Tambourine Tower to the Moon.


Building the biggest tambourine ever seen
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  • vlogs man
    vlogs man8 timer siden

    Glue gang !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sch 14
    Sch 1410 timer siden

    He looks so short

  • Sch 14
    Sch 1411 timer siden

    Glue Gang

  • Days Gone By
    Days Gone By3 dager siden

    You should donate to the local churches...The Bible says that the enemy is defeated to the sound of the tambourine. So I play the tambourine, ribbons streaming out behind, the colours symbolising all things Biblical.

  • Pasorena Parso
    Pasorena Parso3 dager siden

    مرضیه ایرانی هست

  • Santiago Salgado
    Santiago Salgado3 dager siden

    Thank you marzia

  • Adelina Oprea
    Adelina Oprea6 dager siden

    how has life come to watching a 30 yr old man build a tower out of tambourines

  • Diego Correa
    Diego Correa9 dager siden

    Original content 💯

  • EnzoSlayer 4272
    EnzoSlayer 42729 dager siden

    Tape gang

  • emma
    emma10 dager siden

    Dis boi really spent $2000 on tqmborin3s

  • Kristof Toth
    Kristof Toth10 dager siden

    ty marzia

  • Piyush Verma
    Piyush Verma10 dager siden

    neighbour's kid be like 8:57

  • FreeFree
    FreeFree10 dager siden

    i just realized that this was posted on my birthday. lol

  • Jeff_Wolf
    Jeff_Wolf11 dager siden

    Pewds parents, sister and nephew: 🙃

  • א ש
    א ש11 dager siden

    felix should punish marzia cause she is a bad wife ....i dont think he hit her enough....he should leash her or something she is trying to disrespect her master and saying shit jokes ....if i am her husband i will slap her until she cry so she know who is her god....wtf felix controle her

  • Animated V
    Animated V11 dager siden

    Idk what happened to tambourines now we have flutes

  • Faramir
    Faramir11 dager siden

    Diamond hands baby

  • Epic memes
    Epic memes11 dager siden

    50 tambourines plus 19 which is us is 69

  • Lynx
    Lynx11 dager siden

    Tambourine lives matter too

  • Lynx
    Lynx11 dager siden

    Report for tambourine abuse

  • The Leviathan
    The Leviathan12 dager siden

    Is Marzia talking about inches because if she is that a good estimate

  • Aishwarya Naik
    Aishwarya Naik12 dager siden

    RIP to d dogs ears

  • Aishwarya Naik
    Aishwarya Naik12 dager siden


  • Crèu Cat クル猫
    Crèu Cat クル猫13 dager siden

    tambarine tower of surprise

  • Kate Bonasia
    Kate Bonasia13 dager siden

    Pewdiepies decent into madness

  • JohnX
    JohnX14 dager siden

    Your neighbor is glad to have you

  • Angel's Wrd.
    Angel's Wrd.14 dager siden

    People in math problems be like:

  • Mochizi G
    Mochizi G14 dager siden

    He is like 30 and ım over here 18 but when ı see him with marzia ı feel like a proud mom

  • That Guy
    That Guy15 dager siden

    Piwdiepie:Exists Tambourine company:stonks

  • That Guy
    That Guy15 dager siden

    Glue gang

  • it's JB
    it's JB16 dager siden

    That's what rish people would do

  • Fathiah Saleha
    Fathiah Saleha17 dager siden

    PewDiePie is rich omg!!

  • Maksymilian Polink
    Maksymilian Polink17 dager siden

    Mr beast if ur reading this help pewdiepie get the biggest tambourine tower EVER

  • 07Ída María Finnbogadóttir
    07Ída María Finnbogadóttir18 dager siden

    Felix: Marsia? If YOU wold be an insturment, what insturment would YOU be ?, Marsia: I would be a violin. Felix: ThAt is the MOST anoying insturment of all time !, Marsia: If you say so......😂

  • Ayla Chazotte
    Ayla Chazotte19 dager siden

    thanks marzia!!!!

  • Brianne S
    Brianne S20 dager siden

    15:17 i though there was something crawling out of my ears

  • Yathish Manivannan
    Yathish Manivannan20 dager siden

    pewds should start making the tambourine tower from burj khalifa That way it is easier lmao

  • Gabriela Capcha Ch.
    Gabriela Capcha Ch.23 dager siden

    It's 3 a.m.

  • Wesley Stueber
    Wesley Stueber24 dager siden

    marzia im sorry but how you hold the camra it sucks

  • Beena Beena
    Beena Beena24 dager siden

    when u want to buy some tambourine and u see out of stock and u become mad or sad. but when u see that pewdiepie brought all of the tambourines u be like "NANI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "

  • Joseph Stalin
    Joseph StalinMåned siden

    Pewds: Tambourine Tower Twoset: Triangle pyramid Hotel: Trivago

  • ha apydnx
    ha apydnxMåned siden

    Glue gang better 'cause i dunno

  • Martu Mavric
    Martu MavricMåned siden


    GINA BALAGOTMåned siden

    mom can we have druming jacksepticeye. we have druming jacksepticeye at home druming jacksepticeye at home: 22:55

  • Gracie
    GracieMåned siden

    20:09 how does that makes sense?🙈🙉🙈🙉

  • Animatics By yours truly
    Animatics By yours trulyMåned siden

    Y’all I did some counting and Pewds would approximately need 12 813,3333 tambourines to reach the moon (if my math is correct)

  • CsabaTOn [̲̅Y̲̅σ̲̅υ̲̅т̲̅υ̲̅b̲̅є̲]
    CsabaTOn [̲̅Y̲̅σ̲̅υ̲̅т̲̅υ̲̅b̲̅є̲]Måned siden

    Who is this man? you are

  • Cassie Wolff
    Cassie WolffMåned siden

    "How many tambourines would you like to order?" Pewdiepie: yes

  • haru's_water
    haru's_waterMåned siden

    rip your dogs ears

  • Rommel Nillasca
    Rommel NillascaMåned siden

    1:28 the face of regret

  • I Hate Kids
    I Hate KidsMåned siden

    glue gang all the way

  • FirstName Germomium
    FirstName GermomiumMåned siden

    Hear me out, christmas tree made of tambourines

  • Bnayahu Stern
    Bnayahu SternMåned siden

    Tape gang

  • Bnayahu Stern
    Bnayahu SternMåned siden

    Glue gang

  • El Genjawya
    El GenjawyaMåned siden

    Please help me connect a large number of subscribers so that I can download fun videos and I am sure that my videos will appeal to you ♥ ️

  • Fathimath Rasheedha
    Fathimath RasheedhaMåned siden

    Why is the camera more hd when martzia holds it

  • Julie Daniels
    Julie DanielsMåned siden

    g l u e

  • Julie Daniels
    Julie DanielsMåned siden

    hes tambourine spaghetti pizza man

  • Cringe Comicals
    Cringe ComicalsMåned siden

    Imagine genuinely wanting to buy a tambourine from Amazon, then you get a notification saying "Sorry, some crazy Swedish NOlocalr bought out our entire stocks"

  • Sam?
    Sam?Måned siden

    Friend : "How tall are you?" Me : "I'm 35 Tambourine tall"

  • Sam?
    Sam?Måned siden

    I wonder if their neighbors knows that they'll be written in history for helping a man building a Tambourine Tower, just like Ireland helping a man to go to the moon

  • Edwin Garcia
    Edwin GarciaMåned siden

    I'm surprised Mr. Beast didn't comment on this and other videos so it makes me wonder if Jimmy watches Pewdipie videos

  • Grayson Robbins
    Grayson RobbinsMåned siden

    Glue Gang, Tape Gang, Drill Gang, Flor Gang, Ceiling Gang, Wall Gang

  • kool play'z
    kool play'zMåned siden

    Clickbait it didn't reach the moon 😂😂😂

  • Burak
    BurakMåned siden

    You ruined your body with disgusting tattoos!

  • ARD862
    ARD862Måned siden

    no 14:55

  • Assassin San
    Assassin SanMåned siden

    Imagine being the delivery guy.

  • oscar myles
    oscar mylesMåned siden

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    Arthur SinbergMåned siden

    King of youtube and tambourine

  • Colton Sparrow
    Colton SparrowMåned siden


  • Meowscles
    MeowsclesMåned siden

    I think he is insane

  • j0rgen95
    j0rgen95Måned siden

    Why not flex tape? :(

  • Clay
    ClayMåned siden

    pewdiepie broke tamburen 5:19

  • cole_cole
    cole_coleMåned siden


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    Hillary DiegelMåned siden

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    Pratyush JainMåned siden

    breaking news by gloria borger pewds leaves floor gang and joins tambourine gang and builds a tambourine tower to the moon

  • MelonWater
    MelonWaterMåned siden

    its not gonna hold

  • Idiotic Imagination
    Idiotic ImaginationMåned siden

    i play violin and apperantly i now suck at it

  • Vidina Hdez
    Vidina HdezMåned siden

    Retailer: "How many tambourines do you want?" Pewdiepie: Yes

  • Vaishnavi Mishra
    Vaishnavi MishraMåned siden

    I don't fucking care if I sound like a simp but this guy's eyes are EVERYTHING

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    Jin-x xMåned siden

    Absolutely love sinergy

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    meghostrider55 ,Måned siden

    Sometimes all i need is to watch a grown man play with 50 tambourines, feels good man

  • meghostrider55 ,
    meghostrider55 ,Måned siden

    Me lookin at pewds house :o

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    Jackson RileyMåned siden

    the ASMR is immaculate

  • The Greatest Clips
    The Greatest ClipsMåned siden


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    Daniel YonoMåned siden

    2:34 look at the destruction in his eyes

  • my symdrome is down but my hopes are up
    my symdrome is down but my hopes are up2 måneder siden

    Who needs charity when you have tambourine tower

  • Alissa Springfield
    Alissa Springfield2 måneder siden

    "Hey neighbors can I borrow a ladder in hanging curtians?" "Sure!" *yelling and extremely loud crashing and tambourine noise*

  • lenka
    lenka2 måneder siden

    new title: felix steals his own credit card and makes a tambourine version of a lego tower to the moon and lays on the tambourines like a 10 yr old lol

  • Kyra Walker
    Kyra Walker2 måneder siden

    The energy is seperated in the room, I can feel it😂 Marzia, calm and collected (with very cute giggles🌸) While Felix be like 🌪⚡️☄️💫🌩

  • MOHAMMAD 5022
    MOHAMMAD 50222 måneder siden

    Amazing video

  • Maxelino
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    Hexa2 måneder siden

    you didnt try sement gang :(

  • Hexa
    Hexa2 måneder siden

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  • Ivan Miguel
    Ivan Miguel2 måneder siden

    Supplier: sells tambourines Pewds: hippity hoppity your stock is my property

  • Tinky_winky 448
    Tinky_winky 4482 måneder siden

    I’m paste gang