Playing Minecraft Until My Wife Tells Me to Stop..

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  • Kore Aidon
    Kore Aidon3 timer siden

    He's back guys don't worry.

  • Kyan Tulfer
    Kyan Tulfer4 timer siden


  • Rais
    Rais4 timer siden

    Watching this so I can see your face 😭

  • Fortnite Highlights
    Fortnite Highlights5 timer siden

    When are you doing a face reveal pewds?

  • Andres Anderson
    Andres Anderson6 timer siden

    Its singeki no Sunday

  • Super Matthew Bros U
    Super Matthew Bros U7 timer siden

    PewDiePie sucks you are a big monster.

  • real sou hiyori

    real sou hiyori

    4 timer siden


  • KULINER icip Rasa
    KULINER icip Rasa7 timer siden

    welcom to indonesia please🙏🙏👉🔴

  • Venix
    Venix8 timer siden

    50 year old man btw

  • GİRAY Karabarlas
    GİRAY Karabarlas8 timer siden


  • Rafael Pereira
    Rafael Pereira8 timer siden

    Sou o único Brasileiro aqui ahaha

  • Marc B
    Marc B10 timer siden

    Dude please do a Habbo Hotel video we need to revive that game

  • Anthony Zuccarello
    Anthony Zuccarello10 timer siden

    Better than t series

  • AJ dubois
    AJ dubois11 timer siden

    soggy bed

  • Scóût Gaming
    Scóût Gaming11 timer siden

    Listen carryminati by you PewDiePie

  • Scóût Gaming
    Scóût Gaming11 timer siden

    Dont challenge india

  • Amin_gamer 009 YT
    Amin_gamer 009 YT12 timer siden

    I hate T series

  • I'm in the minority
    I'm in the minority13 timer siden

    This was the last vid before the face concealment, on the cusp of the dark ages

  • matryx
    matryx13 timer siden

    if you take my subscription you will be lucky for the rest of your life

  • Эдуард Балданов
    Эдуард Балданов14 timer siden

    500 000 000

  • Mario Ganteng
    Mario Ganteng14 timer siden

    Please dont pensi

    30-SHIVANSH MISHRA14 timer siden


  • Demented
    Demented14 timer siden

    I am not breathing till I hit 20,000 subscribers

  • jeena song
    jeena song14 timer siden

    Pewdipie!I am Korean!Wow!Your minecraft glass house is very beautiful!

  • Virro The Wizard
    Virro The Wizard15 timer siden

    This is very entertaining

  • 猫TAKE Danya
    猫TAKE Danya15 timer siden

    日本人います?2021年1月24日 ダレかー

  • KC FOX11
    KC FOX1117 timer siden

    enchant other stuff

  • constantash gameing
    constantash gameing17 timer siden

    Early gang is cringe

    MR FF OFFICIAL17 timer siden

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  • XxXMia_.ChanzXxX
    XxXMia_.ChanzXxX18 timer siden

    4:25 Here😊

  • XxXMia_.ChanzXxX
    XxXMia_.ChanzXxX18 timer siden

    Mantap lah ish pokoknya👏🏻👏🏻

  • ABM
    ABM18 timer siden


  • 家はobito 首
    家はobito 首18 timer siden

    Darling gimme two minutes 😂

  • JJB Gamer
    JJB Gamer18 timer siden

    Sub to JJB Gamer

  • Tqdani X
    Tqdani X19 timer siden

    I just imagined pewds leaving forever and i cried, I totally understands if he wants to leave but it’ll literally make me so sad it would feel like part of me is missing idk (if ur reading this felix don’t feel pressured pls u hope u live a good life so do whatever you desire!!)

  • Justine josh D. Guevarra
    Justine josh D. Guevarra21 time siden

    This is the last video of our legend 😢😢 what a legend

  • AliverGoPro
    AliverGoPro22 timer siden

    Published (ᵔᴥᵔ)

  • Fleymer 11
    Fleymer 11Dag siden

    The alphabet in enchantment. Here you go: A=ᔑ b=ʖ c=ᓵ d=↸ e=ᒷ f=⎓ g=⊣ h=⍑ i=╎ j=⋮ k=ꖌ l=ꖎ m=ᒲ n=リ o=𝙹 p=!¡ q=ᑑ r=∷ s=ᓭ t=ℸ ̣ u=⚍ v=⍊ w=∴ y=|| z=⨅

  • Hao Yee

    Hao Yee

    22 timer siden

    PewDiePie comeback!!!!

  • Shadow
    ShadowDag siden

    U can tell pewdiepie is really bored

  • br4and0nX0
    br4and0nX0Dag siden


  • goo goo doo
    goo goo dooDag siden


  • Games Tv ANIMA
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    SpacecrashDag siden

    Rip watershrep

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  • Shamima Islam
    Shamima IslamDag siden

    support ❤️

  • Samy Sady Family Vlog
    Samy Sady Family VlogDag siden

    Please watch our family vlogs and subscribe too its really entertaining

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    Felipe MezaDag siden


  • Samy Sady Family Vlog

    Samy Sady Family Vlog

    Dag siden

    Please watch our family vlogs and subscribe too its really entertaining

  • Michelle Klawiter
    Michelle KlawiterDag siden

    I love in some vids when he says welcome back to PEWDIEPIEE

  • Jakub 258
    Jakub 258Dag siden

    Phi1Za minecraft hardcore series bootleg

  • *S Ky*
    *S Ky*Dag siden


  • Muhammad Yudit
    Muhammad YuditDag siden

    He's back

  • Rency Varghese
    Rency VargheseDag siden


  • Amtrak Train Productions
    Amtrak Train ProductionsDag siden

    He's BACK

  • Umeed Bandu
    Umeed BanduDag siden

    Where is the big reveal

  • DeadLife Life
    DeadLife LifeDag siden

    Let’s take a little break (2 weeks later)

  • sanshrey s
    sanshrey sDag siden


  • Apratim Chatterjee
    Apratim ChatterjeeDag siden

    Were is he I am gonna kill myself if this continues

  • Steven Santos
    Steven SantosDag siden


  • OverShock
    OverShockDag siden

    *next vid* *Not uploading a vid until my wife tells me to*

  • Bryan Speedruner
    Bryan SpeedrunerDag siden

    Thanks to this man for continuing to play Minecraft

  • TopFire
    TopFireDag siden

    ruffled I ask you to subscribe to me please I have a dream 2000 subscribers

  • Luke Wardford
    Luke WardfordDag siden

    Guys, I'm starting to freak out! Where's pewds?

  • Roger Smith

    Roger Smith

    Dag siden

    Stop man he just took a break and from his Instagram story he actually returns today.

  • CCentral Channel
    CCentral ChannelDag siden

    Please give PewDiePie a break and don’t pressure him. PewDiePie if you read this, take your time.

  • Meme Beast
    Meme BeastDag siden

    Hi pewdiepie go crush t series like in the on brofist man vid :D

  • Yutong master games
    Yutong master gamesDag siden

    please guide me how i can promote my channel

  • TopFire
    TopFireDag siden

    Ребят пожалуйста потдпишитесь на мой канал я всех прошу у меня мечта 1000 подписчиков

  • Levi
    LeviDag siden

    Its getting sadder with each day

  • DTC egael
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  • DTC egael
    DTC egaelDag siden

    You are grat

  • Emphore
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  • Ihateschool Ok boomer
    Ihateschool Ok boomerDag siden

    Guys sub to him so he can pass t series

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    PottatoDag siden

    Osvaldo 12

  • PewDie_2002- -PewDiePie
    PewDie_2002- -PewDiePieDag siden

    2021 > Rip COVID-19 :( :( %74

  • Douaa Negrini
    Douaa NegriniDag siden

    He was like the best youtuber to me

  • Wonden Gyatso
    Wonden GyatsoDag siden

    2 weeks ago?!? it felt like a year now

  • Presidential gaming 646
    Presidential gaming 646Dag siden

    Are you coming back

  • 07Jirachi07
    07Jirachi07Dag siden

    Maybe the nerve gear he used trapped him inside Minecraft and cannot log out until he finished the game.

  • Mapper Boi
    Mapper BoiDag siden

    Like 👇

  • King Zeno
    King ZenoDag siden

    Üye (8 ay) Scrub Fort, •, 1 gün önce

  • Rigs Kitomoto
    Rigs KitomotoDag siden

    He'll be back....

  • I'm Samir
    I'm SamirDag siden

    my but hert

  • kira
    kiraDag siden

    2 weeks where is he?

  • Jamie Evans

    Jamie Evans

    Dag siden


  • Anirudh Vlogzzz
    Anirudh VlogzzzDag siden

    Why are the graphics so good?

  • emerson shepard
    emerson shepardDag siden

    is-is he okay?

  • RedLy
    RedLyDag siden


    MHR CHANNELDag siden

    I like it your video My from indoneaia

  • Mike DLS
    Mike DLSDag siden

    Sometimes I think there's a time where we doesn't need to upload anyone... like he might be set for life. He could just stop any day.

  • Убей Меня

    Убей Меня

    10 timer siden

    It’s no question, the man is a multi millionaire. He could stop at any point, but still does it because it has been his whole life thus far.



    Dag siden

    @Spela Repe lmao he uploaded

  • Spela Repe

    Spela Repe

    Dag siden

    @Jamal Crawford I'm still waiting its 7pm

  • Jamal Crawford

    Jamal Crawford

    Dag siden

    He’s uploading today

  • AsmrLover4Tinglez


    Dag siden

    I think hell stop at 50 years old

  • BigSalo
    BigSaloDag siden

    Me: will you come back pewds? Pewds: Of course! just going to get some cigarettes...

  • Anubhaba Pradhan

    Anubhaba Pradhan

    Dag siden

    :') Smoking kills

  • Anubhaba Pradhan
    Anubhaba PradhanDag siden

    Let's spam sub bot to tseries 's lastest video for fun Until pewds comes back

  • Repeerc
    RepeercDag siden

    Waiting For that random Kind Heart person who would support my channel

  • Dean Anggito
    Dean AnggitoDag siden

    make bebeh now

  • Noah Alexander
    Noah AlexanderDag siden

    More vids pls?

  • Zein Nh
    Zein NhDag siden

    Chill out he said he will be gone for 3 Weeks in January in a video, he is making a new deal for his business to make his videos on other platforms like Facebook. What makes me sad is my reddit post which got to the top ones, then he was gone for long and my post got pushed down now 😔

  • Zein Nh

    Zein Nh

    Dag siden

    Can't believe it, he just posted a video some minutes after my comment and my submission was in it 😍🤜🤛🎉

  • fireplace33


    Dag siden

    Finally some 1 who's not an idiot saying pewds you ok or upload plz

  • Udara Jayasekara
    Udara JayasekaraDag siden


  • Kaidzz
    KaidzzDag siden

    Trying to get famous of comments Day 1 (so check me out)

  • Mae Antalza
    Mae AntalzaDag siden

    I love how we come back everyday or like every other day and comment just to check and have conversation with other bros ✨

  • alexanderplayz 90
    alexanderplayz 90Dag siden

    what the heck is pewdiepie at he dident upload 2 weaks

  • Drake Hodge

    Drake Hodge

    Dag siden

    Ikr I’m having a crisis

  • Brad Winward
    Brad WinwardDag siden

    I'm sure you hear it all the time, but thank you so much for always being there. You've been in my life since I was 13 and I'm 21 now. So many things have changed since then in my life, but you've always been there. Thank you for mixing in life wisdoms with the banter and I hope it doesn't ever get lost on you that you've been an influence in millions of lives. The story arcs you've had over time feel like they have epic proportions and when we were promoted to 19 year olds, it was so surreal to realize how long we've actually been here. How long YOUVE been here. You deserve to retire and pursue more personal goals and projects. Thank you, thank you, thank you

  • Mapoleo
    MapoleoDag siden

    Maybe we’ll have to wait 84 years