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Arkade Blaster
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  • MrKid
    MrKid9 timer siden

    Pewds u did play this game before

  • April Bennion
    April Bennion21 time siden

    Not a fan of the mustache haha

  • Jairus paul Vergel de dios
    Jairus paul Vergel de dios4 dager siden

    I love the gun thing but im from philipines

  • Me Me
    Me Me4 dager siden


  • Georgi1068
    Georgi10686 dager siden

    This video will have the same likes as the year 2021

  • thea loves
    thea loves9 dager siden

    whoever made this game is GENIUS!

  • Bella Knight
    Bella Knight12 dager siden

    anyone else genuinely impressed by how quickly he blew past these puzzles

  • Haleigh White
    Haleigh White16 dager siden

    He has played before when the first version came it! I felt like I was having deja vu watching hahaha

  • Sam Gaming
    Sam Gaming18 dager siden

    Pewds: I recognize the title The game with the same name thats about glitches:

  • BarzDown 14
    BarzDown 1418 dager siden

    he did play the old version of this

  • Tomes of Awesome
    Tomes of Awesome18 dager siden


  • A.O. Video Productions
    A.O. Video Productions21 dag siden

    What did the watercourse say to the caller? Water are you up?

  • ASALI Online Tv
    ASALI Online Tv22 dager siden

    Minecraft forever for a living

  • the accordion dude
    the accordion dude23 dager siden

    he said it. he finally said "pewdiepie" intro like in the old days lol.

  • Mark Khoussid
    Mark Khoussid24 dager siden

    You have played it, older one though this one seems different, I was there when you released it though

  • HALF A Studios
    HALF A Studios26 dager siden

    When Mr game screams No the NO in the title falls down Huh, didn't notice that

  • Mariana Nieto
    Mariana Nieto27 dager siden

    y'all remember this in Cool Math games?😂😂😂

  • sharmila sayeth
    sharmila sayeth27 dager siden

    This is Not A comment on A video as its Not a video and this is not a Comment.

  • Lq1
    Lq127 dager siden

  • Lq1


    27 dager siden

    There is no comment

  • Granchy Polo
    Granchy Polo27 dager siden

    Funny Story so im watching this video and there a ad pop up and it has a skip but the rhumbnail of tyhis video is in the skip button so what did i do i watches the whole ad and i remembered that the thumbnail of the video is that XD

  • Three Kings
    Three Kings29 dager siden

    well done great work nice job

  • Kyle BRUHflovski
    Kyle BRUHflovski29 dager siden

    Plot twist: There's also no plot twist

  • moises2000_fb
    moises2000_fbMåned siden

    There is no part 2

  • Romy Abou Jaoudé
    Romy Abou JaoudéMåned siden

    Not the virus sounding like corps :3

  • Peter Brazeal
    Peter BrazealMåned siden

    Rochambeau takes me back to my skating days

  • Malia Shuler
    Malia ShulerMåned siden

    HE WAS using a video *GASP*

  • Aikotitilai
    AikotitilaiMåned siden

    16:55 "Shoot the glitch!" "With what?"

  • Whisky Whims
    Whisky WhimsMåned siden

    Never knew Corpse was in this game "shake my head!!!"

  • Naveen Karaka
    Naveen KarakaMåned siden

    There are No dislikes But all the other dislikes are from the glitch........

  • BaconGuy
    BaconGuyMåned siden

    Pewdiepie has the biggest brain I could ever IMAGINE

    SUB ZEROMåned siden

    Wow this comment reach 20k

  • CsabaTOn [̲̅Y̲̅σ̲̅υ̲̅т̲̅υ̲̅b̲̅є̲]
    CsabaTOn [̲̅Y̲̅σ̲̅υ̲̅т̲̅υ̲̅b̲̅є̲]Måned siden

    Who is this man?

  • Itz Dan YT
    Itz Dan YTMåned siden


  • Alfonzo Garbonzo
    Alfonzo GarbonzoMåned siden

    Roshambo is rock paper scissors but for skaters

  • Andreea Moșescu
    Andreea MoșescuMåned siden

    21:13 "it's Romanian!!" My Romanian self is so happy

  • matieking
    matiekingMåned siden

    23:35 fiiinally he gets it

  • WarriorPlayz Main
    WarriorPlayz MainMåned siden

    Pewds: uses zinwip youtube: adverts the real zinwip me: WHAT THE FUCK?!

  • Tzuyu Codm
    Tzuyu CodmMåned siden

    Pewds mic is so loud

  • Zaryxle
    ZaryxleMåned siden

    Is everyone gonna pass the fact that pewdiepies mic was unplugged

  • Jai Singh
    Jai SinghMåned siden

    This is content

  • Swarup Mishra
    Swarup MishraMåned siden

    There is no second video!?

  • Hellraiser
    HellraiserMåned siden

    Literally every youtuber who has played this game has made the SAME thumbnail and SAME title

  • Cole Peffer
    Cole PefferMåned siden




  • Ari Jade
    Ari JadeMåned siden

    but the intro

  • 1-NIME
    1-NIMEMåned siden

    I love that russian narrator🤣🤣

  • Elze Zdan
    Elze ZdanMåned siden

    i dont know why but i remeber how john cena says his lines YOU CANT SEE ME

  • PhantomLegend
    PhantomLegendMåned siden

    Babajoey lol

    TVVISTIKMåned siden

    Здесь вообще русские есть

  • Pook
    PookMåned siden

    I remember playing this on the dodgy computers in primary school

  • Tyuiojh Ahgdfsg
    Tyuiojh AhgdfsgMåned siden

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  • Zarin Beva
    Zarin BevaMåned siden


  • Rubelh Hossai
    Rubelh HossaiMåned siden

    The descriptive notify monthly start because fruit connolly yawn alongside a squalid turn. workable, onerous sandra

  • Tranquil Asmr
    Tranquil AsmrMåned siden

    Is this on cool math ???

  • Petar Retard
    Petar RetardMåned siden

    pewds: i beat the game in 10 min the video: 33:26 min me: confused screaming

  • David Lashkoski
    David LashkoskiMåned siden

    2:00 BABABOOEY !!!! I see u pewds

  • Adam Vi Frye
    Adam Vi FryeMåned siden

    i'll be sad if this doesnt get finished.

  • Lukas Reimer
    Lukas ReimerMåned siden


  • Serena
    SerenaMåned siden

    WHERE’S PART 2????

  • Rin Xx
    Rin XxMåned siden

    I like the fact pewds is just roasting mark throughout the game play and just clicking anything despite what the game says🤣🤣

  • Natree Penwolf
    Natree PenwolfMåned siden

    u played this game wit same title years ago and thats how i found your channel

  • Christoffer Pettersen
    Christoffer PettersenMåned siden

    after seeing this video. opens steam.... ;D

  • Litam
    LitamMåned siden

    18:07 "Back in the day." Okay boomer lol

  • Human
    HumanMåned siden

    Guys I think the title is wrong. I think there's a video there.

  • Brady Lange
    Brady LangeMåned siden

    Very creative game!

  • Mr. Laugh
    Mr. LaughMåned siden

    There is no jue

    TRUNKS GAMERMåned siden

    Porque robas intros

  • hinemoa tapsell
    hinemoa tapsellMåned siden

    he looks like michael jackson

  • Victoria Dimitrova
    Victoria DimitrovaMåned siden


  • S h R o O M y
    S h R o O M yMåned siden


  • Raul Gross
    Raul GrossMåned siden

    there is no comment


    Tem algum br por aqui?

  • Mikado 95
    Mikado 95Måned siden

    He doesnt will continue this game !?

  • Make Money Now
    Make Money NowMåned siden

    Reliable and humurous, the kind of resource I'm looking for!

  • Potato bob
    Potato bobMåned siden

    Yo wtf wheres the bandicam

  • Eduardo Román
    Eduardo RománMåned siden

    Took me 19 days to watch this vid, I read the title and I was like "Ok" and kept scrolling

  • Ethan Guy
    Ethan GuyMåned siden

    Haha, if you didn’t look up a tutorial why so many little skips and jumps throughout the film? Stop every now then to flick back to the video you’re watching? Hmm I’m just kidding pewds.

  • Help me to reach 1k SUBCRIBEr with 1 video
    Help me to reach 1k SUBCRIBEr with 1 videoMåned siden

    There is no like for my comment

  • qatoxd
    qatoxdMåned siden

    You can help me reach 100 chic subs. I would like my content that I like to do to be seen by more people ..... If you want, take it as spam, but I don't see another way to reach more people 😧

  • Trollerok
    TrollerokMåned siden

    How about Rusty Lake?

  • zehra alptekin
    zehra alptekinMåned siden

    These intros are traumatic

  • Anasyub
    AnasyubMåned siden


  • Taylor
    TaylorMåned siden

    Do you like Cocomelon?

  • Musician Dudes
    Musician DudesMåned siden

    Hello everyone , we make music with different musical instruments in our channel please come and listen our masterpieces and subscribe to us for good and quality music

  • 100k subs with no videos challenge!
    100k subs with no videos challenge!Måned siden

    There are no captions

  • Zero 47
    Zero 47Måned siden

    Disk *made in India* Indian guy *talks about Bollywood programs Me:Pewds watch out T series is after you for figuring out about the sub bots

  • ItsIsaac1008
    ItsIsaac1008Måned siden

    There is no comment

  • Villain Spider
    Villain SpiderMåned siden


  • YusufT19
    YusufT19Måned siden


  • MidSleepMeister
    MidSleepMeisterMåned siden

    Pewds commenting on other peoples pronunciations :')

  • Little Cruisy
    Little CruisyMåned siden

    Wow the description says that the game is "PewDiePie's Pixelings - Idle RPG Collection Game" But I thought there was NO GAME

  • marianamor
    marianamorMåned siden

    I shit you not, when Felix said "it took me ten minutes to do that" I accidentally hit a button and my video went back to exactly 10 minutes in the video

  • Julio Vanegas
    Julio VanegasMåned siden

    te odio we, no quiero ser tu amigo de hecho es más pero sin embargo ya no somos amigos.

  • Aleksandra Stecel
    Aleksandra StecelMåned siden

    @2:13 Why did he say puzzle like that, my gran says it that way and its the finniest thing

  • Mario le M
    Mario le MMåned siden

    The voice from the game has a French accent

  • Oddivia
    OddiviaMåned siden

    Man, for a russian game, this is pretty good!

  • Vineet
    VineetMåned siden

    Clickbait PewDiePie - art I have developed

  • Cash McAlester
    Cash McAlesterMåned siden

  • Dog Music
    Dog MusicMåned siden

    I have dog musics on my channel

  • Cartoon Mar
    Cartoon MarMåned siden

    You are 108 million and I am 105 people😂