Proximity Chat in Among us! - Among Us #12


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  • Cosmos
    Cosmos55 minutter siden

    Pewdiepie: “I have 2 child”

  • midnight_ cookie
    midnight_ cookie9 timer siden


  • Michael Cadena
    Michael Cadena11 timer siden

    17:53 had me dying 🤣😂🤣😂

  • Tom The YouTubing Tank Engine
    Tom The YouTubing Tank Engine18 timer siden

    Corpse: *grunting noises* Felix: Wut da fuk is dat?

  • Missmethinksalot1
    Missmethinksalot118 timer siden

    Shadzerya is the channel I came over from! The best Among us animation yet. Hilariously recreated the Jaiden Felix cams scene.

  • Abdullah Durrani
    Abdullah Durrani18 timer siden

    10:35 animation scene LOL!

  • Geeta Rawat
    Geeta Rawat19 timer siden

    I am from india but i love all country

  • Asta Is A Beast!
    Asta Is A Beast!21 time siden

    10:40 Love this part 😂

  • Wee Noob
    Wee NoobDag siden

    i am uncomfurtebelelelelelelelelelelleleleleelelelelelelelelleelelleellelellelleellelelelleelleelelelellelelellelelellelllllelellllllellelllllllllllllllllllllllllllleeeeeeeeeeeeeellllllllllllellllllllllllellllllllllllllelllllllllll

  • Shadow Fall
    Shadow FallDag siden

    ..."Copres dedi"?

  • Main Character
    Main CharacterDag siden

    I know what you're looking for.... Corpse diead : 10:38 You're welcome

  • Tia Gen
    Tia GenDag siden

    best ep

  • Michael Kennedy
    Michael KennedyDag siden

    This is how among us should be

  • Elon Musk
    Elon MuskDag siden

    When pewds got killed by PJ he screamed so hard that he probably broke the sound barrier

  • Mrcat72
    Mrcat72Dag siden

    Hmm look at the bottom of pewds screen

  • Darylene Chan
    Darylene ChanDag siden

    Jaiden has never been this scary before..

  • Ash benlolo
    Ash benloloDag siden

    stockholm syndrom anyone?

  • Clezal
    ClezalDag siden

    Pewds in cams : omg corpse died! Jaiden : corpse died?? Pewds : surprised pikachu face. 😳

  • Pls give me a name
    Pls give me a nameDag siden

    wow this is amazing i think that was nogla and jaiden in the same video

  • Soup Le Soup
    Soup Le SoupDag siden

    Funny Timestamps~ 10:44 20:33 17:52 5:05 8:53 16:46 5:57 15:14 9:57 17:47 20:18 5:45 2:50 Add more if you'd like~

  • Nabaa Eyddan
    Nabaa EyddanDag siden

    It just amazes me how pewds betrayed them then carried them to victory all in one game.

    NOT JACOBDag siden

    6:00 placing this here

  • Partha Pratim Patra
    Partha Pratim PatraDag siden

    You are here for the 10:44 clip

  • Agjelos Gjana
    Agjelos GjanaDag siden


  • redaalah bouraada
    redaalah bouraadaDag siden

    i like mr beast

  • pumationYT
    pumationYTDag siden

    All the wies are because Jaiden was here

  • pumationYT
    pumationYTDag siden

    Jaiden coment here

  • Umer Sharif
    Umer SharifDag siden

    when the impostor is sus!

  • 차욱제
    차욱제Dag siden

    It would be perfect if pewds didn’t swear

  • Pamela Singletary
    Pamela SingletaryDag siden

    PewPie i am 9 so no g fuel for me and my 2 year old watch coco melan so cool traller

  • NaTaLiE343
    NaTaLiE343Dag siden

    Jack said "I would nEVER I'M super Irish" lmao i can't. i just. i need to see corpse, jack and felix togetherrrrr more

  • Amalie Lundsholt
    Amalie Lundsholt3 dager siden

    PJ: Guys guys, I think CORPSE may be the killer XD

  • Alan Ortiz
    Alan Ortiz3 dager siden

    5:04 got me dead xD

  • Me Me
    Me Me3 dager siden


  • Eisha Dia
    Eisha Dia3 dager siden

    I love every. single. thing about this video. Never get tired of it.

  • Keilyn Medina
    Keilyn Medina3 dager siden


  • KZ Games And Songs
    KZ Games And Songs3 dager siden

    Lol I forgot I was not subbed I just corrected myself. 😆

  • DX Nicole
    DX Nicole4 dager siden

    Jaiden has the best timing ever 🤣🤣🤣

  • Orlando Garista Gordiano
    Orlando Garista Gordiano4 dager siden

    11.21 bruh pew why

  • Wiggler Wiggler
    Wiggler Wiggler4 dager siden

    10:39 is the best part of this entire video

  • Kythe Rome Lescano
    Kythe Rome Lescano4 dager siden


  • fitra yulianti
    fitra yulianti4 dager siden

    Pewdiepie: a home new world CORPSE: EHAHAHAHA (LAUGHING) Pewdiepie: dudududududu is nice CORPSE: *What the fu*k*

  • Oskar Enefjord
    Oskar Enefjord4 dager siden

    The name of the music? 12:35

  • Illegirl Noona
    Illegirl Noona4 dager siden

    when corpse noticed felix’s little kid lmao twas their look out iM WHEEZING

  • Crazyish
    Crazyish4 dager siden

    10:44 is what you guys are looking for

    FORT EPICE J5 dager siden

    And you stole thumb nails before poopypie Dennis is the best youtuber

    FORT EPICE J5 dager siden

    Y poopy pie Dennis daly is the best

  • Murad Ruiz
    Murad Ruiz5 dager siden

    i love jaiden

  • Samyukta Amsarajan
    Samyukta Amsarajan5 dager siden

    this is the best video ive seen in this world

  • Jairus paul Vergel de dios
    Jairus paul Vergel de dios5 dager siden

    Why the task bar is not coming up

  • Oskar Enefjord
    Oskar Enefjord5 dager siden

    The name of the music? 14:28

  • iPhone ll x
    iPhone ll x5 dager siden

    You mean the *simpsons*

  • Blob Hobbyn
    Blob Hobbyn6 dager siden

    2:18 dvd did go to corner and you missed it

  • Lunaresca
    Lunaresca6 dager siden

    Saving these timestamps so I could watch them again when I feel sad QwQ 10:44 and 20:33

  • Emma Stearns
    Emma Stearns6 dager siden

    Dont mind me, just listing my favorite moments for my own enjoyment: 5:07 5:58 8:53 10:39 11:20 15:15 16:39 16:47 17:47 21:34

  • Sivie Lovegood
    Sivie Lovegood6 dager siden

    Im so dumb Iv just started waching JadenAnimatones and Iv realised...

    ROYCE THE GAMER Avila7 dager siden

    Best youtuber



    7 dager siden


    ROYCE THE GAMER Avila7 dager siden

    Your my bes5youtuber

  • Wintyr
    Wintyr7 dager siden

    20:40 is what yall came here for

  • hi Hi
    hi Hi7 dager siden

    Dude people ship pink and black lol!

  • Rochelle Lobo
    Rochelle Lobo7 dager siden

    A whole new world 💫

  • 이산
    이산7 dager siden

    Helo pewdiepie i am korea in

  • Hussain Maaish
    Hussain Maaish8 dager siden

    Me: watching this video now and missing the best gfuel offer😭

  • Isabella Jensen
    Isabella Jensen8 dager siden

    Imagine being Marzia making pasta and Felix is just screaming with his among us friends

  • lilith's beloved sekai&chanbaek
    lilith's beloved sekai&chanbaek8 dager siden


  • Brandon Fazbear
    Brandon Fazbear8 dager siden

    10:44 Best moment.

  • Adji Kuncoro Bhangun
    Adji Kuncoro Bhangun9 dager siden

    5:07 your scream reminds me with aloona's scream :v

  • Doodle Army
    Doodle Army9 dager siden

    The memes...........

  • ivann
    ivann9 dager siden


  • Raedell Resurreccion
    Raedell Resurreccion9 dager siden

    did he stole cocomelons intro AGAIN

  • Super Ducky
    Super Ducky9 dager siden


  • Red Bandit
    Red Bandit10 dager siden

    2:38 yes

  • Sariah Ouellette
    Sariah Ouellette10 dager siden

    10:29 AHHHHH lmfg I’m deD

  • addi9760 addi9760
    addi9760 addi976010 dager siden

    is this hide n seek?

  • Jonathan
    Jonathan10 dager siden

    19:44 PewDiePie became dio

  • Shurbay
    Shurbay11 dager siden

    OMG I never new that Jaiden new PewDiePie!!

  • lesklé umývadlo
    lesklé umývadlo11 dager siden

    9:20 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Konstantin Todorov
    Konstantin Todorov11 dager siden

    5:06 is the best scene

  • Fefgie 7
    Fefgie 711 dager siden


  • Jad Maksoud
    Jad Maksoud11 dager siden

    your the imposter 9in the video

  • Lilac Lycanvic
    Lilac Lycanvic11 dager siden

    God I love Jaiden. And corpse. And like... most of everyone. Everyone is great UwU But mostly I love Jaiden and Corpse I love them both so much So much that my heart could possibly explode from all the love I have for them No I’m not a simp, leave me alone

  • Lancelot De Montréal
    Lancelot De Montréal12 dager siden

    Why do you guys play like this

  • ArtCatDraws
    ArtCatDraws12 dager siden

    So why they saying the imposter and not reporting bodies?

  • Amjad alhindi
    Amjad alhindi12 dager siden

    this is the best one i ever watched. i love this

  • Nindia Utami
    Nindia Utami12 dager siden

    lost connection suddenly

  • Nindia Utami
    Nindia Utami12 dager siden

    felix: : (

  • XxOliverTheWolfxX
    XxOliverTheWolfxX12 dager siden


  • Liam Wheaton
    Liam Wheaton13 dager siden

    Pewdiepie just being earrape the whole video

  • Det
    Det13 dager siden

    Corpse be killing pewds in among hs be like: Corpse: i am speed. Pewds: **no emotions**

  • Jocelyn Claudio
    Jocelyn Claudio13 dager siden

    Change the title to Jaiden is best

  • Log
    Log13 dager siden

    He looks like trever both game and rirl

  • Cait Ni Chinneide
    Cait Ni Chinneide13 dager siden

    +10 Irish luck *exists* Me: Muah ha ha ha!

  • nick Lies
    nick Lies14 dager siden

    5:00 me messing with a cat

  • Stonky
    Stonky14 dager siden

    Timestamp for the meme: 10:37

  • Well Then

    Well Then

    14 dager siden

    The video posted on his sub is so cool

  • Lord Shaxx
    Lord Shaxx14 dager siden


  • The Mos Eisley Cantina Band
    The Mos Eisley Cantina Band14 dager siden

    I'm a dumb kid I thought lmao was an acronym and pronounced lama o

  • Evelina Gacha
    Evelina Gacha14 dager siden

    Русские, я что? Одна его смотрю? (

  • Isabel Ramirez
    Isabel Ramirez14 dager siden

    5:06 This moment keeps f***ing killing me.

  • Lara Maria Taala
    Lara Maria Taala14 dager siden

    Ok this is the second time i have watched this so im downloading this its way too funny🤣

  • 28 VIII A Rudra Krishnan
    28 VIII A Rudra Krishnan15 dager siden