THIS is the MOST INSANE couple.. TLC #12


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  • Pax
    Pax14 timer siden

    For a weeb that intro was a masterpiece

  • Anja TarotCrystalHealing
    Anja TarotCrystalHealingDag siden

    Where is PewDiePie from?? He said he doesn't live in America but he sounds American

  • Radek


    21 time siden

    He's Swedish but he lives in the UK now.

  • Sow Mamadou
    Sow MamadouDag siden

    Pedro is the stupidest man I ever seen , the girl is stupid too , God Im stupid too ,yes Im stupid cause Im a fucking simp for CHANTEEEEEEELLLLLE

  • Shubheksha Koirala
    Shubheksha KoiralaDag siden

    2:31 i love this😂😂

  • soo min
    soo minDag siden

    The intro.........the best one in the entire internet

  • Mady Wilis
    Mady Wilis2 dager siden

    2:32 “I didn’t need those...”

  • Aj Singer
    Aj Singer2 dager siden

    I wonder if chantelle's mom actually talks like that in real life or if she was just trying to look good for the camera

  • Aj Singer
    Aj Singer2 dager siden

    I laughed so hard when he looked around after his lights cut out from him slamming his fist on the table 🤣🤣

  • Arctic Wolf
    Arctic Wolf2 dager siden

    How dare he hit Ikea Lamp... Sven would be so mad...

  • Suyog Giri
    Suyog Giri2 dager siden

    That was the most unexpected intro ever!! Lol

  • Hunter miami xo mikhailxo
    Hunter miami xo mikhailxo2 dager siden

    I’m just sitting here wondering how long it takes pewdiepie to edit his videos

  • radolf p
    radolf p2 dager siden

    That boy's family is dysfunctional..his sister is one jelous af..Chantel is beautiful and don't deserve that shitte..that one freaking sister'in law and a crazy as cold mother of the boy.. on earth that dry boring looking guy as Pedro wooed her..??.she could have got more good looking considerate Hispanic guy

  • creamycherrypie
    creamycherrypie2 dager siden

    Chantel is a beautiful American woman. What the fuck is she doing with that dummy? Lol

  • Jr Does Asmr
    Jr Does Asmr2 dager siden

    7:37-8:30 the best reaction to a fight

  • Sir Karley
    Sir Karley2 dager siden

    "who tf has a taser?!" welcome to America were our families are too involved and women have to keep tasers on them so they don't get s n a t c h e d

  • Tee 3
    Tee 33 dager siden

    chantel is way too good for pedro and his toxic ass family

  • Rebeka S.
    Rebeka S.3 dager siden

    I knew this was gonna get out of hand because he slapped the IKEA lamp xD LEGEND

  • Victor Souza
    Victor Souza3 dager siden

    Fan du e galen

  • Green
    Green4 dager siden

    i feel like i knew what chantels mom was going to say before she said it

  • Caidenw
    Caidenw4 dager siden

    Why did Patrick Mahomes slap the ikea lamp doe

  • Lil Big Fax
    Lil Big Fax4 dager siden

    Iiii i

  • Joe Mama
    Joe Mama4 dager siden

    I think their relationship would work out if both of their parents just go away

  • Momobami Kirari
    Momobami Kirari4 dager siden

    idk why I'm so attracted to the brother.

  • Speer Visser
    Speer Visser5 dager siden

    Chantel has the most awesome body!

  • vKre8ive
    vKre8ive5 dager siden

    What you say?

  • Poorvika
    Poorvika5 dager siden

    Today's lesson: do. Not. Slap. IKEA. Lamp 😂😂😂😂

  • Chammm Lammm
    Chammm Lammm6 dager siden

    I felt more respect for her when she showed her taser

  • Phoebe L
    Phoebe L7 dager siden

    the mum sounds like the other dad from coraline when the other mother takes control

  • Keara York
    Keara York7 dager siden

    Pewds mocking the dad, and talking like a passive aggressive mobster reminded me of my dad lol

  • ayush agrawal
    ayush agrawal7 dager siden

    *pewds fans what are your future plans* pewds at 4:25: i cant wait to get old and be an a**hole😂😂

  • Eddie Reid
    Eddie Reid7 dager siden

    The producer just gets smacked

  • Harshil Varsani
    Harshil Varsani7 dager siden

    Says the Spanish are smooth damm that accent sheesh Some one is living a secret life

  • rishav roy
    rishav roy7 dager siden


  • Aleko117
    Aleko1178 dager siden

    As a Hispanic myself. People from the DR are really difficult people to get along.

  • B Z
    B Z8 dager siden

    These are the immigration laws that are driving wages down. An immigrant can marry an American, and bring his entire family to live and work in the USA, just like that. Coming from a Mexican perspective. But hey, Biden is president now, I'm sure he will import millions of people who came from shithole countries. Mexico is a shithole, trust me, I'm from there.

  • Just Content
    Just Content8 dager siden

    It’s an anti-aircraft tactical flashlight

  • Jaden Shankar
    Jaden Shankar8 dager siden

    4:57 Felix sounds like the mafia boss in zootopia

  • Jasmine Miletti
    Jasmine Miletti8 dager siden

    pedro is my favorite. do more on them . family chantel



  • N2
    N29 dager siden

    Summary of the fight: “WHAT YOU SAY” “AYE” “AYE” “AYE” “AYE”

  • Omar Pozos
    Omar Pozos10 dager siden

    So the parents just woke up and brushed their teeth(hopefully) and the first thing they drink is juice with a shit load of sugar before water? Not good

  • S. R.
    S. R.10 dager siden

    All Chantel’s parents do is interrogate Pedro on whether he has ulterior motives or not, shid I wouldn’t want to be around them either!

  • Nina Patel
    Nina Patel10 dager siden

    the intro😍

  • Ayush Tiwari
    Ayush Tiwari10 dager siden

    Chantel is thick Bonita 🍑

  • Jackson Reyna
    Jackson Reyna10 dager siden

    and i mean both of the mothers

  • Jackson Reyna
    Jackson Reyna10 dager siden

    the mother shows no mercy

  • Tommy Ace
    Tommy Ace11 dager siden

    She’s kinda fine though 🤫👀

  • Cassie ._.
    Cassie ._.11 dager siden

    she speaks so slow they literally cut out some of her pauses while she speaks 😂

  • Sandybrown JR.
    Sandybrown JR.11 dager siden

    Mom: *pulls out tazer* Pewds: complete gibberish

  • INSANE 2.0

    INSANE 2.0

    9 dager siden

    Motu patlu wtf is that even suppose to mean

  • Mario uneputty
    Mario uneputty11 dager siden

    So, that's keren form D.R Keren is everywhere

  • Nathaniel Ockenden
    Nathaniel Ockenden11 dager siden

    Pewds: They smooth in those Spanish speaking countries. Also Pewds: BREAKS OUT ITALIAN ACCENT

  • nuladvajedan
    nuladvajedan12 dager siden

    2:30 that face yo😂

  • Zach Godshalk
    Zach Godshalk12 dager siden

    Lmao pewds u crazy. IF AnYoNe eVer SlApS IKEA Lamp In FrOnt OF mE!!!!

  • sumin수민
    sumin수민12 dager siden

    7:44 Plot twist: the IKEA Lamp is a paid actor.

  • Evie Lin
    Evie Lin12 dager siden

    When Chanel’s brother looks like Kwebblekop

  • mrxlo _
    mrxlo _13 dager siden

    8:08 I thought vikings were extinct

  • Megan Humphrey
    Megan Humphrey13 dager siden


  • Dhruv Sharma
    Dhruv Sharma13 dager siden

    Wait is this intro inspired from THE MISFIT OF DEMON KING ACADEMY😂😂LOL nice modification

  • Gustavo Monzalvo
    Gustavo Monzalvo13 dager siden

    Chantel bad asf

  • Johan Christensen
    Johan Christensen14 dager siden

    Chantele's family has BIG personalities

  • ismail achmed
    ismail achmed14 dager siden


  • Faisal Aman
    Faisal Aman14 dager siden

    It looked like the intro was someone who were dissatisfied with their baby. Like in real life.

  • Adeo xoxo
    Adeo xoxo14 dager siden

    these intros are so good

  • bruna
    bruna15 dager siden

    You are always confusing spanish with Italian, and I think that's beautiful

  • Oscar Huerta
    Oscar Huerta15 dager siden

    “WorldStar!” Had me dying 😂😂

  • Lisbeth DC
    Lisbeth DC15 dager siden

    Im from Dominican Republic. Like if you are too.

  • Barendra Moharana
    Barendra Moharana15 dager siden


  • Anjith Prakash
    Anjith Prakash15 dager siden

    Just look at PewDiePie when the fight is going on

  • Albert Spice
    Albert Spice15 dager siden

    i kinda think chantels mothers a bit insane. A karen, but black. Baren

  • Jasmina Diaz
    Jasmina Diaz16 dager siden

    Jävlar! Never slap a Ikea lamp!!

  • Nikos Boutsioukis
    Nikos Boutsioukis16 dager siden

    2:29 still laughing 🤗

  • Tims
    Tims16 dager siden

    Chantele's mother was the owner of the household "tom and jerry"

  • It’s Clarissa
    It’s Clarissa17 dager siden

    He looks like a Great Value brand Romeo Santos..

  • Bella Mantia
    Bella Mantia17 dager siden

    Intros are still bomb 💣😝

  • Ryan Hernandez
    Ryan Hernandez17 dager siden

    Can someone translate this for me? 12:24

  • Ryan Hernandez

    Ryan Hernandez

    12 dager siden

    @Restu Nadya I forget which, so both!

  • Restu Nadya

    Restu Nadya

    12 dager siden

    which one? the “mom stop” or “wtf am i watching”

  • Shadow Shogun
    Shadow Shogun17 dager siden

    Chantel brother looks like Lil Pump but with normal hair

    MR HD GAMER18 dager siden

    2:30 when I fuck up things and try to move on pewds is a legend😂😂

  • maria
    maria18 dager siden

    okay but chantele´s brother kinda cute tho

  • Pirateking Blackbeard
    Pirateking Blackbeard18 dager siden

    Pedro is tweaking bruh, chantel is absolutely gorgous and from these clips she looks like a genuine sweetheart too....

  • ravenburrd
    ravenburrd18 dager siden

    Those McJuggies are bigger than my future. Lol

  • JJS
    JJS18 dager siden

    Chantal, you're too hot sweetheart. Just up and outie sweet pea sweety pie lovey boo.

  • JJS
    JJS18 dager siden

    That mom is a genious. When I heard her say "harvest the American dollar" she immediately gained Cerse status.

  • sumin수민
    sumin수민18 dager siden


  • Suga is everything :3
    Suga is everything :319 dager siden

    That intro kinda reminds me of saiki k

  • The Chewie Channel 01
    The Chewie Channel 0119 dager siden

    Th9s entire freaking video was beautiful. (Dont touch IKEA lamp!!!!!)

  • Marcus Gabriel
    Marcus Gabriel20 dager siden

    How come pedro sounds like his addicted to slapassing on a baseball team?

  • Hugo LUCAS
    Hugo LUCAS21 dag siden


  • My pfp Is better than your potato-
    My pfp Is better than your potato-21 dag siden

    The intro is the best thing ever I have ever seen

  • Juan Carlos Rivera
    Juan Carlos Rivera21 dag siden

    Ok but Chantel is bad as f*ck tho

  • Luke Bartek
    Luke Bartek22 dager siden

    I was here.

  • Marcus 007
    Marcus 00722 dager siden

    Rest In Peace Ikea Lamp.

  • HTVgamerxox 🦆
    HTVgamerxox 🦆22 dager siden

    I laughed so hard that I spat my water in to my bed 🥲

  • Jean Pretorius
    Jean Pretorius22 dager siden

    I love you pewds 13 years a bro and you never disappoint

  • Lana Ventus
    Lana Ventus22 dager siden

    When are u and Marcia having a baby

  • Austin Drawbaugh
    Austin Drawbaugh23 dager siden

    8:14, got that double cam action

  • Shania Zimmerman
    Shania Zimmerman23 dager siden

    Do Darcy and Jesse!

  • William Soojian
    William Soojian23 dager siden

    Of course her name is Karen 😂

  • hanif rafli
    hanif rafli23 dager siden

    2:30 Man he continued the vid with an obliterated light

  • Jolene Sparkes
    Jolene Sparkes23 dager siden

    at 15:13 the interview with the parents the background looks like modern family scene

  • Manny Oommen
    Manny Oommen24 dager siden

    2:30 - Pewdiepie became the hulk