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  • XmechTV
    XmechTV39 minutter siden

    I like flute

  • Me Me
    Me Me3 timer siden

    Edger loves you so much hes just tired babe, probably cause you woke him up to early. And by the way your perfect 😘👌 in everyway

  • dogo
    dogo3 timer siden

    wtf about sven

  • Me Me
    Me Me18 timer siden


  • ferns
    ferns19 timer siden

    5:05 pfft then proceeds to drown himself in the kiddie pool

  • Vannix gaming Y.T.
    Vannix gaming Y.T.20 timer siden

    Please help me one time promoted me

  • Arsala Hassan
    Arsala HassanDag siden

    What did he say before, "She's probably busy making pasta."?

  • Beth
    BethDag siden

    The musical was cringe af. Just not my scene I guess.

  • Rafe Lee
    Rafe LeeDag siden

    i sang that song congratulations to my cousin bridget and she loved it thanks pewds

  • Raxhan Gervacio
    Raxhan GervacioDag siden

    We're is pewdiepie ???????

  • Ronny3st
    Ronny3stDag siden

    12:55 I rarely laugh at youtube videos but this really cracked me up lmao.

  • Andrew Groesbeck
    Andrew GroesbeckDag siden

    any one elce think oompaville looks like felix

  • Katie〈3
    Katie〈3Dag siden

    please make another skrattar du förlorar du i miss them

  • Bobby Mcgee
    Bobby Mcgee2 dager siden

    The phobic chicory overwhelmingly match because sort assembly improve near a hungry fiber. medical, erratic cattle

  • cole smith
    cole smith2 dager siden

    pewdiepie says fuck you edwerd looses 69% of subs

  • Elma
    Elma2 dager siden

    Ben elma

  • Kevolo
    Kevolo2 dager siden

    how did he know i was sitting like that

  • Radiant Shadow
    Radiant Shadow2 dager siden

    12:18 I honestly can't understand what the hell he just said.

  • Beefy Pasta
    Beefy Pasta3 dager siden

    PewDiePie: Edgar always looks sad Me : maybe i am Edgar

  • Ștefârca Raul
    Ștefârca Raul3 dager siden

    Salut Romania

  • Cookie is a qt
    Cookie is a qt3 dager siden


  • Gwen Alvarado
    Gwen Alvarado3 dager siden

    One dislike from Edward

  • Dana Harrowven
    Dana Harrowven3 dager siden


  • Wonky Beans
    Wonky Beans3 dager siden

    the chiari malformation bit made ME SO HAPPY i was born w it and so many doctors just dont know about it/have never even heard of it so growing up there was barely anything about it online and i get so excited every time i see anyone talk about it 😭😭 sorry i really needed to get that out. hope they have an amazing recovery 🥺 chiari can fuckin suck and it still affects my day to day life personally

  • Aseel Majed
    Aseel Majed3 dager siden

    Can you do a lwiay video with marzia plzz

  • Di4na
    Di4na3 dager siden

    Amazing Pew die pie :3 I speak Spanish but I adore your videos :) thanks for existing

  • ART3_ mis
    ART3_ mis3 dager siden

    Whats the song at first

  • omegaspace
    omegaspace3 dager siden

    Can you please continue the Terraria series again? because you haven’t beat the game yet.

  • Andrew Alexander
    Andrew Alexander3 dager siden

    Eh-Eh, Eh bihgeh bihgeh behhhh. 😂🙃

    RANDOM4 dager siden

    pffft died....

  • MrThiccBone
    MrThiccBone4 dager siden


  • Holy Smug Cats
    Holy Smug Cats4 dager siden

    Felix: plays flute Edgar: who has summoned me

  • lexi shutts
    lexi shutts4 dager siden

    lol edgar is dying because felix wont bring him into minecraft and he has a freakin bee called ppfft

  • Jose Mari Macabidang
    Jose Mari Macabidang4 dager siden

    it us better

  • Deadpool
    Deadpool4 dager siden

    Pewdiepie so funny dude

  • Cameron Doerksen
    Cameron Doerksen4 dager siden

    why... the FRICK! is that child TOUCHING THE ELF ON THE SHELF!!?

  • Cameron Doerksen
    Cameron Doerksen4 dager siden

    proposes ITS YOUR BIG DAY!

  • Sunday De Dios
    Sunday De Dios4 dager siden

    haha you noob

  • Emily Midkiff15
    Emily Midkiff155 dager siden

    Edward watching this 👁💧👄💧👁

    DYING WITH LAUGHTER5 dager siden

    could @PewDiePie shout out @Noorie Productions ?

  • Vishakharajan C
    Vishakharajan C5 dager siden

    I was just seeing the felix vids 2 years back and man was he savage ABSOLUTE MADLADDDD

  • VB
    VB5 dager siden

    The dog is like :- "Why are we still here, just to suffer"

  • Rithvik N R
    Rithvik N R5 dager siden

    PewDiePie's kid will grow up to see cocomelon. The cycle has been complete

  • Gwen rosita Isidro
    Gwen rosita Isidro5 dager siden

    Past:bich lasaña Future:bich melon

  • Priyo Joty
    Priyo Joty5 dager siden

    who's here after pfft commit death?

  • SD.
    SD.6 dager siden


  • lazy onigiri
    lazy onigiri6 dager siden

    pewds, you are still the biggest on youtube ;)

  • Bromatick
    Bromatick6 dager siden

    that intro is cursed

  • marilou senoro
    marilou senoro6 dager siden


  • Kenzo • THRONE
    Kenzo • THRONE6 dager siden

    Bruh 😎

    NECROZMA YT6 dager siden

    Chutiya PewDiePie

  • Izuku Mydoria
    Izuku Mydoria6 dager siden

    This not cocomelon :( Pewds:Its Better!

  • Tepixl
    Tepixl6 dager siden

    1:10-1:41 i vibed to music lol

  • Vova’s Trident
    Vova’s Trident7 dager siden

    who do you add your own lawaiy?

  • Tiny Rick
    Tiny Rick7 dager siden

    The likeable garlic explicitly sprout because bull scully blot until a macho cormorant. squealing, disgusted birch

  • Arry Opes
    Arry Opes7 dager siden

    Nice work mate!

  • Brooke Clayton
    Brooke Clayton7 dager siden

    I have 11 furnaces try me

  • Red Bandit
    Red Bandit8 dager siden

    We found the one true big brain

  • Kyra Li
    Kyra Li8 dager siden

    The fact that he's dog has its own camera, love it!

  • Brendan Crow
    Brendan Crow9 dager siden

    It disturbs me how much mark looks like metroman

  • Brekken N/A
    Brekken N/A9 dager siden

    Felix did you get any pasta?

  • Eminem
    Eminem9 dager siden

    7:50 pewds this is smart not dumb also pewds: makes enchanting table before making bed

  • Eminem


    9 dager siden

    btw no hate i sub to him

  • Hameed Niazi
    Hameed Niazi9 dager siden

    16:09 WTH you are the biggest You Tuber What the heck is wrong with that ??

    ЗЕЛЕКС9 dager siden

    Edgar brawl stars

  • excel berin
    excel berin9 dager siden

    Happy new year everyone

  • Edward I
    Edward I9 dager siden

    PewDiePie : Fuck you Edward ! Me : I feel my heart crack.....

  • Morra Di
    Morra Di10 dager siden

    no pasta for you

    IGUANA10 dager siden


  • Nevaeh Jade
    Nevaeh Jade10 dager siden


  • Thatduck11
    Thatduck1110 dager siden

    should someone tell him its a recorder

  • Smaltymuffins
    Smaltymuffins10 dager siden

    I feel so bad for edgar

  • The Man Of Sticks
    The Man Of Sticks10 dager siden

    Felix please play the communist theme on ur recorder

  • Russel Collado
    Russel Collado10 dager siden

    Why can i see pweds vid on the homepage?

  • Leah Mansoor
    Leah Mansoor10 dager siden

    12:30 you're welcome :)

  • ilhan _
    ilhan _10 dager siden

    6:00 find a pee nis

  • YemoDoesYT
    YemoDoesYT10 dager siden

    Can Anyone support my channel? Through subscribing? If you could spare me some time I would love that! Thank y'all! Love you pewdiepie!

  • Ch4mba
    Ch4mba10 dager siden

    i didnt know pewds has a wall maria of furnaces

  • Edward Reyes
    Edward Reyes10 dager siden

    god dammit my name is Edward

  • Pyr0gaming
    Pyr0gaming11 dager siden

    I have Chiari malformation as well, damn I didn’t think something like that would pop up on the channel

  • Akbar Ajaz
    Akbar Ajaz11 dager siden

    Why TF Is Pewds Not Posting For Two Days ???

  • yes yes
    yes yes11 dager siden

    is this the famuos episode of the pasta?

  • Rz Steez
    Rz Steez11 dager siden

    7:12 it doesn't get much cuter than that

  • Dabber 101
    Dabber 10111 dager siden

    Holy shit! Did anyone notice this at 6:23 ? It looks like the security guy was holding Felix hand

  • Spuffy
    Spuffy11 dager siden

    did he really rate pffff over sven...

  • Marta Kawaii
    Marta Kawaii11 dager siden


  • Ryan TV_Dipolog
    Ryan TV_Dipolog11 dager siden


  • Jaydon Hodgkins
    Jaydon Hodgkins11 dager siden

    Line rider that’s the sleigh game 😂

  • Sidar Tasdelen
    Sidar Tasdelen12 dager siden

    Who ever reads this you are beautiful and I love you and believe in yourself and it will get better

  • Kirby fan908
    Kirby fan90812 dager siden

    Wait... I thought it was aspitpiay

  • Bruno Ismael Fauci Ferron
    Bruno Ismael Fauci Ferron12 dager siden

    Pecho 'e fierro )Uruguay(

  • Hailey_ lienta_
    Hailey_ lienta_12 dager siden


  • Hailey_ lienta_

    Hailey_ lienta_

    12 dager siden

    Equals sled

  • lonely syibaya
    lonely syibaya12 dager siden


  • Raven Claw
    Raven Claw12 dager siden

    cringe level over 9000!!! 13:08

  • Retrix Asebamu
    Retrix Asebamu12 dager siden

    i have 38 furnaces

  • Lukas Reimer
    Lukas Reimer12 dager siden


  • SoupiBoiMan
    SoupiBoiMan12 dager siden


  • Jonah Rangel
    Jonah Rangel12 dager siden

    “Why is edgar so sad??“ *disrupts his sleep like 20 times** 😳😳😳

  • Cody Mercer
    Cody Mercer12 dager siden

    The sled game was called Line Rider and its an amazing game!

  • shok
    shok13 dager siden

    What’s with all the tf2 music?

  • Natalia Ramirez
    Natalia Ramirez13 dager siden

    his flute looks really similar to a recorder 😳