Surgeon Simulator 2 - Coop /w Ken - THE NOSTALGIA IS REAL!


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  • rubyadelewells
    rubyadelewells18 dager siden

    I love how they’re both ignoring Pam and the story in the background

  • Мариям Магомедова
    Мариям Магомедова20 dager siden

    The wise hammer gully excite because copy phytogeographically move except a better dryer. incandescent, few fierce apology

  • Playeff
    Playeff21 dag siden

    18:12 umm 😐 *calls 911*

  • Nevelina
    Nevelina22 dager siden

    He’s a Scorpio how wack

  • Kebxai Aod
    Kebxai Aod23 dager siden


  • Melissa Element
    Melissa Element24 dager siden

    Should have named the broom “Broomhilda”.

  • Berotic
    Berotic24 dager siden

    I didn’t know Felix Chewed tobacco

  • Vampy_Rhombus5006
    Vampy_Rhombus500625 dager siden

    Yo guys! What's the song's name at the beginning of the stream? Appreciate it if anyone knows and can be a legend and tell me! Thanks in advance!

    CELIA GRAU ESTRUCH27 dager siden

    “Broom is my bEsTiE” We will always remember you, broom 10:09

  • James Ware
    James Ware28 dager siden

    The near anime individually point because insect definitely fry upon a sincere frown. daily, outstanding almanac

  • Leona McDaniel
    Leona McDaniel28 dager siden

    The hanging bus partly need because element interestedly wander but a tearful anthropology. foamy, rare receipt

  • Mac McKnight
    Mac McKnight29 dager siden

    floor gang

  • Clara Castresana
    Clara CastresanaMåned siden

    Watching them try to get the intestines out of the corner and hearing the broom clatter around had me wheezing

  • Rocky The Cute Deer
    Rocky The Cute DeerMåned siden

    Can we all just take a moment and just how satisfying the beginning of this is? Like wow!

  • CsabaTOn [̲̅Y̲̅σ̲̅υ̲̅т̲̅υ̲̅b̲̅є̲]
    CsabaTOn [̲̅Y̲̅σ̲̅υ̲̅т̲̅υ̲̅b̲̅є̲]Måned siden

    Who is this man? you are

  • Sunnyluv
    SunnyluvMåned siden

    Pewdiepie: i will never leave you broom 1 minute later: leaves broom

  • Chris J C
    Chris J CMåned siden

    I've got a broom to reach the intestines. Just like real surgery. This is what we do daily in the surgery suite.

  • soleman567 khan joyee
    soleman567 khan joyeeMåned siden

    The boiling susan periodically attach because island predominantly race since a symptomatic color. limping, fortunate bangle

  • laura
    lauraMåned siden

    1:00:54 omg😀😀😀😀

  • Frizzy
    FrizzyMåned siden

    Floor gang😤😤

  • Roxana Chavez
    Roxana ChavezMåned siden

    pewds: i almost took off the wrong leg also pewds: proceeds to tear off the wrong leg

  • Ryan Hoffman
    Ryan HoffmanMåned siden

    I love when he makes vids with Jack and Ken

  • Мариям Магомедова
    Мариям МагомедоваMåned siden

    “It would be embarrassing if I ripped of the wrong leg” He says as he goes to rip of the wrong leg

  • 장희재
    장희재Måned siden

    ‘Surgeon simulator’ Rips people’s body parts of with his bare hands. That’s not.... that.... okay.

  • gender fluid
    gender fluidMåned siden

    Is this stream non-members allowed or did i buy a membership when i drunk? Edit: Never mind I was drunk and im a broke college student

  • Riona OBrien 101
    Riona OBrien 1012 måneder siden

    **chasing cars starts playing**

  • Riona OBrien 101
    Riona OBrien 1012 måneder siden

    Greys Anatomy looks different here.

  • FugleSkarn Productions
    FugleSkarn Productions2 måneder siden

    those movements look like shit.. those he have a dead arm or something

  • BlueMonster 0
    BlueMonster 02 måneder siden

    Trying to teach me to jump, losers Alight now how do I jump?

    NOB PLAYER2 måneder siden

    Hllo pudidi

  • Bertha Quezada
    Bertha Quezada2 måneder siden

    After nine minutes there is no purpose because he left broom for chair

  • Shaheer
    Shaheer2 måneder siden

    Leg leg leg

  • RaeRae
    RaeRae2 måneder siden

    Starts at about 1:45, for those watching as a video

  • Celestial Demon
    Celestial Demon2 måneder siden

    I want to see grandayyy play this

  • christian palses
    christian palses2 måneder siden

    How do you just replace a head?

  • Jimin's pinky
    Jimin's pinky2 måneder siden

    26:15 the yellow syringe is t-pose extract

  • Мариям Магомедова
    Мариям Магомедова2 måneder siden

    I miss Mark Pewds Jack and Ken Together

  • Gabriel Geagea
    Gabriel Geagea2 måneder siden

    He gives the broom a name, proceeds to call it broom

  • Echo Jaspher
    Echo Jaspher2 måneder siden

    Pewdiepie :what i ripped the wrong leg? Yea rip lped the head off

  • Sebastien Kwan Zambrano Hintz
    Sebastien Kwan Zambrano Hintz2 måneder siden

    Pewds the head collector

  • Jack Lyman
    Jack Lyman2 måneder siden

    Announcement: Starting from the 10th of November, I will be working full time on YT by giving you dope videos every 2-3 days regularly. Thank me later, gentR

  • Jack Lyman
    Jack Lyman2 måneder siden

    Which time we mostly listen to music

    UJJAL KARMAKAR2 måneder siden

    drkRoss Member (3 months) ​Needs some **creepy asterisks** TBH A10 Thunderbolt II Warthog Member (2 months) ​yoooo Nightbot ​Want to join the PewDiePie 'Floor Gang' Discord server? Make sure to connect your NOlocal account to your Discord, by following these steps: Go to Discord --> User Settings --> Connections --> NOlocal Edgar Cepeda New member ​Lmao Damien Keegan Member (1 year, 2 months) ​Is this Cyberpunk? A10 Thunderbolt II Warthog Member (2 months) ​wait ZoeyBayy Member (3 months) ​lOl PeWdIePiE more like...... pewdieDIE Savannah Simpson New member Welcome to Floor Gang - Tier 3! caelyn Member (3 months) ​Im so happy this is where my tax dollars goes ZoeyBayy Member (3 months) ​gottttem drkRoss Member (3 months) ​Break a leg

  • Odette Popko
    Odette Popko2 måneder siden

    both shooting at glitch bucket on wall with magic force field bullets out of their hands "alright maybe we should actually play the game"

  • Odette Popko
    Odette Popko2 måneder siden

    watching this instead of the 2020 elections.

  • Odette Popko
    Odette Popko2 måneder siden

    THIS GUY is gunna do surgery? This man cant even carry a broom through the door without hitting everything on his way x'D

  • Odette Popko

    Odette Popko

    2 måneder siden

    im dead laughing 10 mins in. is it supposed to be this intentionally clumsy???

  • Tea
    Tea2 måneder siden

    game: rip his leg off pls ty Pewdiepie: WHOS A GOOD BOBBY I@EWUJDKQNME

  • Felicia Kelley
    Felicia Kelley2 måneder siden

    I want to know the whole story to this lol

  • - Toaster_Ashes -
    - Toaster_Ashes -2 måneder siden

    this is the funniest yet most disturbing video i’ve seen from pewds

  • OneHitWarrior1
    OneHitWarrior13 måneder siden

    "right leg" : rips left leg off twice

  • Aran Kirostok
    Aran Kirostok3 måneder siden

    This is great! More of coop Surgeon Simulator with Ken!

  • Егор Ильин
    Егор Ильин3 måneder siden

    6:29 Broomie, obviously

  • V3Q
    V3Q3 måneder siden

    Yo dude how much videos u acctyaly Got ay on Youtub(ay LIKE YOUR CUT G

  • Sakeer Abbas Ali
    Sakeer Abbas Ali3 måneder siden


  • Laura
    Laura3 måneder siden

    Sorry but I got seasick after 5 minutes..

  • I0000 Subscribers white no content
    I0000 Subscribers white no content3 måneder siden

    Hello 👋

  • Spalton221
    Spalton2213 måneder siden

    That intro 😄😄😄😄😄😌😌😌

  • History on YouTube
    History on YouTube3 måneder siden

    *Chiccolata intensifies*

  • hewan peliharaan
    hewan peliharaan3 måneder siden

    Ga bosen liat PewDiePie

  • Lor Michelle
    Lor Michelle3 måneder siden

    Pewds intro wavee makes me remember Paolul's outro waves

  • Swastik Mohapatra
    Swastik Mohapatra3 måneder siden

    Surgeons must love to harass Bob

  • Joos Joestar
    Joos Joestar3 måneder siden

    S L A P P L I K E N O W

  • hewan peliharaan
    hewan peliharaan3 måneder siden

    PewDiePie emang joss

  • TheDorkyNerd
    TheDorkyNerd3 måneder siden

    5000th comment- this was streamed on my birthday

  • Hyousuke Dyrk
    Hyousuke Dyrk3 måneder siden

    Fuckin' psychos lmao

  • gaming tamizha
    gaming tamizha3 måneder siden

    It is satisfying 😂 to watch this

  • rodricraft z
    rodricraft z3 måneder siden


  • Sentimen Longkumer
    Sentimen Longkumer3 måneder siden

    RIP headphone users 38:10

  • Kyran Mcinnes
    Kyran Mcinnes3 måneder siden

    Imagine if some dude in a burgundy suit entered a room wildly flailing a broom he'd named Ken and started yelling "I NEED TO DO SURGERAAAAY"

  • Chloe Etheredge
    Chloe Etheredge3 måneder siden

    chat go brrrr

  • Chloë Espinoza
    Chloë Espinoza3 måneder siden

    i wonder how weird it is to drink from a can that has ur body on it

  • Jon Moxley
    Jon Moxley3 måneder siden


  • Ryan Brewster
    Ryan Brewster3 måneder siden

    why not put ken's "link in bio"?

  • Ryan Brewster
    Ryan Brewster3 måneder siden

    i love hoe best friend broom came back around to fish the brains out of the corner... clues from the first act, come back in the third... is this scripted?!

  • Ryan Brewster
    Ryan Brewster3 måneder siden

    who leaves the tab of a can sticking straight up?...

  • WINNER380
    WINNER3803 måneder siden

    "Just gonna finnish chewing on this protein bar" I was laughing before the video even started 🤣

  • Aaron James Guinto Garay
    Aaron James Guinto Garay3 måneder siden

    We love you PewDiePie

  • Shane Blake
    Shane Blake3 måneder siden

    "Don't you dare bleed on me Bob,I will f**king kill you if you die'' Pewds 2013

  • MooNx gaming
    MooNx gaming3 måneder siden

    I love this intro

  • Lexiiaa L
    Lexiiaa L3 måneder siden

    Love it when u play w Ken such good vibes :)

  • Alif Nabil
    Alif Nabil3 måneder siden

    It was sadis

  • Sheebha Vinod
    Sheebha Vinod3 måneder siden

    So thats where legs went

  • Karin J's
    Karin J's4 måneder siden

    Is that a candy he ate on the circle container? Before he drink the gfuel?

  • colcil
    colcil4 måneder siden

    anyone else notice when he threw the empty syringe it fell with the other syringes at 19:57 !? That was a perfect throw hahaha

  • PewDiePie FanClub
    PewDiePie FanClub4 måneder siden

    People Who Love ❤️ Their Mom And Dad And Want 💝 To Live More Than 💞💯 Year (Hit 👍😋) (Subscribe PewDiePie FanClub) 1000 Subscriber Aim

  • seainab hussien
    seainab hussien4 måneder siden

    Im 9

  • Miffxn
    Miffxn4 måneder siden

    getting a pewdiepie phone case ad on a pewdiepie video is wild

  • EklektosNinjaKatsaridoktonos
    EklektosNinjaKatsaridoktonos4 måneder siden

    Greek Doctors Simulator

  • Chlyde Miraflores
    Chlyde Miraflores4 måneder siden

    Can you do speedrun in mincraft

  • Vicki Floyd
    Vicki Floyd4 måneder siden


  • Sheng Lantin
    Sheng Lantin4 måneder siden


  • techy channels
    techy channels4 måneder siden

    What the game is playing by left hand🤣🤣🤣

  • TB FX
    TB FX4 måneder siden

    Sub to TB FX

  • Manshaul Haque
    Manshaul Haque4 måneder siden

    He should do more gaming videos....

  • Mohadaily
    Mohadaily4 måneder siden

    Subscribe to me and you will be happy for the next 50 years believe me it works ;)

  • Mohadaily
    Mohadaily4 måneder siden

    Can you drop a sub pls :c

  • Seaski Geno
    Seaski Geno4 måneder siden

    Who else fell asleep because of that intro?

  • Jill Anderson
    Jill Anderson4 måneder siden

    Dude I watched this whole livestream, and I remembered how much I enjoyed it, so I came back to find I accidentally pressed dislike on it and now I'm filled with immense guilt. How do I fix this mistake? 😭

  • Justin
    Justin4 måneder siden

    Stream starts 1:56

  • Kendall Hunter
    Kendall Hunter4 måneder siden

    Omg 😂 Pewds and Ken are the most hilarious duo. I was laughing so hard for this entire video