There Are No Accidents... /r/Theyknow #80[REDDIT REVIEW]


They Knew
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  • Ashim Parajuli
    Ashim Parajuli13 timer siden

    3:54 You're welcome

  • Baker Moravek
    Baker Moravek2 dager siden

    9:16 it keeps flashin inbetween each version

  • Dream
    Dream4 dager siden


  • AmosWithCheese Letterboxd
    AmosWithCheese Letterboxd4 dager siden

    They new

  • AmosWithCheese Letterboxd

    AmosWithCheese Letterboxd

    4 dager siden


  • Ahmad אשׁ
    Ahmad אשׁ4 dager siden

    I wonder if pewds is the sound actor of vlad in hotel transylvania

  • who dis?
    who dis?5 dager siden

    3:54 this is where it all began...

  • Mate Chachkhiani
    Mate Chachkhiani5 dager siden

    You knew

  • Taylor Kendall
    Taylor Kendall5 dager siden

    11:35 did anyone else read this to the star wars tune 😂

  • President skywarp
    President skywarp7 dager siden

    Wat da fuk is that intro

  • I_Don't_Know
    I_Don't_Know8 dager siden

    10:43 B-bangchan??

  • M0WFUE -
    M0WFUE -10 dager siden

    He has millions of intros

  • User Unedited69
    User Unedited6910 dager siden

    Me: Wait. The intro is all cake? Felix and Sive: Always has been

  • Alex Olson
    Alex Olson11 dager siden

    The "dont touch yourself" Is supposed to mean "Dont touch it yourself, (meaning the merchanise, ask a staff member before touching it for yourself) "

  • Tristan Mathers
    Tristan Mathers11 dager siden

    9:12 Is it just me or did anyone else see the body first then realize the figures

  • luc r-p
    luc r-p11 dager siden

    3:54 is where it all started

    THE GUY12 dager siden

    "the fact that it sounds better the close i get to it" yeh Felix that's how a frickin microphone works

  • Ian Mohlhenrich
    Ian Mohlhenrich12 dager siden

    Throwback to the "Dick Thunder" section. People with the name Richard sometimes will have a nickname of Dick or vice versa.

  • Crystal Mena
    Crystal Mena13 dager siden

    3:51 were it all started

  • e non 2
    e non 213 dager siden


  • Mimi Iordache
    Mimi Iordache13 dager siden

    Why are there so many sex jokes All:because reddit

  • MR. 1000
    MR. 100014 dager siden

    he said welldone to my country i am now happy boii

  • Ryan Rohlick
    Ryan Rohlick14 dager siden


  • Mickey McGowan
    Mickey McGowan15 dager siden

    Why does felix sound more american with the microdickphone in his mpuf

  • majd
    majd15 dager siden

    "There are no accidents" - Master Oogway

  • Flynn Nolen
    Flynn Nolen15 dager siden

    I don’t get the dance classes one

  • Aji Prio
    Aji Prio15 dager siden

  • Muhaimen Ali shah
    Muhaimen Ali shah15 dager siden

    7:27 ur welcome pewds good thing im from pak

  • osama Osama
    osama Osama15 dager siden


  • NCS Terbaru 2020
    NCS Terbaru 202015 dager siden

    OMG!!! He Say It!!! 3:53

  • Bobbles Father
    Bobbles Father16 dager siden

    You bastard you set off my Alexa at 2am and her voice was on max volume

    KAIZOKU16 dager siden

    0:08 is that a jojo reference ?!

  • cheeseit man

    cheeseit man

    15 dager siden

    Yes Yes Yes YES!

  • Pillsbury doughboy
    Pillsbury doughboy16 dager siden

    11:40 duel of fates anyone

  • DavidXVI
    DavidXVI18 dager siden

    When you see sexual words in crosswords... *They knew*

  • Ardes Yvonne
    Ardes Yvonne18 dager siden

    How does this dude have 100 million followers 🤦🏻‍♀️

  • Burin Intachuen
    Burin Intachuen20 dager siden

    I just realized that the product on the thumbnail is a pog face trainner

  • RIZA Online
    RIZA Online20 dager siden

    My first upload on youtube! Hope you enjoy! @ShWY

  • John Chapman
    John Chapman20 dager siden

    Murphy's Law is actually, "anything that can happen, will happen."

  • Matthew Hammon
    Matthew Hammon21 dag siden

    lol, at 11:25, when pewdiepie said "alexa" my alexa actually responded.

  • Adam Kumalski1
    Adam Kumalski122 dager siden


  • Adinarayana Santhikishore
    Adinarayana Santhikishore22 dager siden


    ULTRA GAMER23 dager siden

    4:30 "puta" or in this case "putah" can mean bitch in spanish and portugese

  • Natalia Allen
    Natalia Allen23 dager siden

    Uh Felix you know “Putah” is Spanish for “bitch” ;-; idk maybe it’s spelt different but you are pronouncing it like it.

  • Elverno_ Benjamin
    Elverno_ Benjamin24 dager siden

    Why do u sound like homer from the Simpsons

  • Gavin Rehm
    Gavin Rehm25 dager siden

    1) Negloo-Neglijible 2)Negible-ble 3)Negligub 4) Nejijable 5) Negjibluh 6) Negligible

  • Bruno Sousa
    Bruno Sousa25 dager siden

    3:56 did he just...

  • J-Wes
    J-Wes25 dager siden

    The idea of popping someone’s cherry is referencing the fact that you break the girls hymen when she’s a virgin and you have sex with her

  • cody trahan
    cody trahan25 dager siden

    How's the floor gang hoodie $30 on here, but $50 on the website?

  • Sam Allanson
    Sam Allanson25 dager siden

    "Olay miss"

  • Cherri Martin
    Cherri Martin27 dager siden

    The salty korean appropriately increase because cook contrastingly love midst a questionable capricorn. burly, hurried organ

  • Bad_Script


    25 dager siden

    hhm, *what?* Is it a tongue twister? because it's very hard to say.

  • Robert Hughes
    Robert Hughes28 dager siden


  • a-random-name
    a-random-name28 dager siden

    This belongs in a dirty mind test. 9:12

  • natthawat manosubhirun
    natthawat manosubhirun28 dager siden

    the intro is amazing ;-; lol

  • Qt Zeto
    Qt ZetoMåned siden

    Felix don’t know who black lightning is lol

  • Rounak Chakraborty
    Rounak ChakrabortyMåned siden

    3:55 good on you felix, you can finally say the word

  • CsabaTOn [̲̅Y̲̅σ̲̅υ̲̅т̲̅υ̲̅b̲̅є̲]
    CsabaTOn [̲̅Y̲̅σ̲̅υ̲̅т̲̅υ̲̅b̲̅є̲]Måned siden

    Who is this enber? you are

  • Bryce Cameron
    Bryce CameronMåned siden

    Bro I use the same coaster for my drinks as you!

  • Lucky13 YTB
    Lucky13 YTBMåned siden


  • Balld Jeeet
    Balld JeeetMåned siden

    Dave is the best in bish lasagna If u think I whooshed u wrong get double whooshed

  • Cyber gamer parth
    Cyber gamer parthMåned siden

    Haha I am rascist I am black and I hate yellow people haha yellow people go brrrr

  • I’mJasper
    I’mJasperMåned siden

    Wait can someone explain the Murphy’s law thing I’m confused

  • DiligentDrew
    DiligentDrewMåned siden

    I cant read cursive 9:15 something something dance classes? can explain please bros.

  • Inspector Roy

    Inspector Roy

    Måned siden

    Junior Jazz Dance Classes

  • Yuvraj Sharma
    Yuvraj SharmaMåned siden

    did any indian noticed akshay kumar came in felix google search list

  • Yuvraj Sharma

    Yuvraj Sharma

    Måned siden


  • Divyendu Kashyap
    Divyendu KashyapMåned siden

    9:15 can someone explain

  • Bighaverlegend 69
    Bighaverlegend 69Måned siden

    9:44 *§HIE X8H[§e|£*

  • The Galactic Raptor
    The Galactic RaptorMåned siden

    3:55 was the birth of a meme

  • arturo garcia
    arturo garciaMåned siden

    8:35 so who's going to tell him

  • yung brat
    yung bratMåned siden

    A video reacting to Eurovision Song Contest would be hilarious the entries are always madness lmao

  • mrsatanknows
    mrsatanknowsMåned siden

    y is he mirrored to the other side WHAT HAPPENING

  • DashDrones
    DashDronesMåned siden

    3:54 Negligible 😂

  • Karam Ali Fraz
    Karam Ali FrazMåned siden

    7:17 us Pakistanis have a certain way with things

  • Versalife Employee
    Versalife EmployeeMåned siden

    Lame content man

  • Help me
    Help meMåned siden

    Download "Schmick" on AppStore! #29

  • Doge play Game
    Doge play GameMåned siden

    8:17 .............…………..............…………...

  • Cameron Drew
    Cameron DrewMåned siden

    I kept forgetting what the sub was called so thankfully you repeated it at least twice after every gag!

  • Aspen M
    Aspen MMåned siden

    11:18 Well that activated our living room one, so I guess I'm gonna be listening to jazz with my breakfast now, thanks Felix

  • heisenmountain B
    heisenmountain BMåned siden

    5:15 ok this is just epic wtf? xD

    BABABOOOYMåned siden

    Us saudi arabians believe in the force.

  • Moka
    MokaMåned siden

    still don't understand 9:18.

  • Imagin artist
    Imagin artistMåned siden

    Reddi for reddit

  • ghostrust gameing
    ghostrust gameingMåned siden

    His intro looks like cocomelon

  • ghostrust gameing

    ghostrust gameing

    Måned siden

    I hate cocomelon

  • kai parker
    kai parkerMåned siden

    my alexa went crazy

  • INGLINFILMproduction
    INGLINFILMproductionMåned siden

    I got to the part where he was saying "Alexa, play my favorite jazz playlist and turn off the lights and my dingbat Echo totally listened to him and turned off my lights XD

  • AlienHand
    AlienHandMåned siden

    9:28 I thought it says "WEEO"

  • Jaleel DnO
    Jaleel DnOMåned siden

    This maybe a late comment but fck it, Pewds can't say negligible as KSI can't say mural.

  • Spencer Knutsen
    Spencer KnutsenMåned siden

    3:56 *looks around for bridge* "we're safe for now"

    THE CONDUCTORMåned siden


  • Gabellaneous_demo
    Gabellaneous_demoMåned siden

    Google translate the word 'how' to Romanian

  • immanuel iggi
    immanuel iggiMåned siden


  • Cat59
    Cat59Måned siden

    7:33 about a year ago, I was playing Fortnite. Well you can thank the bus driver by hitting the B button if I remember correctly. Well, there was a user named Rosa Parks... who had hit the B button

  • pheniks0
    pheniks0Måned siden

    what? country name in tangled was corona ? *boom* (mind is blown) they knew all along

  • Alex Scott
    Alex ScottMåned siden

    Stop throating the microphone you bastard its so loud on my speakers

  • Marin Berndt
    Marin BerndtMåned siden

    Undine get half the jokes lol

  • Swaraj Samanta
    Swaraj SamantaMåned siden

    is that a samsung g9 monitor or am I an idiot

  • shadow storm
    shadow stormMåned siden

    10:01 he said it s calmly

  • Zee Dause
    Zee DauseMåned siden

    corporate graphic design is mind numbing, and the people who end up in the job usually get there because they're creative, so when they can get their kicks, you know they will take it.

  • sharkloser 21
    sharkloser 21Måned siden

    Omg this is hilarious 🤣 😆 😂

  • Patricia Bennett
    Patricia BennettMåned siden

    7:35 "Ironic" - chancellor palpatine

  • Patricia Bennett
    Patricia BennettMåned siden


  • Sarah Phillips
    Sarah PhillipsMåned siden

    The intro tho

  • that one
    that oneMåned siden

    5:00 how he'd know