Raiding a Woodland Mansion in Minecraft - Part 15


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  • Crimson Cookie
    Crimson Cookie25 minutter siden

    “I come in peace” *kills them all*

  • Zikkie
    Zikkie6 timer siden

    if you mine the face you get lapis

  • 38k1ies 2
    38k1ies 213 timer siden

    The baby’s are like when u die they save u so they r very helpful

  • הדר טודר
    הדר טודר14 timer siden

    indeed nideed, there is jungle in Fortnight.

  • HoneyASMR
    HoneyASMR16 timer siden

    21:32 why so fast? 😂

  • Arian Abbasi
    Arian Abbasi21 time siden

    You’r playing so cool.

  • Amurust _93
    Amurust _93Dag siden

    7:40 fortnite

  • Anjali Sinha
    Anjali SinhaDag siden

    16:51 He sounds like Dumbledore

  • Theo Henderson
    Theo HendersonDag siden

    Pewds: *litterly holding the key to immortality in his hands* Also pewds: stupid baby

  • Rene Tibaut
    Rene TibautDag siden

    ur cap...

  • Nightmare
    NightmareDag siden

    Felix: look the alcapas Me:??????????????????????

  • Pizza Boi351
    Pizza Boi3512 dager siden

    18:39 your welcome

  • Pizza Boi351
    Pizza Boi3512 dager siden

    W h i t e E u r g e o n

  • Febri deby
    Febri deby2 dager siden

    Cool man !!

  • Dominick Somers
    Dominick Somers2 dager siden

    WaterSheep is fed up with Felix always being so nice to Joergen II and so mean to WaterSheep. It turns out WaterSheep has a secret evil layer in the middle of a forest with armed Guards Patrolling the hallways. WaterSheep leaves, but not alone, before he is gone, he leaves a note telling Felix he had kidnapped Joergen II and if he ever wants to see him again, he has to journey to the Mansion... WaterSheep is a smart sheep so he also commands troops to set up fortresses to alert WaterSheep that Felix is coming via Radio. However, upon the Guards seeing Felix arrive at the Mansion, they inform WaterSheep and he escapes the mansion through an underground Canal... With Joergen II Will Felix find Joergen II? Will WaterSheep get what he deserves? Will Felix finish his Meatball? find out that and more when the journey continues

  • Alfariez Rifath
    Alfariez Rifath2 dager siden

    How to kill easier is jump and hit

  • Mr Oof
    Mr Oof2 dager siden

    The little baby can save your life

  • Dana Harrison
    Dana Harrison3 dager siden

    I love that he calls a totem of undying a baby LOL

  • ابوعقاب
    ابوعقاب4 dager siden

    اشتركو معاي. 😭😞😅

  • Golden BOI
    Golden BOI4 dager siden

    Alternate title: pewds fighting voldemorts in school assasination old campus

  • Rjaylor
    Rjaylor4 dager siden

    He needs to make a vault

  • Micheal Afton
    Micheal Afton4 dager siden


  • uʍopǝpısdn
    uʍopǝpısdn4 dager siden

    E rn : Waiting for him to set a respawn point so I dont freak..22:46

  • Melissa Turner
    Melissa Turner4 dager siden

    If you mine snow with a shovel you get a snowball

  • Melissa Turner

    Melissa Turner

    4 dager siden

    You can

  • Karen Xu
    Karen Xu4 dager siden

    1:27 pewdiepie hitting skelton with a steak

  • Ifeanyichukwu Okoye
    Ifeanyichukwu Okoye5 dager siden

    Pewds: Baby doesnt do anything Me: Bruh

  • DeM
    DeM5 dager siden

    I love seeing the Ikea Tower from afar piercing through the clouds. It just looks like a mythical magical wizard tower. Looks badass.

  • Kalden Tsering
    Kalden Tsering5 dager siden

    Felix: "I come in peace I come in peace" (kills their leader) "why are yo so hostile?"

  • Creepy doll invasion
    Creepy doll invasion5 dager siden

    When you said that was a stupid baby I laughed soo hard it is a totem of undying

  • Mila Ungurianu
    Mila Ungurianu5 dager siden

    "What?! There Jungles in Fortnight?!"

  • Zee Syed
    Zee Syed5 dager siden

    When he cut to the part where he found the woodland mansion his xp went from 18 to 16 meaning he died or he enchanted but he didn't bring an enchanting table so that's weird

    KARAM WADHWA5 dager siden

    jungles in fortnite

  • Honque_thegreat
    Honque_thegreat6 dager siden

    21:32 top 10 jump scares

  • purpaxo
    purpaxo6 dager siden


  • xsamuel11
    xsamuel116 dager siden

    Dude tha baby is a totem of undying

  • purpaxo


    6 dager siden

    It's been nearly 2 years he knows

  • AHA world
    AHA world6 dager siden


  • Marianne Decipulo
    Marianne Decipulo7 dager siden

    I love ur gaint meatball

  • One3dmt
    One3dmt8 dager siden

    save scumming ahead : 18:37 23:53. also he went South - East when he should have went North - West but he found the mansion after a cut. Still love him and the series though :)

  • Ashley Stockard
    Ashley Stockard8 dager siden

    18:24 DID THE FOX BURN TO DEATH!?!?!?!?!!?!

  • Godzilla King of the monster
    Godzilla King of the monster9 dager siden

    It's an totem of undieing not a baby

  • Potato Gaming
    Potato Gaming9 dager siden

    y did this vid crash my pc

  • xXSammyPlayzXx
    xXSammyPlayzXx9 dager siden

    I love how pewdiepie called the totem of undying stupid baby lol 😂

  • Bambrew
    Bambrew9 dager siden

    Pewds: they have trash enchanting books, LOOTING 3? poor people me when i saw that: UR SO FRICKING LUCY WHA

  • Savannah
    Savannah9 dager siden

    9:55 foreshadowing

  • Ritter Haaga
    Ritter Haaga9 dager siden


  • Gregor Kocjančič
    Gregor Kocjančič10 dager siden

    Hi sed that there is jungles in fortnite

  • Cristy San Juan
    Cristy San Juan11 dager siden

    the build chicken is for baby pillager

  • Wojtek Jaśkiewicz
    Wojtek Jaśkiewicz11 dager siden


  • Mathias Wilkens
    Mathias Wilkens11 dager siden

    20:21 he has made a bed and banner before with wool....

  • Dedryk Belangee
    Dedryk Belangee12 dager siden

    Felix:I come in peace also him stabing the fuck out of a pilager

  • Mary Grace Amor Umali
    Mary Grace Amor Umali12 dager siden

    Ahh yes the brutality man who killed a rainbow sheep the stupid pewdiepie

  • Quang Hải Tạ
    Quang Hải Tạ12 dager siden

    Sao phụ đề nước khác dịch ra rất bình thường Nhưng Việt Nam lại ra nghĩa rất thô tục

  • Ray han
    Ray han12 dager siden

    Dont let Tommyinnit see 26:01

  • Kelly Ratajesak
    Kelly Ratajesak13 dager siden

    The band is a tooltem

  • Blagorodna Koceva Simjanov
    Blagorodna Koceva Simjanov13 dager siden

    Кај си бе брат

  • Tina Angelos
    Tina Angelos14 dager siden


  • Филипп Богданов
    Филипп Богданов14 dager siden

    Try to play in terraria

  • Oskar Richardsson
    Oskar Richardsson15 dager siden

    Pewdiepie: I come in peace. Pewdiepie at the same time: Kills a pillager

  • Amanda Ceris
    Amanda Ceris15 dager siden

    Who else is watching this in 2021 realizing how different he used to be just 1 and a half years ago.

  • That Country Kid
    That Country Kid15 dager siden

    There’s jungles in fortnite??- Felix

  • Gaming With Liam Pizza
    Gaming With Liam Pizza15 dager siden

    I hate that he is still calling the “little baby thing” 😂

  • aurea dela cruz
    aurea dela cruz15 dager siden

    Jeb merch

  • Francisca Ferreira
    Francisca Ferreira15 dager siden

    Pweds: Seven dies, the series is OVER Me: Thinking about, that the series is over **sweat intensely**😰

  • Brijesh Velusamy Basu
    Brijesh Velusamy Basu15 dager siden

    where is dinner bone??

  • Xx_The Xtreme Watermelon_xX
    Xx_The Xtreme Watermelon_xX16 dager siden

    Watersheeps backstory: I was a young little sheep peacefully grazing in the meadows daily. I ate well, and thus I was fat. One day, an eccentric Swedish man just kidnaped me and my family. I couldn’t fit through the gate. The eccentric Swedish man had a grudge against me ever since.. he was convinced I was working for someone.....

  • uchka uchral
    uchka uchral16 dager siden

    bell delphin’s bath water look sven-

  • uchka uchral
    uchka uchral16 dager siden

    bell delphin

  • jokubas jokubas
    jokubas jokubas16 dager siden

    This should be called "pewdiepew the Explorer episode 15"

  • Rudrank
    Rudrank16 dager siden

    "I COME IN PEACE!" He says as he murders a pillager. 8:39

  • Antonio Smith
    Antonio Smith16 dager siden

    I have a theory Felix has a skele horse right, Jorgen could've got smited

    DOMINIC BARKER17 dager siden


  • 3kwithnoface


    14 dager siden

    you're about two yrs late my friend

  • Gal3d X
    Gal3d X17 dager siden

    Raiding the palace forest in Maine Touarat

  • Gal3d X
    Gal3d X17 dager siden


  • vegito gaming
    vegito gaming17 dager siden

    People who see this in 2021

  • Zina Salman
    Zina Salman18 dager siden

    Why is gone because the zombies killed him

  • JohnCool Lumanao
    JohnCool Lumanao18 dager siden

    Got this in reccomendtaionwho else got this

  • Salman Malik Gaming

    Salman Malik Gaming

    15 dager siden


  • Rafael S
    Rafael S18 dager siden

    what hapens when i see a mrbeast ad in a pewdiepie vid?

  • KingPhillip148
    KingPhillip14818 dager siden

    Totem of Undying u use it so u dont die

  • Dyurashi CAT
    Dyurashi CAT18 dager siden

    Интересно,а он был в курсе того что у него было написано на кепке?

  • Leong Jieng hong
    Leong Jieng hong18 dager siden

    7:43What? Fornine??

  • KD The KING
    KD The KING19 dager siden

    Pewdiepie:if sven dies the series is over Episodes later:Sven dies Also pewdiepie:stil continues the series

  • Kiyotaka - The Swordsman

    Kiyotaka - The Swordsman

    18 dager siden

    Bro this is a spoiler, be considerate. You're at the early episodes, not everyone has watched the series, idiot-

  • cheezits r cool
    cheezits r cool19 dager siden

    21:31 DEJAVUUUUU

  • Maisie Maurice
    Maisie Maurice19 dager siden

    ‘The stupid baby’ haha!

  • Mipmoo
    Mipmoo19 dager siden

    i come in peace! i come in peace! *proceeds to hit the pillager*

  • Petster roast
    Petster roast19 dager siden


  • Hunter


    18 dager siden

    mate this was a year ago

  • Chandler T
    Chandler T19 dager siden

    did he never kill those white flying things like in hardcore ?

  • Mark 2.0
    Mark 2.019 dager siden

    This episode made me proud

    MICO JAN ANDREI FULLANTE19 dager siden

    What did he see before he ran away from the village

  • MiLiPRO
    MiLiPRO20 dager siden

    Curse of binding means once you wear it you cant take it of

  • Jessica Mermea
    Jessica Mermea20 dager siden

    In my horse is always get killed from every mob too: (

  • Pheonix SP
    Pheonix SP20 dager siden

    God the game adio sounds bad

  • Jessica Mermea
    Jessica Mermea20 dager siden

    I feel you because all these days all my dogs got killed from every mob: ( :(

  • jethro panes v.2
    jethro panes v.220 dager siden

    Also if you destroy a raid youl get bad owend thats a good thing cuz if you do that youl have almost unstoppable

  • jethro panes v.2
    jethro panes v.220 dager siden

    The baby is called a totem of undying if you put that in your hand you will not die if you have tone of those then your unstoppable

  • Daniel D
    Daniel D21 dag siden

    I thought this was the new woodland mansion he just did in 2021

  • Da 3p00k
    Da 3p00k21 dag siden

    Pewds: how many arrows do I have left? Also Pewds: enough Sven: ._.

  • Chaudhry asif Murtaza
    Chaudhry asif Murtaza21 dag siden

    The baby is a golem of not dieing

  • Jesmin Rahman
    Jesmin Rahman21 dag siden

    The baby is the fortune of undying if you die you respawn

  • Kiyotaka - The Swordsman

    Kiyotaka - The Swordsman

    18 dager siden

    Where the fuck did fortune come from, its totem

    ABDUSSAMAD P21 dag siden

    ur so lucky

  • Rakib
    Rakib22 dager siden

    Coming after hardcore woodland mansion raid.....