Ranking Guys Based on Apperance - Jubilee React #15


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  • sirinelegrand
    sirinelegrand11 timer siden

    « Indonesian K-pop » 😂😂😂😂😂😭

  • NoyNation13
    NoyNation13Dag siden

    They calling Roy cute but they all know he would get friend zoned in an instant

  • Itz LynnPlayz
    Itz LynnPlayzDag siden

    Ok,for me ROY is literally the most attractive for me and jorge will be 2nd cause of his generous personality👌❤

  • Chinese Tom
    Chinese TomDag siden

    bruh i hate their opinions so much FOR GUYS and for girls clearly the black guy and the muscled one are my favourite and for the girls excatly what pewds choose except i feel like the girl with yellow hair is abit crazy so i would put her before the last one

  • Ashley Singh
    Ashley SinghDag siden

    The Indonesian kpop guy was the most attractive in my eyes ngl

  • Sanne Aarbakke
    Sanne Aarbakke2 dager siden

    Girls care just as much as boys, stop flatering urself

  • Bryan Blaisdell
    Bryan Blaisdell3 dager siden

    Ew the black girl was so full of herself... also Anthony is the best looking imo

  • Its Me
    Its Me3 dager siden

    Pink shirt is the most attractive from the 5

  • Susan V
    Susan V3 dager siden

    That white should have been a 3 at most.

  • Aurin
    Aurin3 dager siden


  • Vijay Jadhav
    Vijay Jadhav3 dager siden

    They should have called womens one by one and then rank them , all had different views but got influenced

  • Rashi
    Rashi3 dager siden

    Whole world- we don't judge people, honestly everyone does

  • Gabeoman
    Gabeoman3 dager siden

    "Because he might be a Trump supporter." So shallow, uninformed, and unintelligent.

  • Jenni Boo
    Jenni Boo3 dager siden

    Thats so weird. The guy in the least attractive spot was the most attractive to me. Easily. Edit. His name is Roy

  • Sirina Rina
    Sirina Rina4 dager siden

    Kpop, k stands for korea... "Indonesian kpop"?

  • Nick Talks
    Nick Talks4 dager siden

    Honestly, if I had time to plan to be there I would be an easy 5th place

  • Sofie Gray
    Sofie Gray4 dager siden

    anthony shouldve been last sorry

  • Daksh Pat
    Daksh Pat4 dager siden

    "Women are into men butts" *Me confused why my dump truck ass isn't working on girls*

  • Quintessa CookieW0LF13!
    Quintessa CookieW0LF13!5 dager siden


  • Influencers عالم المشاهير
    Influencers عالم المشاهير6 dager siden

    Did it happen ? Send me links !!!!!



    4 dager siden

    @Influencers عالم المشاهير I'm just jk

  • Influencers عالم المشاهير

    Influencers عالم المشاهير

    4 dager siden

    @TECKSMITHAyeeh ! Didnt know this place on NOlocal is restricted for us 🥺



    4 dager siden

    أشنوا كتديري هنا، مغربية؟

  • Priya Singh
    Priya Singh6 dager siden

    If I had to rank than Roy would definitely be no. 1 for me .his just the cutest

  • emma gartner
    emma gartner6 dager siden

    Nah I was rooting for Roy, I wish he was #1.

  • AwkwardAsianGirl
    AwkwardAsianGirl7 dager siden

    Roy really reminds me of Jun from JunsKitchen; and both are VERY attractive

  • Adwans
    Adwans7 dager siden

    Defenetly Racist!!!

  • rage against the microwave

    rage against the microwave

    7 dager siden


  • Clara Winther
    Clara Winther7 dager siden

    Pewdiepie: that dude's got the wrong hair cut Also Pewdiepie: has the exact same hair cut

  • coesheygalaxygames
    coesheygalaxygames8 dager siden

    pink shirt is the best looking in my opinion

  • she weird Anomaly
    she weird Anomaly8 dager siden

    I really liked Roy, he seems like a sweet guy any lucky girl would be lucky to get to know

  • Casmira
    Casmira9 dager siden

    The girls were definitely feeling bitter after their rating session lol - primarily the ones that got placed lower. My rating: 1: Pink shirt 2: Bootleg Michael B 3: Roy 4: Anthony 5: Fratty

  • Madison Bertrand
    Madison Bertrand9 dager siden

    1- the black guy 2- roy 3- the tooth necklace 4- vin diesel 5- white boy

  • Yusur Kassem
    Yusur Kassem9 dager siden

    I don't know what that study is talking about, but as a women i can confirm on behalf of everyone that yes you're instantly 10 times more attractive if you have a dog or a cat with you

  • Jade
    Jade9 dager siden

    It's impossible lmao they're all 3s they're all decently attractive with a couple things I don't like about them personally... maybe that study is right like none of them are 10s so they're all the same

  • Smeargle OS
    Smeargle OS9 dager siden

    I actually liked Roy (No Homo) he seemed very humble. I personally am attracted to women who are shorter than me but not incredibly short and women that are my height at most.

  • Kɛlvin
    Kɛlvin9 dager siden

    5:01 Ipop

  • Fuck You
    Fuck You9 dager siden

    Can someone pls tell me where is the colaboration

  • Krttika Goel
    Krttika Goel10 dager siden

    more jubilee pls

  • Bookworm
    Bookworm10 dager siden


  • Chisom Anyanwu
    Chisom Anyanwu10 dager siden

    It sucks how some Asian guys tend to get pity points because of their demure personality. If Roy was just a tad more confident and stood up for himself, he would’ve naturally been rated higher.

  • Sekar Vina
    Sekar Vina10 dager siden

    "Indonesian k-pop" While me Indonesian : uh...okay pewds

  • Lil JuiceBox05
    Lil JuiceBox0510 dager siden

    Prewds is gay

  • Annyeong Hehe
    Annyeong Hehe10 dager siden


  • x.babyxogirl.x
    x.babyxogirl.x11 dager siden

    I would be Roy as number 1 because he’s like the perfect balance between hot and cute.

  • Lukaz
    Lukaz11 dager siden

    Blue shirt guy looks like a school bully ngl

  • M.o
    M.o11 dager siden

    i genuinely find roy the most attractive. Introverts are the best

  • natasha Mcloughlin
    natasha Mcloughlin11 dager siden

    They needed to rank individually and then average it out.

  • yung asian
    yung asian12 dager siden

    2:41 pewdiepie speaking my thoughts into existence 😌👌

  • ayse zeren
    ayse zeren12 dager siden

    pewds says suscribe to jubilee also pewds not suscribed

  • Rotlhe Masole
    Rotlhe Masole12 dager siden

    RIP Roy...

  • Jacob Vautier
    Jacob Vautier12 dager siden

    Odd man out 6 Gaming creators VS Pewdiepie Get like, Mark, Jack, Ethan, Poki, etc and put them in a group chat with no audio or visual and they have to try to get out Pewdiepie.

  • Countercurrents
    Countercurrents12 dager siden

    Blue Shirt guy is easily mogs others to Oblivion.

  • Czechpol


    12 dager siden

    For real. Jaw, Chin and Height = Chadlite and good potential

  • Raissa Naufal Sopyan
    Raissa Naufal Sopyan13 dager siden


  • Sally K
    Sally K13 dager siden

    Bruh the black dude I would’ve put first 🤝

  • Megan Bell
    Megan Bell13 dager siden

    Anthony is ugly lmfao

  • Alt Cont

    Alt Cont

    13 dager siden

    Who hurt you?

  • Pink Goat
    Pink Goat13 dager siden

    How short is Anthony😭

  • Raaj Baniya
    Raaj Baniya13 dager siden

    Do ittt Pewdiepie 😂

  • Julia Kreuzer
    Julia Kreuzer13 dager siden

    the guys could definitely hear at least some of what the girls were saying

  • silly shalaka
    silly shalaka14 dager siden

    5:03 Did i hear correctly? Did he just say Indonesian kpop 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Patricia M
    Patricia M14 dager siden

    I feel kinda bad they ranked Roy out of pity...

  • Olivia Smith
    Olivia Smith14 dager siden

    hunny you right we don't care about looks lmao

  • Camrine H
    Camrine H14 dager siden

    Yes do it!!!!!!!

  • NOSA
    NOSA14 dager siden

    5:00 "Indonesian k-pop" lmao

  • Mariela Romero
    Mariela Romero14 dager siden

    “no he has the wrong haircut” -pewd *yet he has the same haircut*

  • NotPlayAllDay
    NotPlayAllDay14 dager siden

    Lessss Gooo ROY!

  • LifeisGood
    LifeisGood14 dager siden

    Surprise, those earmuffs don't remove vocal sounds....

  • 24 K
    24 K15 dager siden

    Anthony looks so wholesome

  • Michael Faber
    Michael Faber15 dager siden

    The audio at the end of the video is just gone ._.

  • Disney__Queen
    Disney__Queen15 dager siden

    I kinda wish the girls would have solely ranked before meeting together because I feel like it might have been interesting to see individual thoughts

  • x lorrix -
    x lorrix -15 dager siden

    All guys are good if you fry them for long enough

  • spadający ja
    spadający ja15 dager siden

    Lil calab I like it

  • Rishita Umasankaran
    Rishita Umasankaran15 dager siden

    they should bring gays into this it would be interesting

  • hehe lmao
    hehe lmao15 dager siden


  • Faith McNabnay
    Faith McNabnay15 dager siden

    the guy they chose as #1 is the least attractive

  • Autumnverse
    Autumnverse15 dager siden

    I like the intro 😸

  • Charlotte griffiths
    Charlotte griffiths15 dager siden

    The pink shirt was the hottest by far

  • Toxic_ Acid73
    Toxic_ Acid7316 dager siden

    Thought he meant the restaurant

  • T1G
    T1G16 dager siden

    Roy needs to be higher

  • sorry for my english
    sorry for my english16 dager siden

    when he said Roy looked better from far away... that was exactly what i was thinking

  • Virgin Gains
    Virgin Gains16 dager siden

    proof pewdewpie is actually a gay man

  • マカロニぱすた
    マカロニぱすた17 dager siden

    Second I say Roy he was #1 in my heart. He deserves wayy more than 4th place.

  • An Imposter
    An Imposter17 dager siden

    “Indonesian k-pop”

  • samuel nygaard
    samuel nygaard17 dager siden

    From one Sam to another, you’re making us proud dude.

  • Anti Fruit
    Anti Fruit17 dager siden

    Please please please make this collab happen!

  • howie metzger
    howie metzger17 dager siden

    I think they all just genuine decent looking guys

  • howie metzger

    howie metzger

    9 dager siden

    Lil JuiceBox05 not a bro if u can respect a mans good looks

  • Lil JuiceBox05

    Lil JuiceBox05

    10 dager siden


  • Fiyin Aregbe
    Fiyin Aregbe17 dager siden

    What kind of outfits do women like 🤔?

  • poulan9
    poulan917 dager siden

    The black guy tries to style it out saying 'I think the girls were [judging] personality based' is a massive backfire - that's basically saying they thought he was the least attractive and he thinks he has the worst personality.

  • Elaf Alghamdi
    Elaf Alghamdi18 dager siden

    This is more way ffffuuuunnnn😭😭😭

  • Shahroz Nurullah
    Shahroz Nurullah18 dager siden

    Do it man.....

  • marshi
    marshi18 dager siden

    ✨if✨you✨ don't ✨look✨like✨Jimin✨your✨not✨ attractive ✨ Jk

  • m
    m18 dager siden

    i'm a white girl and i dont like black guys he is a 5 - 5

  • ZainthMaster
    ZainthMaster18 dager siden

    spam 0 on the video its cool

  • Fils H
    Fils H18 dager siden

    “Being Mexican” Felix: ??? I don’t understand??

  • brooke
    brooke19 dager siden

    idk bruh short sock should be 1, beanie boy should be 2, shorty is 3 bc he seems full of himself, frat boy is 4 and kpop is 5 in my personal opinion

  • Wiktor Błażkiewicz
    Wiktor Błażkiewicz19 dager siden

    I have seen your reaction Has a little more views Well i have a little more subscribers Total destruction

  • cute pencilcase
    cute pencilcase19 dager siden

    Literally none of them look attractive imo

  • Obiazi Naomi Emefile
    Obiazi Naomi Emefile19 dager siden

    The black guy is actually cute but his clothes...not it

  • ash


    17 dager siden

    yes. Dressed like a teenager. Would look great in a more mature outfit.

    SGT_ 5WITCH19 dager siden

    I'd probably be at the least one ALWAYS

  • Schrodinger's Cat
    Schrodinger's Cat19 dager siden

    i feel bad for the black guy, he deserved a much higher ranking, like 1 or 2. generic looking white guy would've been 4 or 5 for me.

  • bri
    bri19 dager siden

    Roy deserves better. Roy is attractive.

  • saydee
    saydee19 dager siden

    Pewds never heard of that cause he’s not Hispanic I would put The black guy number 1 The white guy number 2 Asian guy 3 Hispanic guy 4 Short guy 5

  • Meshanda Priscilia
    Meshanda Priscilia19 dager siden

    Blue shirt guy like Elon Musk

  • Caleb Tabert
    Caleb Tabert19 dager siden

    He’s still not subscribed to their channel lol