Rating my favorite youtuber apology videos.
Pewdiepie, logan paul , laura lee, tmarting apology video
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  • Thomas S
    Thomas STime siden

    This apology video is sponsored by Lords Mobile

  • Carey McDowell
    Carey McDowell8 timer siden

    110000 min

  • Tessa_xo
    Tessa_xo9 timer siden


  • Salvatore Vacanti
    Salvatore Vacanti18 timer siden

    Did anyone see the pic in t martens one that pic in the background

  • EvryChannelYT
    EvryChannelYT21 time siden

    1. Sigh/I’ve made severe. 2. Tell everyone you didn’t want to make this video 3. Use the word “guys” in every sentence. And there you go. You have successfully made a cringe apology video

  • HufflePuffs Badger
    HufflePuffs BadgerDag siden

    A proper apology is "I'm sorry, I was being a fricken idiot, there is no excuse for my actions. I take full responsibility for them, and I hope you can forgive me someday." Boom apology! Now sit down commoners, this is my kingdom now. All hail Queen of Apologies.

  • Fluellen Tan
    Fluellen TanDag siden

    lisa gaming from roblox 1/10 he didnt apology

  • Jobusv
    JobusvDag siden

    Pewds, Make a video about the apologizing vídeo in spanish

  • jlhartshorne
    jlhartshorneDag siden

    Gotta get my makeup on and my get my prom dress I’m ready for the apology

  • The Bard Of Balzac
    The Bard Of BalzacDag siden

    is pewdie pie nux taku??

  • Zerox
    Zerox2 dager siden

    Apology videos are different because people have different personality

  • Zerox
    Zerox2 dager siden

    I suggest you to kept on messing up and make another apology video to make money

  • Lucky Ducky
    Lucky Ducky2 dager siden

    the best intro is actually showing highlights and clips of the video maybe you cry and in the clips and stuff but idk that would be super funny to be a short montage of an apology video at the start

  • Lucky Ducky
    Lucky Ducky2 dager siden

    5:20 yea that is a weird background...

  • Lucky Ducky
    Lucky Ducky2 dager siden

    back again

  • shenglong li
    shenglong li2 dager siden

    "the entire community decided to cyber bully me" bitch just turn off the computer

  • Victor 567
    Victor 5672 dager siden

    9;28 when you know ur audience will simp for you

  • The Average Mexican Kid
    The Average Mexican Kid2 dager siden


  • Jamie Stanway
    Jamie Stanway3 dager siden

    This is funny

  • SuperSaiyan bread
    SuperSaiyan bread3 dager siden

    10 minute video, 10 ads tears 😭 and then celebrate in ur mansion after the video is over

  • [AG] AdzGaming
    [AG] AdzGaming3 dager siden


  • 見崎 鳴
    見崎 鳴4 dager siden

    This is why pewds is the best he is the modern day socrates

  • SFblair
    SFblair4 dager siden

    piwdiepie hade the best one

  • Pixel Blob
    Pixel Blob4 dager siden

    To all small youtubers out there, I hope you succeed and reach your goals :). I upload Minecraft mod showcases and it would genuinely be a massive achievement if i hit 20 subs

  • sevensleepers studio
    sevensleepers studio4 dager siden

    You like us?

  • justMike L
    justMike L4 dager siden

    ШакДонаааалдс, еееее✨

  • Kartik Tamta
    Kartik Tamta5 dager siden

    I'm seeing Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg talk about Pewdiepie for the very first time.

  • Bruv Moment
    Bruv Moment5 dager siden

    I love how youtube recommended me this vid for every month, for the last two years

  • Alfredo Aguirre
    Alfredo Aguirre5 dager siden

    The cluttered nylon locally knock because hot luckily snow plus a boorish leo. yummy, valuable notebook

  • Lee Keybum
    Lee Keybum5 dager siden

    9:48 🤣

  • Roger C
    Roger C5 dager siden

    The volatile string conversely copy because tile spectroscopically blot per a eatable psychology. tender tense, delirious explanation

  • JellyJean
    JellyJean5 dager siden

    This is the first time watching pewdiepie

  • Rozu
    Rozu6 dager siden

    In compliances with the *wa*

  • Swastikayan Ghosh
    Swastikayan Ghosh6 dager siden

    When logan crosses his limit 😆😆😆😆

  • Swastikayan Ghosh
    Swastikayan Ghosh6 dager siden

    Logan's apology video was actually real, he actually damm serious

  • Vishnu Prasanna
    Vishnu Prasanna6 dager siden

    ШакДоналдс Can someone translate this for me?

  • Vigneshwari D
    Vigneshwari D7 dager siden

    sup if you find this have a nice day :)

  • CrayCray Mose
    CrayCray Mose7 dager siden


  • J wal
    J wal7 dager siden

    It is kind of ironic, drama alert is channel that gets views over NOlocal beef and conspiracy. But when in the crossfire just rages.

  • Gifty Smith
    Gifty Smith7 dager siden

    When U make apology video rule 5 move ur hands all over ur face

    YAKYAK KURDAPYA7 dager siden


  • M
    M8 dager siden


  • Charlotte Kim
    Charlotte Kim8 dager siden

    the levels of sarcasm in this video is overwhelming

  • Mr Beast
    Mr Beast8 dager siden

    do that vegan girl

  • Lena Andersson
    Lena Andersson8 dager siden

    i hate my mom profile pic

  • ꧁corona ꧂
    ꧁corona ꧂8 dager siden

    PewdiePie I love you I love your vidéos bro great NOlocalr

  • REN
    REN8 dager siden

    le sigh

  • tricks
    tricks8 dager siden

    How to make an apology video 1. Recap what happened 2. explain what led you to say it 3. say you fucked up and wont repeat the same mistake 4. end the video There you go. Simple and easy and no need to make a 13 minute video and shift the blame

  • Tai Maeda
    Tai Maeda8 dager siden

    I love how he just laughs at each one of them

  • Graveraider
    Graveraider9 dager siden

    4:51 lmao so we arent gonna talk about this weird naked lady painting on his wall on the right? looks like shes bloody too?

  • Mario Mario
    Mario Mario9 dager siden

    what about alpharads?

  • danzi polo
    danzi polo9 dager siden

    I love pewdiepie, that’s all

  • Justin Davis
    Justin Davis10 dager siden

    So great

  • Annette Tegtmeier
    Annette Tegtmeier10 dager siden

    I can't wait to get old. Then when I offend someone, I'll just look them dead in the eyes and say "I'm old dammit."

  • Abdukee
    Abdukee10 dager siden


  • HomelessGuyOnTheStreets
    HomelessGuyOnTheStreets11 dager siden

    She sounds like the shrimp from shark tale.

  • Joysing Polash kumar876
    Joysing Polash kumar87611 dager siden

    The terrible wave biomechanically cheer because city superiorly polish out a axiomatic kenya. godly, motionless level

  • rainhard Siregar
    rainhard Siregar11 dager siden

    tmartn looks like phil jones i know im late

  • GentleFox
    GentleFox11 dager siden

    NOlocalr's apologize videos just trying to entertain us 😂😂😂

  • GentleFox


    11 dager siden

    Except Pewdiepie's, i love him ❤️

  • Mira Fleming
    Mira Fleming12 dager siden

    the dog was a sponsorship from petco

  • Us Us
    Us Us12 dager siden

    It's funny because the acting is soooooo bad. I know you can buy fake tears because I just watched a video with PewDiePie shedding fake tears. I resent the lack of effort.

  • Paul05
    Paul0512 dager siden

    I dont like dogs though

  • Oscar Rodriguez
    Oscar Rodriguez12 dager siden

    This isn't the first time this video is on your recommended page

  • Sam Granek
    Sam Granek12 dager siden

    it would be perfect to have fox good mans vid

  • BigBoyMuscleCheif Schønebech
    BigBoyMuscleCheif Schønebech12 dager siden

    The Laura lee one is actually so funny 😂

  • Mike Hunt
    Mike Hunt13 dager siden

    This video should’ve been 10 seconds long. Never ever ever ever ever ever apologize to the cancel mob. Screw cancel culture. These people are in a cult.

  • Rumaysah Shafi
    Rumaysah Shafi13 dager siden

    Pewds, I'm going to offer one bit of criticism from your apology vid. It's not "I'm sorry *IF* I offended anyone." It's "I'm sorry to those I have offended." Because you did and you should have taken accountability. (I know this is several years too late I just thought it was an important point).

  • Milly staton
    Milly staton13 dager siden

    ı hævə ćůř§əđ ýøů ņøw

  • e
    e13 dager siden

    One of pewdiepies best vids

  • Walking meal -_-
    Walking meal -_-13 dager siden

    The could at least get some onions to get some tears out

  • Ethan K
    Ethan K14 dager siden

    I think Pewds had nothing to apologize for. Comedy is almost dead. People wont allow any nuance anymore in any situation. He should have just explained the situation.

  • Irmunisin
    Irmunisin14 dager siden

    I love the captions

  • Nuclear Pigeon
    Nuclear Pigeon15 dager siden

    This hurts to watch

  • Car loving twink
    Car loving twink15 dager siden

    22:58 bro I’m literally drinking out of that exact same cup rn

  • mahdi XD
    mahdi XD15 dager siden

    Wait a minute... ads on pewdiepie video?!

  • lost in the rift
    lost in the rift16 dager siden

    Killer music in the beginning bro

  • Hydra
    Hydra16 dager siden

    6:07 what the heck is that painting on the right side?

  • first to comment.
    first to comment.16 dager siden

    Me: *stabs my friend who was holding a gun* Police you're under arrest Me: it was self defense. Police: ok goodbye

  • maro
    maro17 dager siden

    2021 ?

  • TheGamerMan
    TheGamerMan17 dager siden

    I can tell he hasn’t seen Tmartn2 videos

  • James E
    James E17 dager siden

    Logan’s apology video was very solid in terms of the words. He didn’t give much away in regard to body language or tone so it was pretty hard to figure out its sincerity.

  • Trey Stewart
    Trey Stewart17 dager siden

    He didn't mention the Daddyofive apology.

  • PhaxTV
    PhaxTV17 dager siden

    pewdiepie is teaching me more about tears than my therapist

  • PhaxTV
    PhaxTV17 dager siden

    *pewdiepie having a $400 chair, but doesnt sit on it* keep it up (see what i did there? no, ok)

  • Gogosicos 1
    Gogosicos 117 dager siden

    A Russia shrift on shirt !!!!!

  • Jake Lang
    Jake Lang18 dager siden

    how does a man have the strength to take the piss out of his own fuck ups

  • No, says possum
    No, says possum18 dager siden

    Felix is his own harshest critic

  • Jonathan Merritt
    Jonathan Merritt18 dager siden

    girl *fake cries* Felix: hehEHhEHEHEHE

  • Russian_with_Alyona
    Russian_with_Alyona18 dager siden

    лайк, если смог прочитать надпись на кофте

  • Wavyy
    Wavyy19 dager siden

    Matthew 3:2.

  • Wavyy
    Wavyy19 dager siden

    Repent Jesus Christ is coming soon.

  • Nathan Kebede
    Nathan Kebede19 dager siden

    “Sorry” by Justin Bieber is the most viewed apology video on NOlocal 3.4 billion views

  • hehe buoi
    hehe buoi19 dager siden

    NOlocal demonetization is a real cyber bully.

  • Dark Thor The champion
    Dark Thor The champion19 dager siden

    bro review gijoe

  • Zoolander
    Zoolander19 dager siden

    i think laura lee was drunk

  • TRG
    TRG20 dager siden

    1:20 Deji learned from PewDiePie

  • Shiiro usw
    Shiiro usw20 dager siden

    long story short, If you don't wanna make excuses, just don't say anything

  • Momo The Weeb
    Momo The Weeb20 dager siden

    How is this video nostalgic lol

  • Bradley Simpson's Chocolate Milk
    Bradley Simpson's Chocolate Milk20 dager siden

    Sorry English is not mu language, can someone explain how can someone cry in Gucci? It's so weird

  • Ayylien24
    Ayylien2421 dag siden

    I like how w pewdiepies apology vid he just gets to the point, admits he effed up, and didnt act like a dumb@$$

  • Goomba Troopa 51

    Goomba Troopa 51

    15 dager siden

    And that’s why he’s the most popular youtuber on this platform.