The Ultimate Among Us Impostor Duo - Among Us #10


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    3THANOSS4 timer siden

    0:27 It’s raining in my Minecraft server as well....

  • Erin Gabriel
    Erin Gabriel8 timer siden

    MONTAGES !!!!! Best of 2020 game clips !!!!!!! Pleaseeeeee

  • JohnSnowPokemonShow
    JohnSnowPokemonShow9 timer siden

    Smash like for pewdiepie

  • Nabel Odera
    Nabel Odera11 timer siden

    Hey thats for cocomelon

  • Poorvika
    Poorvika13 timer siden

    Mr beast and pewds as imposter Mr Beast: skew the give away! Ahhhh Pewds: 😃😄

  • riototz eeztnuyty
    riototz eeztnuyty17 timer siden


  • Luxid 413

    Luxid 413

    16 timer siden


  • Alex Lyman
    Alex Lyman17 timer siden

    oof it makes me sad that pewds reps the apple life still

  • •HazelNut Tea•
    •HazelNut Tea•19 timer siden

    Guys is it weird that I just came across this guy but he’s the most famous person on YT??? 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • NaTaLiE343
    NaTaLiE343Dag siden

    12:28 he said everyone be quiet EVERYONE be quiet lmao

  • NaTaLiE343
    NaTaLiE343Dag siden

    11:38 sykkunooooo

    SNAKEDag siden


  • Rocket WARR1OR
    Rocket WARR1ORDag siden

    I am from sweden pewdipie


    Ok we all can agree that mrbeast and pewds are the best among us duo😍😘😘😎😎😎

  • Amish abdussalam
    Amish abdussalamDag siden

    We need another lobby with Mrbeast with proximity chat

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  • H i
    H i2 dager siden


  • OfficialGD Thunder
    OfficialGD Thunder2 dager siden


  • Latha - Shashidar Reddy Pakkeeru
    Latha - Shashidar Reddy Pakkeeru2 dager siden

    triggered insaan is better then you pewdepie

  • Trustfrated Army
    Trustfrated Army2 dager siden

    Sykkuno was so scared to say that it was Felix who killed Rae, it was really sad he clearly has a hard time and is shy. I like how Pewds was trying to make him comfortable by telling him that it was okay to say who he thinks it was. :)))))))

  • AndyGamerBoy
    AndyGamerBoy2 dager siden

    I subscribed for you pewds

  • C C
    C C3 dager siden

    LOL Karl when Jimmy and Felix got imposter 😂😂😂

  • Armet1
    Armet13 dager siden

    Why did Karl have a nerf gun

  • Amy Cotton
    Amy Cotton3 dager siden


    THE BEAK HUNTER3 dager siden

    What the one kid starts yelling in class when the teacher is talking about math 12:29

  • NotOscar
    NotOscar3 dager siden

    look at his face haha 12:21

  • sykkelfamilie sommer 2020
    sykkelfamilie sommer 20203 dager siden

    Hallo jeg er faktisk Norsk

  • Abdullah Blah
    Abdullah Blah3 dager siden

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  • Abdullah Blah
    Abdullah Blah3 dager siden

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    Abdullah Blah3 dager siden

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  • Slyngemor
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  • Cyrus Chan
    Cyrus Chan3 dager siden

    MrBeast was filming during the time you we’re playing among us in this video

  • Nightmarish Duality
    Nightmarish Duality3 dager siden

    Look at the app links in the description 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 ......... app store link for android and google play store link for IOS .....😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • RayJhaun Cudjoe
    RayJhaun Cudjoe4 dager siden

    Sup pEWds I love your vidos

  • Don't read my channel icon
    Don't read my channel icon4 dager siden

    Don't read my channel name!

  • Bloody
    Bloody4 dager siden

    Wjy people subscribe to him?

  • Reesha Thomas
    Reesha Thomas4 dager siden

    Pewdiepie is the best player ever

  • Regner Sinconiegue
    Regner Sinconiegue5 dager siden

    12:38 for Mr beast and pweds

  • Angel Anns
    Angel Anns5 dager siden

    Mrbeast karl and chris was fangirling lol😂😂

  • Viktor Jerkert
    Viktor Jerkert5 dager siden

    Are you swedish???

  • Faze Choked eye
    Faze Choked eye5 dager siden

    Pewdiepie u make a really big mistake you type iOS on google play and on android apple store

    CREATIVE MINDS5 dager siden

    Play a game called freefire

  • Man Bahadur
    Man Bahadur6 dager siden

    Pewdie pie is so funny

  • reaction galaxy
    reaction galaxy6 dager siden

    Why are you putting the creepy dog picture in the video

  • Uullii1122
    Uullii11226 dager siden

    Im gay

  • Arthur Hayward
    Arthur Hayward6 dager siden

    You were recording on Halloween

    MYTHICAL BEAST6 dager siden

    Jason Dolley from Good Luck Charlie streams on twitch pls play among us with him

  • Brittany Maynard
    Brittany Maynard7 dager siden

    Do you actually have 1 billion subscribers reply if you do I'm just wondering

  • Isaac Roman
    Isaac Roman7 dager siden

    Pew Die pie 🥧

  • Avianna Phillips
    Avianna Phillips7 dager siden

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  • Avianna Phillips
    Avianna Phillips7 dager siden

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  • HowardTheFish
    HowardTheFish7 dager siden

    Someone has a high pitch voice and it sounds like one of those audio book narrators

  • Soviet Comrade
    Soviet Comrade7 dager siden

    American pewdiepie on ur profile

  • Deepti Chawla
    Deepti Chawla7 dager siden

    To Pewdiepie

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    Deepti Chawla7 dager siden

    Dont SUB

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    Farhan Ahmed

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  • Slick playz
    Slick playz7 dager siden

    Pewdiepie swears hes naughty

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    Mohamed Alawad8 dager siden

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    0BearBaby08 dager siden

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    Seda öktem8 dager siden

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  • Lieutenant bruhify
    Lieutenant bruhify8 dager siden

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    Saira Sattar9 dager siden

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  • smooth Piggo
    smooth Piggo9 dager siden

    Thank god ray mak is not here

  • Julia Mahmoud
    Julia Mahmoud9 dager siden

    Wtf whats that scary doggo photo at the bottom its pissin me off

  • It's funneh fan Don't forget it
    It's funneh fan Don't forget it9 dager siden

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    Ultronhuman shorts9 dager siden

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    zero psycho

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    ABdullah FF Player9 dager siden

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  • SophisLoomtique
    SophisLoomtique10 dager siden

    12:30 KARL: OHOHOHOHOHOOHOHOH 😲😲🙀😱 AHH karl looks cute in bckrounf tho

  • Seargant Lazyass69
    Seargant Lazyass6910 dager siden

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  • ʎpɐɹq ʞɔǝʎɐoɥ
    ʎpɐɹq ʞɔǝʎɐoɥ10 dager siden

    Karl just holding the nerf gun :]]]

  • Reema Sharma
    Reema Sharma10 dager siden

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  • Reema Sharma
    Reema Sharma10 dager siden

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    Yitan Zhang10 dager siden


  • Magic unicorn
    Magic unicorn10 dager siden

    pewd's u are the best among us player

    RETROHELL10 dager siden

    Poor pewds he Trusted Jimmy he hesitated to kill him after all there been through JIMMY! NOT COOL BUddy!

  • Angel Anns

    Angel Anns

    5 dager siden


  • Panda bear Gaming
    Panda bear Gaming10 dager siden


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  • its WhiteFire
    its WhiteFire11 dager siden

    Felix do you know hebrew?

  • daniel 2nd acount
    daniel 2nd acount11 dager siden

    Amoung is so trash this is why pewdiepie sucks jk my friend made me do this i love amoung us and pewdiepie

    THUNDER GAMING11 dager siden

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  • Daphnie Yan
    Daphnie Yan11 dager siden

    The dream team is a scp MTF team

  • someone dislike
    someone dislike12 dager siden

    Holy shit, Mrbeast when he reacted to you being on the same team it was so fucking wholesome

  • Azusa the kitten
    Azusa the kitten12 dager siden

    Did anyone see Mr beasts video?

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    Adam Mohamed12 dager siden

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    Preston Almeida12 dager siden

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  • NTK Scooters
    NTK Scooters13 dager siden

    This must be Jimmy’s dream to be said by pewds himself that him and Felix are the best imposter duo in 2020

  • Tristan Bishop
    Tristan Bishop13 dager siden

    de ultimate youtube, all hale the king

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    this Is me13 dager siden

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    that one BRUHH guy

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  • Theo Salih
    Theo Salih13 dager siden

    Felix and jimmy as impostor duo was one of the most wholesome things i've ever seen in 2020

  • Annabelle Rees
    Annabelle Rees13 dager siden

    Mr beast: Screw the give away Me: lol