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  • Backtesttry
    Backtesttry8 timer siden

    s(HE’s b(RO)ke(N)

  • It’s the owl
    It’s the owl12 timer siden

    I don't read books well technically I do because I read them on my phone but does that really count I think it does honestly

  • That meme guy
    That meme guy15 timer siden

    6:07 they were right tho

  • Ducky and Chicken Lord
    Ducky and Chicken Lord17 timer siden

    Its 2021, I dont know how much comedy is left

  • James
    James23 timer siden

    14 yer olds are so cringe they wouldnt last in africa or mid east

  • Abad03
    Abad03Dag siden

    I just looked at the thumbnail for 10 minutes just trying to figure out what “he’s Ron” means.

  • David Atkinson
    David AtkinsonDag siden

    I like to use this instead of saying "that's what she said" ☠️ Sorrynotsorry :/

  • Ascobal
    AscobalDag siden

    We need an r/im80andthisisdeep

  • simpforsatan
    simpforsatanDag siden

    6:04 he’s not wrong...

  • N7thegreatspy
    N7thegreatspyDag siden

    What about warp speed though. Other Star Trek things have become reality

  • Lil Bonhom
    Lil BonhomDag siden

    HE'S RON

  • Lazer Studios
    Lazer StudiosDag siden

    6:08 This hits differently now

  • Ayro
    AyroDag siden


  • Ayro
    AyroDag siden

    bro wtf, 70 percent of people havent reset a breaker??? WTF??? i did it at age like 7

  • Meakz YT
    Meakz YTDag siden

    A cup is called glass because it’s made of glass

  • Jeremy Yun
    Jeremy Yun2 dager siden

    all pp get big.. but not all pp are big

  • Caroline Park
    Caroline Park2 dager siden

    I’m having a bad day and this video made me laugh... thanks.

    WOLLEY2 dager siden

    I'm turning 14 this year, I am slowly becoming deep

  • Angry-porta- charger
    Angry-porta- charger2 dager siden

    Shit i gotta buy a cordless drill and a step ladder

  • Nischal Namballa
    Nischal Namballa2 dager siden

    In 17:15 do you mean the universe? because be would be able the explore our galaxy cluster fine.

  • TheRandom Player
    TheRandom Player2 dager siden

    *Step-ladder* *same as Step-br..*

  • cheemsit
    cheemsit2 dager siden

    just turned 14 and just understood this is deep

  • Sean Lau
    Sean Lau2 dager siden

    Boi I'm from hong kong. I am proud that Pewds said my country!

  • Johnpaul Roy
    Johnpaul Roy2 dager siden

    If you can achieve the speed of light you can time travel so technicaly you can travel the hole univers

  • Kevin Bonar
    Kevin Bonar2 dager siden

    Where's the link in desc?

  • Leo Loccs
    Leo Loccs3 dager siden

    2021 and comedy did die out cuz people are offended😂

  • Braeden Downey
    Braeden Downey3 dager siden

    He’s Ron

  • [PR] Impreza
    [PR] Impreza3 dager siden

    As a “stinky zoomer” H2O means Hydrogen Dioxide Di Meaning 2 As 1 Hydrogen Atom mixed with 2 Oxygen Atoms would give you Water 😅I nerded out there😅

  • [PR] Impreza

    [PR] Impreza

    2 dager siden

    @Subirony thank you👍 Together we can prove Zoomers are smart!

  • Subirony


    2 dager siden

    You have it backwards. It's Dihydrogen Monoxide

  • Emmanuel Hernandez
    Emmanuel Hernandez3 dager siden

    well if you point with all five fingers at the sky with an angle you will look... you’ll figure it out

  • Gilberto Rodríguez
    Gilberto Rodríguez3 dager siden

    Today is the year comedy dies

  • just some bigfoot hunter with internet access

    just some bigfoot hunter with internet access

    Dag siden

    "today is the year"

  • akimi miyano
    akimi miyano3 dager siden

    2:42 there is actually one its called r/boomerhumer

  • Eva Mollica
    Eva Mollica3 dager siden

    2:09 all jokes aside, the songs rlly good

  • PewSpy Fox
    PewSpy Fox3 dager siden

    Who is going to tell pewdiepie that he is a millennial, the oldest millennials are 40

  • macaroni spaghetti
    macaroni spaghetti3 dager siden

    Other people change, but pewdiepie never changes.... I’m four teen and that is deep...

  • Unlikely Salmon
    Unlikely Salmon3 dager siden

    Most of the things that millenials do less than boomers are what happens when the quality and durability of machines improve. I propose that boomers have to do these things more because their stuff breaks more because it's older and an older design.

  • Ryan Dags
    Ryan Dags3 dager siden

    This video truly says alot about our society.

  • CJ
    CJ3 dager siden

    Everyone: the simpsons predicts the future. me, an intellectuall: 6:03

  • Nicholas Sharp
    Nicholas Sharp4 dager siden

    40 bucks for a shirt?! Come on Pewds.. I’ll buy one anyway

  • Quite potter
    Quite potter4 dager siden

    Im gonna be 14 after few days nad things are getting deep

  • Nolan
    Nolan4 dager siden

    Paper company’s alone plant 5 million trees a day they wouldn’t sell paper and not replant the trees that would be like selling hamburgers but preventing your cows from reproducing.

  • zenixlo
    zenixlo4 dager siden

    This man has 100 million subscribers yet this is 720p

  • LightTerror
    LightTerror4 dager siden

    6:08 this aged well didnt it?

  • iHummus
    iHummus4 dager siden

    14:21 u mean $6 phone?

  • TheCrookedGuy
    TheCrookedGuy4 dager siden

    Ah fuck I became 14 today, welp guess I’m deep now

  • XerohInnit


    4 dager siden

    I’m 15 in 5 months so I’m close to not being deep

  • Dan. 2007
    Dan. 20074 dager siden

    Nice t shirt love the design

    SANTOSH CHUDALI4 dager siden


  • Miles Carroll
    Miles Carroll5 dager siden

    If we were all vegans we'd just be eating all of the animal's food.

  • Glitch
    Glitch5 dager siden

    6:05 might be true

  • Kumar Navneet
    Kumar Navneet5 dager siden

    cringe posts made funnire by pewwwwpeeee

  • Clemp Ghies Khan
    Clemp Ghies Khan5 dager siden

    6:00 Y'know, they weren't wrong

  • Im cDreamzzz
    Im cDreamzzz5 dager siden


  • Liam Adams
    Liam Adams5 dager siden

    I’m now 14 and I’m *DEEP*

  • Sp00ngy
    Sp00ngy5 dager siden

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~🚣~~~~~~~~~~~~ 🐟 🐠 🐟 🐟🐟🐟🐟 🐟🐟🐟🐟🐟 🦑 🐡 This comment is deep 🦀 🦀 🦀 🟨🟨🟨🟨🟨🟨🟨🟨🟨🟨🟨🟨🟨

  • W.D. Gaster
    W.D. Gaster5 dager siden


  • Odin
    Odin5 dager siden

    im still waiting for this book reviev pewds...

  • Odin


    3 dager siden

    @XerohInnit okay ty flie away captain!

  • XerohInnit


    4 dager siden

    He did it

  • xMqt
    xMqt5 dager siden

    fr when i read this sub reddit it really makes me think about how stupid someone can be lol

  • xMqt
    xMqt5 dager siden

    fr i have never seen any of my parents read a book ever.

  • Ghyne Clarence Miguel
    Ghyne Clarence Miguel5 dager siden

    11:15 I'm soooooo late for this but Filipino bros you know the cringe here :DDDD

  • JulesOnly
    JulesOnly5 dager siden

    My friend bought an old Nokia... society had nothing against it. She's very happy with it and plays all the games she used to play on her mom's phone when she was little.

  • tiger master
    tiger master5 dager siden

    6:03 predicted the future

  • Ojas Joshi
    Ojas Joshi6 dager siden

    6:03 This is SOO accurate now...

  • bro wtf
    bro wtf6 dager siden

    man rly sang my favorite fallout 4 dcr song 🙏🏻

  • Franticpudding
    Franticpudding6 dager siden

    Anyone else said ‘My final message, goodbye’ as he said it?

  • sniper pro 2007
    sniper pro 20076 dager siden

    As a zoomer the comedy one is dying and we are left with unfunny women comedians (not saying all of them are bad but some are bad)

  • 3253642345 B
    3253642345 B6 dager siden

    We actually can travel FTL you simply continue to accelerate. Speed is relative and so is time.

  • Eric Hagen
    Eric Hagen6 dager siden

    if a glass is called a glass because its made of glass, then why isnt a cup called a plastic?

  • Nighthickory
    Nighthickory6 dager siden

    6:06 Me in 2021: 👀

  • AustinBottle
    AustinBottle6 dager siden

    Another video idea stolen from Pyro. That tells a lot about our society

  • Smruthi Pradeep
    Smruthi Pradeep6 dager siden

    11:43 I saw read it backwards and my instinct was ebab sey ...

  • Aaron
    Aaron6 dager siden

    6:09 true tho

  • Error 404
    Error 4047 dager siden

    5:59 2021 hits different now....

  • kRaZyXmAn
    kRaZyXmAn7 dager siden

    It's 2021 and I think the humor wasn't in the museum, but in a jail cell for the type of humour people made

  • Clockwork
    Clockwork7 dager siden

    i literally thought that felix had an identical setup behind him and i was so distracted by it i felt like jumping off a cliff when i realized it was a mirror im so stupid

  • Clockwork


    5 dager siden

    @Nicole lol

  • Nicole


    5 dager siden

    That's deep 😔

  • Kallan Everden
    Kallan Everden7 dager siden

    Pewds talking about the space theorie made me very happy coz I love that shiz n I always watch them documentaries and that exact 1

  • AJ Nies
    AJ Nies7 dager siden

    I’d like to point out that that’s a gerbil not a mouse

    FIRED JWALA7 dager siden

    Alternative title - BOOMERS GETTING ROASTED

  • Satan
    Satan7 dager siden

    Yo I read the thumbnail as he's ron. *you're a wizard harry*

  • Onyx
    Onyx7 dager siden

    6:07 It's all to real

  • Onyx


    7 dager siden

    @Doctor Pickles yea I don’t know how to edit it I saw it too

  • Doctor Pickles

    Doctor Pickles

    7 dager siden


  • Nate Reilly
    Nate Reilly7 dager siden

    No matter how good PewDiePie is he is evil to T-Series

  • Cap Corn

    Cap Corn

    7 dager siden

    Like t series is one person who cares about anyone hating

  • Slattention
    Slattention7 dager siden

    What you said is actually wrong, we can explore our galaxy and even others in our local group. Gravity will hold them together, but you are kinda right we wont be able to reach places outside of our local group because of the expansion.

  • Lux Ferre
    Lux Ferre7 dager siden

    I'm a little late to the party but here's a little life hack that may help you open a stuck pickle jar - just puncture a hole on the top of the jar with a knife ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ .Work smarter , not harder :D

  • Jugger naut
    Jugger naut7 dager siden

    you can break a heart, but you cant heart a brake up you can love a smile, but you cant smile without no love if you dont look for love, love dont look for you you can hate without love, but you cant love with hate.......i can go on for hours like this but the deep would be too much

  • Svein Olsen
    Svein Olsen7 dager siden

    5:07 the lies

  • The letter e
    The letter e8 dager siden

    Why tf is there just a book full of random tweets with randomly inserted special characters?

  • tommy bomby
    tommy bomby8 dager siden

    I think Felix is wrong about the tangent he went off on at 16:40 because it's like the problem with the ant on the rubber band

  • tommy bomby
    tommy bomby8 dager siden

    who tf doesn't own a step ladder.

  • Gabriel Summer
    Gabriel Summer8 dager siden

    Anyone else hear a beeping in the background like theirs a truck backing up

  • JF Gaming
    JF Gaming8 dager siden

    21:41 I'm starting to think felix is dislextic

  • Linkles Light
    Linkles Light8 dager siden

    How did that comic predict that comedy almost died around 2021 cause people got offended.

    JOEY BILLY8 dager siden

    The unwritten aluminum perplexingly nail because scooter resultantly release regarding a incompetent gun. foolish, thundering enemy

  • Memy Bombowe
    Memy Bombowe8 dager siden

    They were right

  • Dalila Martins
    Dalila Martins8 dager siden

    Keep up the amazing work I love ur vids

  • rez0 1
    rez0 18 dager siden

    6:06 they predicted the future

  • SaintAlf
    SaintAlf8 dager siden

    3:56 its horrid henry and rude ralph

  • crxing
    crxing8 dager siden

    he do be ron

  • Tahsin Sameer
    Tahsin Sameer9 dager siden

    Is it weird that i have done this 8:26

  • Ace Q
    Ace Q9 dager siden

    12:18 lowkey thought he was gonna say “I want an iPhone but I’m forced to make them instead”

  • Norma Hall
    Norma Hall9 dager siden

    Me in 2021 6:14

  • Ccagz
    Ccagz9 dager siden

    Mari(juan)a Omg that's so deep

  • Kameron Isbell
    Kameron Isbell9 dager siden

    7:22 ummmm I’m blonde and I’m interesting and Ik that I sounded annoying when I said that cos that was the whole point.