The Worst Couple I've Ever Seen.. TLC #8


TLC Anfisa and Jorge is the worst couple of all time
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  • pup pup
    pup pup3 timer siden

    I just dont understand how this guy is putting up with her crap. Calling her a terrible person is a understatement.

  • Charlotte Parker
    Charlotte Parker3 timer siden

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  • thefreckledrobin
    thefreckledrobin4 timer siden

    Poor guy...he is probably so stressed.

  • Maria G
    Maria G5 timer siden

    Why do humans like Anfisa exist?? 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

  • Fhim Fahim
    Fhim Fahim5 timer siden

    "Bring mw my red bag with my make up" the greatest fucking thing ever 😂

  • courtney drew
    courtney drew6 timer siden

    She’s a low quality person but he’s a liar

  • Ebrahem Qary
    Ebrahem Qary6 timer siden

    she just made me love my girlfrined more

  • Muhammad Butt
    Muhammad Butt9 timer siden

    I would clap her bro foh

  • Hajeen Dosky
    Hajeen Dosky9 timer siden

    i have never hated someone as much as i hate Anvisa, she makes me so fucking mad istg

  • Solgaleo
    Solgaleo10 timer siden

    To be fair, 150k from 300k is pretty good not gonna lie lol

  • Emanuel Boi
    Emanuel Boi14 timer siden

    Summery SIMP!!!

  • songbirdsaintss
    songbirdsaintss17 timer siden

    I’m not gonna lie I feel like she may have blackmailed him off camera to stay in the relationship

  • matthew baker
    matthew baker18 timer siden

    Why would you even be with someone like that smh

  • random introverted extrovert
    random introverted extrovert23 timer siden

    Were gonna need 2 psychologists, one for Anfisa and one for Anfisas psychologist

  • Billy F
    Billy F23 timer siden

    That girl has made me really angry she's so ungrateful she really doesn't deserve anything if that's how she acts and expects everything

  • Dr. Badal
    Dr. BadalDag siden

    🤣🤣🤣 where are woman rights brigade and idiotic feminists when you need one 🤣🤣🤣

  • Adam Mabansag
    Adam MabansagDag siden

    Gold digger like at least rose and ed wasnt like that

  • Crash Webb
    Crash WebbDag siden

    This is somebody's daughter

  • Hridesh Sapkota
    Hridesh SapkotaDag siden

    Come with me say gold diigger with a photo of u near my Lamborghini U get a billion:views that is

  • brainwashedliberals
    brainwashedliberalsDag siden

    I was feeling pretty depressed bro. Your video cheered me up lol

  • Berend Sap
    Berend SapDag siden

    They just need a baby to fix this relationship 🤣🤣🤣

  • Berend Sap
    Berend SapDag siden

    One more reason why i dont pay for anyone else but me

  • Abdou Boumnijel
    Abdou BoumnijelDag siden

    this video makes me angry

  • Red Forsberg
    Red ForsbergDag siden

    Jorge: looks at Anfisa Anfisa: WHY DID YOU LOOK AT ME LIKE THAT

  • Royalfather1
    Royalfather1Dag siden

    12 years olds Not the male

  • Royalfather1


    Dag siden

    Not trying to be sexist

  • Darko Dominik Dy
    Darko Dominik DyDag siden

    babushka became mad

    CLBDANSBYDag siden

    “Basically if you put a magnifying glass to the diamond”🤣🤣🤣😭

  • Benjamin Kara
    Benjamin KaraDag siden

    Felix 12:24 I'm eleven and she is stupid as f

  • Python Ninja
    Python Ninja2 dager siden

    Well PewdiePie can literally make that much money overnight

  • Schotel Mi
    Schotel Mi2 dager siden

    Guys and gals, this is just nature's way to teach us lessons. Sadly, this guy fails at every turn.

  • RetroBass
    RetroBass2 dager siden

    These men are kinda big time wack. They put up with all of this crazy foolishness. They smoke heavy before every single confrontation cause he getting use and he....loves her. She obviously doesn't love him

  • Oriana Cromeens
    Oriana Cromeens2 dager siden

    Felix and Marzia are the cutest couple.

  • Vin
    Vin2 dager siden

    any self worth left with these people ?

  • Elle Collantes
    Elle Collantes2 dager siden

    Sell those silicons baby, help your husband to pay his debt, damn bitch! I hate this, This is making me angrrrry 🤣🤦🏼‍♀️

  • Kristoff Malabver
    Kristoff Malabver2 dager siden

    Ain't it his apartment ??

  • Brandonlee Santana
    Brandonlee Santana2 dager siden

    is as if she wanted him to broke or something

  • Jinan_ Mohd
    Jinan_ Mohd2 dager siden

    Her nose look like it can take two 747 wings up her nostrils

  • Jrodd
    Jrodd2 dager siden

    And here I am being considerate and just having my man get me a moissanite

  • TTT
    TTT2 dager siden

    When is it ever right to hit the women BACK

  • kimberly s
    kimberly s3 dager siden

    I hate this side of humanity, but it's a transaction: You're marrying her for tits and ass and she's marrying you for money. It's the classiest form of prostitution.

  • illumisupremacy :0
    illumisupremacy :03 dager siden

    how he didn’t start pissing his panties from laughing when she started screaming like that over the phone i’ll never know

  • Mr steal your Girl
    Mr steal your Girl3 dager siden

    idk i find all russian women are like this, at end of day they are with you because of money.

  • Female Turtle-Creature
    Female Turtle-Creature3 dager siden

    She basically wants to be a trophy wife that gets spoiled.

  • Will mckee
    Will mckee3 dager siden

    $35,000 is a shitload for a ring still! Him being willing to pay that is crazy

  • Sou1Creeper
    Sou1Creeper3 dager siden

    I feel so sorry for Jorge, the dude probably has a lot of insecurities so he's like.. just clinging to false ideas about why this "pretty" girl likes him.

  • Wickle pickle Wackle smackle

    Wickle pickle Wackle smackle

    13 timer siden

    Hes doing better now ive heard, he got out of jail, lost weight, got another girlfriend and they have a kid now if im not mistaken

  • brainwashedliberals


    Dag siden

    I wish I could spend some time with him and teach him some things.

  • mitsukuni haninozuka
    mitsukuni haninozuka3 dager siden

    Anfisa and *HÒJH*

  • Legend no Densetsu
    Legend no Densetsu3 dager siden

    She's horrible but I don't feel the least bit sorry because he's fully responsible of how he got there

  • Lone Range Gamer
    Lone Range Gamer3 dager siden


  • Flavian N.
    Flavian N.3 dager siden

    the bih got angry bc the guy found out about her plan XD 13:21

  • Rootbeer raider
    Rootbeer raider3 dager siden

    POV: when the husband clicks on one of the hot single Russian women ads On NOlocal.🤣

  • dems
    dems3 dager siden

    She’s so toxic lmao

  • yamraa blitz
    yamraa blitz3 dager siden

    (the couple) *intense fighting* (TLC camera man ) *yes yes this is interesting to watch yes yes*

  • Secret Starch
    Secret Starch3 dager siden

    Wtf 🥺

  • Blaggz
    Blaggz3 dager siden

    When her ring she wants is more expensive than my house

  • chandler's gameplays
    chandler's gameplays3 dager siden

    Pewdiepie has an illuminati tatto

  • Cooper Ragan
    Cooper Ragan4 dager siden

    i honestly don’t feel bad for Jorge at all. he’s doing this to himself

  • Alan Silva
    Alan Silva4 dager siden

    I doubt he even got to second base at all. lol!

  • Cardinal Hordriss
    Cardinal Hordriss4 dager siden

    What the hell does he see in her? She clearly doesn't love or even like him, she has permanent bitch-face and has outright said she's with him for the money and he hasn't got enough of that!

  • Amanda MALCOLM
    Amanda MALCOLM4 dager siden

    The dear tune perceptually join because clipper atypically bat astride a abusive betty. tiny, flowery daffodil

  • Matthew
    Matthew4 dager siden

    Fricking simp

  • Thomas Kim
    Thomas Kim4 dager siden

    It's so cringe to watch

  • jbkgjbkg
    jbkgjbkg4 dager siden

    Fisa means "to fart" in Swedish, I feel that's a great part of Anfisa's name

  • Nisa Rojas
    Nisa Rojas4 dager siden

    Anfisa and Big Ed would be a great couple

  • Matthew Seth
    Matthew Seth4 dager siden

    I feel like she’d want me to pay her just to look at her

  • Matthew Seth
    Matthew Seth4 dager siden

    Her nose is as big as her appetite for gold. His nose is as small as his dignity.

  • Matthew Seth
    Matthew Seth4 dager siden

    I’ve seen a man propose with a ring pop and the woman was happy 😂 was a joke but still

  • Matthew Seth
    Matthew Seth4 dager siden

    I just want to say I’m proud of this community, and that every one of these comments are gold. 5K gold.

  • Joey Montanda
    Joey Montanda5 dager siden

    Lemme just say homeboy was flashing his money at Anfisa. That’s the part they never talked about.

  • Dark Harder
    Dark Harder5 dager siden

    Bruh she is not pretty enough to spend stupid money on

  • jd jade
    jd jade5 dager siden

    CArvid 19

  • rayanplays
    rayanplays5 dager siden


  • Briana Mills
    Briana Mills5 dager siden

    6:00 "If I was fat and ugly, would you still love me." Being chubby is no big deal, but of she was ugly, it would triple the b**chy-ness.

  • Usama Al Darwashi
    Usama Al Darwashi5 dager siden

    يا حيف عالرجال بس😂😂😂😂

  • Kevin Clause4p55p
    Kevin Clause4p55p5 dager siden


  • Garrett J
    Garrett J5 dager siden

    This dude is the definition of simp

  • Garrett J
    Garrett J5 dager siden

    She’s not even pretty lol

  • Anamaria Maria
    Anamaria Maria5 dager siden

    In the end, the guy turned up to be an asshole. He even ended up in jail or something. Anfisa is doing great now, she became a bodybuilder, she has her own career and she's moving up in life by herself. You should look for her on instagram and NOlocal ;).

  • JDAWG845
    JDAWG8455 dager siden

    Dude, that lady is such a spoiled brat 😂😡

  • سيف الشكرة
    سيف الشكرة5 dager siden

    For some reason this made me sick to my stomach. I never hit a woman. But there's a first for everything

  • Sentrix_30FPS
    Sentrix_30FPS5 dager siden


  • Dominica.Mariani
    Dominica.Mariani5 dager siden

    If this is real. That’s disgusting. My boyfriend could make me a ring out of a rock he found on the sidewalk and I would love that more than anything. Money isn’t love

  • Cassidy Flemming

    Cassidy Flemming

    16 timer siden

    straight up

  • Yash Ghai

    Yash Ghai

    4 dager siden

    We need more people like you

  • Roger C
    Roger C5 dager siden

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  • kev chen
    kev chen6 dager siden

    The tacit undershirt fortuitously disagree because pisces prenatally rub of a illegal wind. nervous, entertaining verdict

  • John Michael Julva
    John Michael Julva6 dager siden

    That is another level of simping

  • Allien chikn
    Allien chikn6 dager siden

    I can't with the part where she got mad at him for not driving in the right direction-like girl get off instagram and TELL him the directions

  • gotomeepster
    gotomeepster6 dager siden

    When she was yelling over the phone, it was like when a 5 year old gets their toy taken away

  • oldyyy
    oldyyy6 dager siden

    She isn't even pretty 😂

  • TC
    TC6 dager siden

    The difference between pews ring and the woman’s ring is astronomical

  • PokelifEevee
    PokelifEevee6 dager siden

    16:48 the subtitles 0_0

  • S Coolman
    S Coolman6 dager siden

    The people who disliked must have held their devise upsidown!

  • Samson Wigmore

    Samson Wigmore

    4 dager siden

    no its her alternative accounts

  • MeLo
    MeLo6 dager siden

    Imagine yourself waking up next to her in the morning. What a terrible way to live

  • Hellenism Olympian
    Hellenism Olympian6 dager siden

    A lot of "As a Russian" comments in here...

  • Momo The Weeb
    Momo The Weeb6 dager siden

    I’m confused... is she a human or some sort of evil creature spawned from a dark wizard? This poor guy...

  • Rusty Kuntz
    Rusty Kuntz7 dager siden

    Engagement rings aren’t even fucking Wedding rings...... I’m not even spending 300k for a wedding ring😂 especially because people like to lose things

  • King Of Evil Ganondorf Dragmire
    King Of Evil Ganondorf Dragmire7 dager siden

    If a woman hit me like she hit him I would smacks her right back And no I don't hit women so don't ask

  • Poop Poop

    Poop Poop

    5 dager siden

    @Pain Nightmare she will go to jail as well

  • King Of Evil Ganondorf Dragmire

    King Of Evil Ganondorf Dragmire

    6 dager siden

    @Pain Nightmare yep that's why I don't hit women

  • Pain Nightmare

    Pain Nightmare

    6 dager siden

    And you'd go to jail immidiently 😂

  • Tom Horseman
    Tom Horseman7 dager siden

    Her physical appearance is disturbing. She's so.....i dont know....i just hate it.

    ASD NETWORK7 dager siden

    She is the type of body you find at the bottom of the lake.

  • RJ Pace
    RJ Pace7 dager siden

    Their perfect for each other lol.

    ASD NETWORK7 dager siden

    I just realized all my past failed relationships were amazing and perfect. All of them.

    ASD NETWORK7 dager siden

    What a SIMP