Random Boss battles #83[REDDIT REVIEW]


random boss battles redd
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  • Aryan Srivastava
    Aryan Srivastava9 timer siden

    9:41 wtf real legs!?!?!

  • cool man
    cool manDag siden

    Bundle play

  • Black Cat
    Black CatDag siden

    OMG He have legs

  • Derrick Walker
    Derrick WalkerDag siden


  • Hudson LaBresh
    Hudson LaBresh2 dager siden

    I’m glad he’s going back to his insane beard phase

  • JCSViperion
    JCSViperion2 dager siden

    9:49 He sounds like he's tryna take a shit 🤣

  • Ruben Lyth
    Ruben Lyth5 dager siden

    7:25 I like that it is from Sweden cause it says “ordningsvakt” and it means security guard😂😂

  • Sdfhytredvvbnk Vnkutefhjkbhjgg
    Sdfhytredvvbnk Vnkutefhjkbhjgg5 dager siden


  • Ian Galbraith
    Ian Galbraith5 dager siden

    Always seduce!

  • Shirako Takamoto
    Shirako Takamoto5 dager siden

    Trash man is in Yakuza 7 lmao that shit is hilarious and Roxas is that you on the train o.o?

  • freedomforever Aj
    freedomforever Aj7 dager siden

    pewdiepie: devour or seduce me: my main is a bard, you do the math.

  • Γεράσιμος Γιαννιώτης
    Γεράσιμος Γιαννιώτης7 dager siden

    Before you scroll down, what do you do. Devour or seduce? The choice is yours...

  • Norman n
    Norman n7 dager siden

    I wanna know sive's reaction to Felix in the garbage bag while he was editing it.

  • Unknown Videos from earth
    Unknown Videos from earth8 dager siden

    I choose maurice

  • Ilyssa Hollenbeck
    Ilyssa Hollenbeck8 dager siden

    Felix pulling out that galaxy fold

  • 잼민이인척하고픈시민
    잼민이인척하고픈시민9 dager siden


  • Gamze Düzdağ
    Gamze Düzdağ9 dager siden


  • G4 LIVE
    G4 LIVE9 dager siden


  • Barbara Wierzchos
    Barbara Wierzchos11 dager siden

    Wait thet's a One puntch man reference 0:00

  • Yara
    Yara12 dager siden

    5:36 bruuuh, that image was like an instant reminder of that music video on anime style called "Fantasy", that video scared the shit out of me. HAHAHAHA.

  • End
    End13 dager siden

    0:48 = Timotainment

  • faze xsir
    faze xsir15 dager siden


  • Re:Read
    Re:Read15 dager siden

    @4:48 Mom holding the phone??? wtf is up with the wok full of chicken????

  • Re:Read
    Re:Read15 dager siden


  • Elizabeth Dooley
    Elizabeth Dooley15 dager siden

    Pewdiepie: Devour or seduce Beastars: How about both?

  • Santosh P
    Santosh P15 dager siden

    Look at this neighbour's kid

  • P L U T O
    P L U T O16 dager siden

    mom: why don't u play with the neighbours kid the neighbours kid: 9:48

  • Lexatron 2_0
    Lexatron 2_016 dager siden

    The organization 13 member killed me. Lmao.😂😂😂

  • Adanalı Kardeşler
    Adanalı Kardeşler17 dager siden

    may neymiz AnAss Butter

  • Kimberly Calderon
    Kimberly Calderon17 dager siden


  • Bo Hebert
    Bo Hebert17 dager siden

    At the end, i kinda wanted him to hit his head on the wall lol

  • Lia H
    Lia H19 dager siden

    I’m afraid

  • Onaji Deshou
    Onaji Deshou19 dager siden

    9:57 Cursed image right there. You don't need Reddit, pewds

  • عبدالعزيز المطيري
    عبدالعزيز المطيري20 dager siden


  • hyper Sonico
    hyper Sonico20 dager siden


  • Unknown
    Unknown21 dag siden

    now pewds look like a body bag who want's to go out when he tries to copy the recycling bag man.

    HDISP21 dag siden

    This is the man who won the most handsome man ever.

  • Mison Gautam
    Mison Gautam22 dager siden

    *becomes the most hansome male 2020* I see this as an absolute win-win

  • Nick Hull
    Nick Hull22 dager siden

    This is a thirty year old man.... just let that simmer for a while

  • Tictoc Tictoc
    Tictoc Tictoc23 dager siden

    Give my tictoc video hallo I wanna be like you

  • Ajay Jassal
    Ajay Jassal24 dager siden

    He has risen

  • Ester Rivas
    Ester Rivas24 dager siden

    Te amoooo😈

  • Gary Mc Donnell
    Gary Mc Donnell24 dager siden

    Good job pewdiepie on NOlocal

  • Gary Mc Donnell

    Gary Mc Donnell

    24 dager siden

    Pewdie is probably the best youtuber ever

  • Gary Mc Donnell

    Gary Mc Donnell

    24 dager siden


  • Molly Williamson
    Molly Williamson24 dager siden

    among my friend group we have something we like to do called "blessed cursed or vague" blessed is obvious, cursed causing a physical or emotional response and vague being unable to fully understand what emotion you're feeling. based on what pewds is looking at, I'd say he's a fan of vague images, not cursed

  • tu é?
    tu é?24 dager siden

    Pq esse cara não paga pra legendar. (Purtugues pleaseeee)

  • Three Kings
    Three Kings25 dager siden

    well done great work nice job

  • Ritsu
    Ritsu26 dager siden

    pewdiepie boss skins 2017 skinny suit vr with big pp *2020 two-limbed cryptid in garbage bag (+50 armory)*

  • cotton candy
    cotton candy28 dager siden

    But the thumbnail is great 🤣🤣

  • Forty e
    Forty e29 dager siden

    I just got a taco bell ad

  • Leo MarBel
    Leo MarBelMåned siden

    Pewds should review his saved images in a video

  • Hazel Cricket Sucks ALT
    Hazel Cricket Sucks ALTMåned siden


  • Jagga Gaming
    Jagga GamingMåned siden

    Bai mere 1000 subscribe kra do please 1sal. S mhnt ker rha hu

  • Mythics ASMR
    Mythics ASMRMåned siden


  • [e:LLUSIV ]
    [e:LLUSIV ]Måned siden

    I'm just surprised he didn't lose balance in a chair that reclines.

  • Victoria Chisholm
    Victoria ChisholmMåned siden

    If this hasn’t already, how has it not been demonitized pewdieRicardo

  • erich zimmermann
    erich zimmermannMåned siden

    7:55 scp 100 instance detected

  • Ramen
    RamenMåned siden

    this thumbnail is now my discord server icon

  • CsabaTOn [̲̅Y̲̅σ̲̅υ̲̅т̲̅υ̲̅b̲̅є̲]
    CsabaTOn [̲̅Y̲̅σ̲̅υ̲̅т̲̅υ̲̅b̲̅є̲]Måned siden

    Who is this enber? you are

  • Bnayahu Stern
    Bnayahu SternMåned siden


  • Omeroe
    OmeroeMåned siden

    8:50 isnt that the organisation XIII coat from kingdom hearts? It look like it

  • Cruz Williams
    Cruz WilliamsMåned siden

    Hey I know that scene in the beginning

  • sweeneythom387
    sweeneythom387Måned siden

    12:19 When you can't stop goal tending.

  • Ally
    AllyMåned siden

    You spent all video looking for the cursed images Felix, and never realized the cursed image was inside if you all along

  • Irene Elsa Arun
    Irene Elsa ArunMåned siden

    also below the mum (next to assuming the son) is a pan with food.

  • Lucky13 YTB
    Lucky13 YTBMåned siden


  • Emmanuel chavez
    Emmanuel chavezMåned siden

    being confronted by the rarest dinosaur in the world be like 9:48

  • First Name
    First NameMåned siden

    I genuinely feel bad for Marzia...

  • Das Goos
    Das GoosMåned siden

    what have you done pewds you destroyed our subreddit

  • Troy509
    Troy509Måned siden

    fun fact: 9:35-10:10 is what you clicked on this video for.

  • Arkboy 116
    Arkboy 116Måned siden

    I just realized the intro was based off of 1 punch man vs that giant guy

  • Matteo Miele
    Matteo MieleMåned siden

    Dario Moccia did it years ago, noob

  • Violetryde
    VioletrydeMåned siden

    You look like pocong

  • SJ TOP 10
    SJ TOP 10Måned siden

    තද තද🤟

  • Spongebob Patty
    Spongebob PattyMåned siden


  • Its Grapes
    Its GrapesMåned siden


  • Polar
    PolarMåned siden

    Buff cats with take over the world

  • Kyle Araullo
    Kyle AraulloMåned siden

    link to the whip cutting orange video? seems interesting

  • I Like Anime tehe
    I Like Anime teheMåned siden

    Right as I saw the thumbnail I was like, " what is pewdiepie doing now" 🤦🏼‍♀️

  • Arafath Islam
    Arafath IslamMåned siden

    10:53 what the hell felix

  • Ron
    RonMåned siden

    Pewdiepie i love your vids and watch alot Can you please react to Dhar mann?

  • Jazmin
    JazminMåned siden

    6:12 Have you tried none

  • Leo The Friendly Creeper
    Leo The Friendly CreeperMåned siden

    11:28 bro is that fire aspect 4?

  • Chanelnya Gustian
    Chanelnya GustianMåned siden

    Look, brofist may feel cringe sometimes but it used to make genuinely happy at the end of the videos

  • zo zo
    zo zoMåned siden

    One Brofist 🎵

  • Troy Pieterse
    Troy PieterseMåned siden

    I miss the original pewdiepie with his hilarious gameplay commentary. Thats how he originally became famous not just creating brain dead content. No offence but its a bit sad to see where his yt career has gone :( Sincerely and old fan.

  • AboveAverageCat44
    AboveAverageCat44Måned siden

    This is my favorite sub reddit

  • Conner Broeker
    Conner BroekerMåned siden

    10:00 is what you came for

  • ⌖⟒⋏⍜⌇
    ⌖⟒⋏⍜⌇Måned siden

    I actually have cursed items but it costs a trillion dollars sorruh I just lub it :3

  • Takumii Arts
    Takumii ArtsMåned siden

    I'm new to your NOlocal channel to see what's interesting.

  • itellyou
    itellyouMåned siden

    Русские есть?)

  • Orrixx
    OrrixxMåned siden

    seduce 100%

  • Matt Television
    Matt TelevisionMåned siden


  • Xian Chen
    Xian ChenMåned siden

    8:33 Did Pewds never play Minecraft before? QoQ

  • Ally Nieves
    Ally NievesMåned siden

    the fact that he didnt get the sandle/belt thing just tells you how white he is

  • nooby san
    nooby sanMåned siden


  • TheAdvertisement
    TheAdvertisementMåned siden

    6:10 Praying Mantis style.

  • Cartoon Mar
    Cartoon MarMåned siden

    You are 108 million and I am 105 people

  • Cartoon Mar
    Cartoon MarMåned siden

    You are 108 million and I am 105 people

  • notLinus
    notLinusMåned siden


  • Cristobal Madrid
    Cristobal MadridMåned siden

    Where do i send you cursed images?