalen gg3 dager siden


  • Historry
    Historry3 dager siden

    i hadn't seen pewds in a while and when I saw the KSI vid the mustache kinda shocked me but I gotta be honest, with a light beard I can kinda dig the full mustache vibes

  • Fid TGS
    Fid TGS3 dager siden

    Edgar during this whole video: why am I here

  • Bachrain
    Bachrain3 dager siden


  • Millie McIntyre
    Millie McIntyre3 dager siden


  • Sydney Addison-Rudat
    Sydney Addison-Rudat4 dager siden

    Neg-li-JAble (hope this helps lol)

  • Andrew Van Buren
    Andrew Van Buren5 dager siden

    Pewds has the absolute best dad stache

  • Carlos Pallete
    Carlos Pallete5 dager siden

    this was, HILARIOUS

  • Haylee Bragg
    Haylee Bragg6 dager siden

    I can't say negligible after watching this video.

  • ryan 707
    ryan 7076 dager siden

    عربي ما في

  • Ashwin
    Ashwin6 dager siden


  • yrrem sirhc
    yrrem sirhc6 dager siden

    petition to have part 2

  • dezz
    dezz7 dager siden


  • Yemmi
    Yemmi7 dager siden

    omfg is anyone going to talk abt how the ad break is muted

  • TheScribe
    TheScribe8 dager siden

    Still not saying it right 'Neg-lick-bubble' lol

  • Maximum813
    Maximum8138 dager siden

    He got it right though here 1:21

  • TheScribe


    8 dager siden

    Neg-Lick-Bubble and sometimes he says Neg-Lick-Buggle. haha

  • Prabal Singh
    Prabal Singh8 dager siden

    Yes Abu dhabi Is in india!

  • Umeed Bandu
    Umeed Bandu8 dager siden

    Anyone else legitimately laugh at what edgar said 0:22 got me so off guard🤣🤣😂

  • Abrar Tomlinson
    Abrar Tomlinson8 dager siden

    Can we have a book review pls

  • İdil Karaali
    İdil Karaali9 dager siden

    i wonder if felix ever met ken’s kid

  • I_Oof 84
    I_Oof 849 dager siden

    The neighbor's neighbor's kid is the predator of the neighbor's kid.

  • Ur Mom
    Ur Mom9 dager siden

    pewdiepie: i shot alot of weird videos me : ya think

  • kasra kakaee
    kasra kakaee9 dager siden

    i love the neighbors kid

    СМЕРТНИК 经销商 НЕ НАВИЖУ ЛЮДЕЙ9 dager siden

    И этот комень перевернет мир я смогу изменить свою жизнь и вашу вы будете смотреть мои видео и радоватся Я стример иду к своей цели смотри мой канал люблю своего кота больше чем девушек спамлю везде целеустремленный еще я нюхаю трусы

  • Riley Anderson
    Riley Anderson9 dager siden

    Hey how’s it goin bros it’s TOP OF THE MORNING TO YA 17:31

  • Art/singing Love
    Art/singing Love9 dager siden

    Felix: I am NOT the neighbour's kid Also Felix: Looks like Dobby the house elf in a beard

  • Jobie Tench
    Jobie Tench10 dager siden

    18:52 me when bottom text

    ITSKA10 dager siden

    I love it when I watch one of pewdipies videos and don't hear any swearing. Then I just watch 1 Markiplier video and the first word he says is F**k

  • Abdullah Kashiff
    Abdullah Kashiff10 dager siden


  • BK-201
    BK-20110 dager siden

    Actually You Are The Best NOlocalrs I Ever Seen

  • Werwoolf Seedan
    Werwoolf Seedan11 dager siden

    Yo it's so weird. Like a retrospective or seeng youure kid's photos.

  • r a r a j e a n
    r a r a j e a n11 dager siden

    bcos u are a scorpio hahaha

  • kawa
    kawa11 dager siden

    now i understand why my girlfriend doesn't understand pewdiepie

  • Isabella Lannoo
    Isabella Lannoo11 dager siden

    13:11 You will thank me, look at edgar

  • Nongendertoast3 yep
    Nongendertoast3 yep11 dager siden

    I rlly wanna hear pewds say pneumonoultramicroscopicsciliconevolcanoconiosis.

  • D. Estrella
    D. Estrella12 dager siden

    2:46 Neji nigga balls

  • Dimitris Skenderas
    Dimitris Skenderas12 dager siden

    Pew die pies first greek word in reddit perimene

  • Atari The Shiba
    Atari The Shiba12 dager siden

    17:23 when you thought pewds was tall but see the difference between him and CinnamonToastKen

  • Leonidas1520 YT
    Leonidas1520 YT13 dager siden

    Guys it’s ok, he was trying to say negligible when he was on the bridge

  • Bit Frost
    Bit Frost13 dager siden

    A S P : As Speed Possible

  • Todd Howard
    Todd Howard13 dager siden


  • Todd Howard
    Todd Howard13 dager siden


  • Ethan Pedro
    Ethan Pedro13 dager siden

    the moustache quite alpha

  • Faith El
    Faith El13 dager siden

    But there is context because the context is no context right?

  • Rose
    Rose13 dager siden

    Plot twist: Felix never said the n -word, he was just trying to pronounce negligible

  • Tanner Nelson
    Tanner Nelson13 dager siden

    ( ͠° ͟ʖ ͡°)

    TOTALLY TRUE14 dager siden

    edgar still alive? WHAAA

  • Karan Gupta
    Karan Gupta14 dager siden

    after seeing this I can't spell negligible

  • Faisal Aman
    Faisal Aman14 dager siden

    Wow...... He is reacting to his weirdness in this *era* What we suffered for 10years with him.

  • Ko Haku
    Ko Haku14 dager siden


  • Mizuki Airi
    Mizuki Airi14 dager siden

    I just realized that he made the same mistake at the same time with the word negligible on the minute 2:50

  • nauticalarc
    nauticalarc14 dager siden

    why did i think pewds actually made sive make a compilation of pewdiepie out of context

  • My Tech Helper
    My Tech Helper15 dager siden

    Old videos are really op🙂

  • Jok Snow
    Jok Snow15 dager siden

    "I have a theory that all kids are babies" (c) PewDiePie in a video I can't find

  • Ben Anasarias
    Ben Anasarias15 dager siden

    Jokes on them, Among Us has proximity voice chat now.

  • Osamah Albanna
    Osamah Albanna15 dager siden

    7:37 had me man 💀

  • Rubelh Hossai
    Rubelh Hossai15 dager siden

    The wide geography indirectly imagine because dogsled timely gaze after a upbeat flesh. befitting, subsequent mice

  • keyokei
    keyokei15 dager siden

    man seeing marzia pop up with felix's last name was the icing on the cake *chefs kiss* 10/10, much satisfy. edit: felix you're dangerously close to saying something else whenever you say "negligible" lmao

  • snithy
    snithy15 dager siden

    pewds makes a mistake saying negligible at the same time as the video hes watching at 2:50 loll

  • Your Info Guy
    Your Info Guy16 dager siden

    Alright fellas let’s get cocomelon to #1 on netflix

  • meme god
    meme god16 dager siden

    Ne glij ab le

  • IAmBored
    IAmBored16 dager siden


  • Exanthe
    Exanthe16 dager siden

    I live for edgar cam

  • Baejin Bae
    Baejin Bae16 dager siden


  • Paolo Hill
    Paolo Hill16 dager siden

    2:20 he is wearing sesh bruv thats tight asf

  • Lynyl Sueno
    Lynyl Sueno17 dager siden

    Pewds, just tf.

  • Chara Dreemurr

    Chara Dreemurr

    16 dager siden


  • Lieutenant Wasabi
    Lieutenant Wasabi17 dager siden

    And now we wait until his grownup son sees this.

  • Nae Does Things
    Nae Does Things18 dager siden


  • Raykhe Jeffer
    Raykhe Jeffer18 dager siden

    The purring discussion simultaneously imagine because second subjectively claim astride a endurable kitty. glossy, second success

  • scott pilgrim
    scott pilgrim18 dager siden


  • Jackson Berrigan
    Jackson Berrigan18 dager siden

    I’m forgetting how to say negligible thank to you

  • water sheep
    water sheep18 dager siden

    Now i knew that felix is kinda wierd......

  • Green day Z
    Green day Z18 dager siden

    and apparently i need to speak to my pedeatricicion, check with my doctor and anaylyze my health to see if i can drink g fuel..

  • RoseWolf 32
    RoseWolf 3218 dager siden

    2:51 damn synchronised

  • Fellow Ikitsuka
    Fellow Ikitsuka18 dager siden

    I love those vids because it feels like sitting down with a friends watching funny vids

  • Astrid Valdes
    Astrid Valdes18 dager siden

    i love the edgar cam

  • G1 Sunstreaker
    G1 Sunstreaker18 dager siden

    love me that silent outro

  • viridi xx
    viridi xx18 dager siden

    so basically a toned down xQc

  • Constellations
    Constellations18 dager siden

    7:38 you’re welcome

  • Constellations


    18 dager siden

    @Tushaar Verma I know. (Empire Strikes Back reference if you didn’t catch on)

  • Tushaar Verma

    Tushaar Verma

    18 dager siden

    Love u

  • tawfik khetib
    tawfik khetib18 dager siden

    19:20 wow i can really tell what is this ad about now i want the thing that the ad is talking about

  • Luca Parreira
    Luca Parreira19 dager siden

    Mano se esse cara peida e grava da tipo 10M de views?

  • vidit
    vidit19 dager siden

    and now i can't pronounce "negligible" too

  • moh hmd
    moh hmd19 dager siden

    google:. negligible felix : saying he's last name

  • Hayden Brooks
    Hayden Brooks20 dager siden

    Wait. how can a euorpean know what an ar15 is?

  • Harpreet Nanglu
    Harpreet Nanglu20 dager siden

    This has to be one of the most funny videos I've seen in a while😂,thank you pewds

  • DailyDoseOfNothing
    DailyDoseOfNothing20 dager siden

    like my recent video hehe

  • Josie Bessant
    Josie Bessant20 dager siden

    i’m a simple girl, i see marzia in the thumbnail: i click

  • I sing in my sleep
    I sing in my sleep20 dager siden

    Poor Edgar. His father cannot say Negligable.

  • Lucurous
    Lucurous20 dager siden

    14:57 it's kinda sad really.

  • feras ghallab
    feras ghallab21 dag siden

    the best thing i have seen in my entire life 7:39