Playing Minecraft until my wife tells me to stop.

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  • Sam archer
    Sam archerTime siden

    even another drink is another step closer to death or redemption, and that is still progress. thats how ive always looked at giving money to the homeless.

  • Alex Newn
    Alex Newn2 timer siden

    1:52:00 already exists

  • Rrou laden
    Rrou laden2 timer siden

    I forgot about the fact that I’m a member

  • unkonwn
    unkonwn5 timer siden


  • Immanuel Herwerth
    Immanuel Herwerth5 timer siden

    Who is here because you miss his funny facial expressions in his new vids?

  • Michael Does It All
    Michael Does It All6 timer siden

    I pronounce iron I yearn

  • Jonteツ
    Jonteツ6 timer siden

    When does he stop eating

  • Zeni
    Zeni7 timer siden

    who else is glad that they dont have to pay to watch a live?

  • Zeni
    Zeni7 timer siden

    did i just here minecrap?

  • Anakin Skywalker
    Anakin Skywalker9 timer siden

    I watched the whole thing until my wife told me to stop.

  • Karlzi Fnaf
    Karlzi Fnaf10 timer siden


  • Trishnagni's sweet magic world
    Trishnagni's sweet magic world10 timer siden

    If u ar a pro, than prove it! Make a woodland mansion in minecraft survival !

  • 양세민
    양세민10 timer siden

    wow 8 hour awesome pewdiepie your are best youtuber in the world

  • Ömer faruk Yıldırım
    Ömer faruk Yıldırım11 timer siden

    Fake dont iş lsnsndje

  • Melanie Arazi
    Melanie Arazi11 timer siden

    Goood lord that was long

  • Fox
    Fox12 timer siden

    Alternate Title: Pewds acting like a veteran for 8 hours.

  • Jake Kammerer
    Jake Kammerer13 timer siden


  • Aakarsh Kaushik
    Aakarsh Kaushik13 timer siden

    why pewds?why did you end the subscribers battle with t-series...subscribers gap is huge now

  • Demented
    Demented14 timer siden

    I am not breathing till I hit 20,000 subscribers

    MR FF OFFICIAL15 timer siden

    Who accidentally read my comment, I hope you are always healthy, given health, and given good luck :)) Don't forget to subscribe to my NOlocal channel

  • Nicholas Yager
    Nicholas Yager16 timer siden


    CHARLIX RAE18 timer siden

    I am putting this in fast and watching this after my school lol

    CHARLIX RAE18 timer siden


  • Bmc Moose
    Bmc Moose18 timer siden

    How do u become a member

  • Nicholas Yager
    Nicholas Yager18 timer siden

    First of all just wash the dishes like we do in Australia. Fill the sink. Then soak. Then scrub. No splashy splashy. Second of all get a dishwasher.

  • Nicholas Yager
    Nicholas Yager18 timer siden

    You confidently mispronouncing iron is almost as cringe as going mining with an inventory full of sand.

  • ShinpuruWaifu
    ShinpuruWaifu20 timer siden

    woah its my first time pewdiepie swearing and not uncensored. this is surprising

  • Adriane Orzechowski
    Adriane OrzechowskiDag siden

    Felix should try feed the beast 😂 I want to see his big brain in action

  • br4and0nX0
    br4and0nX0Dag siden


  • Sora_白い空
    Sora_白い空Dag siden

    Lol at first I seriously tought the title was:Playing Minecraft until my LIFE tells me to stop😂

  • Amjad alhindi
    Amjad alhindiDag siden

    im so glad i didnt finish watching this before watching his last video. now it feels so different

  • Tonio Montana
    Tonio MontanaDag siden


  • Samy Sady Family Vlog
    Samy Sady Family VlogDag siden

    Please watch our family vlogs and subscribe too its really entertaining

  • Peculiar
    PeculiarDag siden

    Eye ern

  • N3GO_KAU4
    N3GO_KAU4Dag siden

    Hii I brazil

  • Drx Navi Sihmar
    Drx Navi SihmarDag siden

    Indian 👍

  • yts.sketches
    yts.sketchesDag siden

    subscribe to yts.sketches

  • N Z
    N ZDag siden

    Pls sub

  • Luis R
    Luis RDag siden

    Tus videos son feos es de ratas

  • Krycha 049
    Krycha 049Dag siden



    I have cold please play cold mode in minecraft



  • dani lugo
    dani lugoDag siden

    fell asleep to meatball making

  • Gluttony gaming
    Gluttony gamingDag siden

    Imagine getting some support from PewDiePie

  • Justyn Balingit
    Justyn BalingitDag siden

    Pewdiepie imitated mr beast

  • Phantom foxy
    Phantom foxyDag siden

    Gg mean good game

  • Murat SERDAR Özmen
    Murat SERDAR ÖzmenDag siden

    8 hours

  • Ben jinkon
    Ben jinkonDag siden

    Who watched full this video

  • Abdi Ali
    Abdi AliDag siden

    I litarly wachd all 8 hours

  • Аркадий Сделай штото
    Аркадий Сделай штотоDag siden


  • Chadsworth
    ChadsworthDag siden


  • Frenchh Fry
    Frenchh FryDag siden

    pewds streamed this on my birthday but i couldn’t comment at the time :[ it was still fun to watch tho!

  • ᴘᴀᴘᴇʟʟɪᴛᴏ
    ᴘᴀᴘᴇʟʟɪᴛᴏDag siden

    8 hours what the hell XD

  • PAMchubs
    PAMchubsDag siden

    Hiii!! I'm a small minecraft youtuber who appreciates your works..hope to be like you soon☺️

  • Francesca besio
    Francesca besioDag siden


  • μαρια


    Dag siden


  • DetectFee
    DetectFeeDag siden

    Ignore this comment, its the part on where i stopped: 1:08:17

  • Celal karagül
    Celal karagülDag siden

    Big-hearted man playing Minecraft for 8 and a half hours

  • I don't have think
    I don't have thinkDag siden

    I skipped to the last

  • Worlды
    WorlдыDag siden


  • Music for Mental Wellness
    Music for Mental WellnessDag siden

    If you are alive, you already have the strength to endure anything & everything. Have faith in yourself and keep climbing the ladder that this life is.

  • Robert Nichols
    Robert NicholsDag siden


  • Harjinder Kalsi
    Harjinder KalsiDag siden

    You are not mind your mad

  • Harjinder Kalsi
    Harjinder KalsiDag siden

    You are like a frog and your mind

  • Harjinder Kalsi
    Harjinder KalsiDag siden

    Beauty parlour voice is like a marawa karo a Dead Crow

  • H
    HDag siden

    Love the glass shadows on the water in the meatball. Looks so cool!!

  • петегри авп
    петегри авпDag siden


    RYMEN HEDDag siden

    Русские есть!??! Рассия ты гдеее

  • QT Flxckz
    QT FlxckzDag siden

    fun fact if you write fun fact people read all the way through i want my like

  • jy4741
    jy4741Dag siden

    YOU PLAYED MINECRAFT FOR 8 HOURS!? Well, you probably took breaks

  • AwOkEn x BeAsT
    AwOkEn x BeAsTDag siden

    PewDiePie be like: iron Us be like: i(e) rn Ok I'ma pronounce it that way. Cause FLOOR GANG IS RIGHT!!!

  • Jan Blaze Terrado
    Jan Blaze TerradoDag siden

    Minecraft bedrock

  • Jan Blaze Terrado
    Jan Blaze TerradoDag siden


  • Andrew Groesbeck
    Andrew GroesbeckDag siden

    how much caphine

    HUZAIFA TARIQ29Dag siden


  • Red Uno Card Reverse
    Red Uno Card ReverseDag siden

    POV: you skip to 8:22:00

  • Liahim
    LiahimDag siden

    If someone wants to see a begginer youtuber on his way come here =)I post gameplays videos

  • Jaby Chador
    Jaby ChadorDag siden


  • Katherine Blackmon
    Katherine BlackmonDag siden


  • o0pigpig0o
    o0pigpig0oDag siden

    if i do that until my girlfriend stops me. I will do that forever

  • Rtx Ren
    Rtx Ren2 dager siden

    where is water sheep

  • ColeTheGamer
    ColeTheGamer2 dager siden

    Imagine your wife got the notification to the stream and she just automatically went and told you to stop

  • niamh rattigan
    niamh rattigan2 dager siden

    When we are old and seeing our grandchildren and they ask us what we did as a child/teen/young adult/adult We will say that we watched a 30 something year old Swedish man make us laugh for days on end,and his name was Pewdiepie,he played with his friends in a fun game called "Among Us" and acted like an adult child with his friend Seán,and it was on an old app called "NOlocal",and that we feel sorry that children in that time will never get the craic we did from these guys

  • Anshuman Komirishetty
    Anshuman Komirishetty2 dager siden

    Hey guys, I'm a fellow 19-year-old college student from India. I've been watching pewds ever since 2014 and his videos and community have always helped me out in dire situations. I ask for the councils help once again. I've written a blog on medium as a part of an assignment, and I need as many "claps" (which as the liking mechanism on medium) as I can get. Each person can give up to 50 claps per post. Id appreciates all the help I can get from the bros, Thank you. FLOOR GANG OUH! The link to the blog is: @t

  • Yahia Ayash
    Yahia Ayash2 dager siden

    make reaction video of zakir naik and listening to quran ,,, please we luv you

  • Yahia Ayash
    Yahia Ayash2 dager siden

    make reaction video of zakir naik and listening to quran ,,, please we luv you

  • Yahia Ayash
    Yahia Ayash2 dager siden

    make reaction video of zakir naik and listening to quran ,,, please we luv you

  • Yahia Ayash
    Yahia Ayash2 dager siden

    make reaction video of zakir naik and listening to quran ,,, please we luv you

    FANTA XD2 dager siden

    8hours I my

  • Telomainafk
    Telomainafk2 dager siden

    Don't unlike it

  • Elma
    Elma2 dager siden

    Ben elma

  • Jeffy play a game
    Jeffy play a game2 dager siden

    tip dont install ark it breaks ur pc and watse ur space

  • Jeffy play a game
    Jeffy play a game2 dager siden

    i was born in minecraft because i have almost played minecraft the year a was born..... i wish that was a lie

  • weirdable clowns
    weirdable clowns2 dager siden

    nowan will wAtch this its 8 hours

  • Антон G
    Антон G2 dager siden


  • 「bubbletea」
    「bubbletea」2 dager siden

    Umm is it me but I basically watched all 8 hours of it lol

  • 「bubbletea」
    「bubbletea」2 dager siden

    He made Minecraft fun again.

  • Chika Jessica
    Chika Jessica2 dager siden


  • chandan kumar
    chandan kumar2 dager siden

    Come india carryminati is wating to tech hindi abuse

  • Sikandar matka
    Sikandar matka2 dager siden

    Nice video 💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞

  • Andrew Bowe
    Andrew Bowe2 dager siden

    He sang on vid